Saturday, February 03, 2007

You learn something new every day

Somebody stumbled onto my blog looking for pictures of theodore roosevelt mason howard. Which I don't have, but I found a photo with him in it here. Howard is the bespectacled man wearing a bow tie.

Howard was (evidently among other things) an abortionist. Survivors of Julia L. Rogers, age 20, alleged that she underwent an abortion by Theodore Roosevelt Mason Howard at Friendship Medical Center in Chicago on April 21, 1973.

Julia's death certificate states that her death April 28 at Tabernacle Hospital was due to "bronchopneumonia and generalized peritonitis complicating extensive necrotizing endometritis and myometritis with sealed perforation."

In other words, she developed pnuemonia on top of peritonitis. A hole had been poked in her uterus, causing an infection that made the muscle tissue of her uterus start to rot inside her.

Evelyn Dudley and Dorothy Brown also died after abortions at Friendship Medical Center.

I found an interesting snippet at, all placesMemphis Car Speaker:
Theodore Roosevelt Mason Howard (T.R.M. Howard) (March 4, 1908 - May 1, 1976) was an African American civil rights leader, fraternal organization leader, surgeon, and entrepreneur. He was a mentor to Medgar Evers and Charles Evers, head of the Regional Council of Negro Leadership, and played a prominent role in the investigation of the kidnapping and murder of Emmett Till. He was also president of the National Medical Association. Picture taken in 1955. Left to Right: Two witnesses at the trial on the murder of Emmett Till, Mamie Till Mobley (Till's mother), T.R.M. Howard, Rep. Charles Diggs of Michigan, Amanda Bradley (trial witness). .... The RCNL mounted a successful boycott against service stations that denied restrooms to blacks and distributed twenty thousand bumper stickers with the slogan, "Don't Buy Gas Where You Can't Use the Restroom." The RCNL organized yearly rallies future-lincoln-town-car in Mound Bayou f

And yes, it ends right in the middle of a word.

This prompted me to do a new search, which led me to this Wikipedia article. The article notes, "In 1972, Howard founded the multimillion dollar Friendship Medical Center on the South Side, the largest privately owned black clinic in Chicago. The staff of about one hundred and sixty included twenty-seven doctors in such fields as pediatrics, dental care, a pharmacy, ear, nose, and throat, and psychological and drug counseling." It didn't note anything about abortions or abortion deaths, which I'll have to correct.

Why would a man like that entangle himself in something as sordid as abortion, and in such a sleazy way as to end up in the Chicago Sun-Times "The Abortion Profiteers" expose?

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