Monday, July 10, 2006

Nobody wants to adopt those retardates. Better to abort them. Yup.

Children with Down syndrome in demand:
Because one of their seven children has Down syndrome, a type of disorder caused by a genetic malfunction, they decided they wanted another one with that condition.
The Petersohns found that they had plenty of company. The couple from Liberty, Mo., placed their names on national lists of people seeking to adopt children with Down syndrome, and waited.
After waiting nearly three years, they turned to a private agency that facilitates international adoptions. Today, they're raising money and completing paperwork to adopt a 6-month-old boy from Ecuador who has the syndrome.

Adoption Awareness:
An average of 4-5 calls are received each week requesting information on making adoption plans for a child with Down syndrome. There are presently over 100 families on the waiting list with completed homestudies waiting for children with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome No Longer An Adoption Deterrent:
"I was working on trying to place a little baby in the last couple weeks," said the agency's social work supervisor, Katie Sharp. "I have had 10 to 15 families that want the baby."

Hopeful parents who want these children almost invariably have had experience with children with Down syndrome. Or they are professionals who have cared for children with the disorder.

In Ohio, the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati keeps a list of parents nationwide waiting to adopt kids with what it calls DS. The waiting list is 150 names long. Couples are waiting months to up to two years.

Mile High Down Syndrome Association:
According to the National Council for Adoption, babies, regardless of medical problems, who are “free for adoption,” generally don’t wait long for families. There are waiting lists of families wishing to adopt infants with Down syndrome.

Well, Tialoc, I'll concede you this: I can't find the source that said the waiting list was three years. (I spotted it in passing when looking for places to post about the Chinese baby. I didn't bookmark it because I wasn't expecting anybody to seriously start arguing that it was horrible that the baby was alive in the first place.) Only some families wait three years. But I was right that it's the families that are waiting, not the babies.

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