Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Planned Parenthood holiday card ironically apt

Look at the silhouette of the man with the little kid! Perhaps it's Planned Parenthood's own George Kabacy. He's one Planned Parenthood abortionist who truly does love children. Though he loves them naked, trussed up, and being forced to have sex with animals, but why be judgmental?


Anonymous said...

As my husband and I were looking at Christmas cards at the store the other day, I recalled with a shudder that soon Planned Parenthood will begin selling their "Choice on Earth" holiday cards.

Christina Dunigan said...

They do make no secret of what they worship.

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! I was shocking, I have never heard about people having sex with animals, I think that it is awfully , I remember that my father said me that it is because the men take cheap viagra and the effects are so crazy in their behavior!22dd