Sunday, September 07, 2008

Self-induced abortion: More searches

People often come here after a search for "self-induced abortion" or (for the confused) "self-induced miscarriage".

Let's start by getting something very, very clear:

A miscarriage is when the baby dies before birth of natural causes, or from an accidental injury. When you kill the baby deliberately, it's an induced abortion, whether you're scraping it out, sucking it out, pulling it out with forceps, or using herbs or chemicals to starve it, poison it, or expel it. There is no more any such thing as a "self-induced miscarriage" than there is such a thing as any kind of "induced" natural death. The fact that you're inducing it means that it's not natural, it's not accidental, it's deliberate.

Calling any kind of induced abortion a "miscarriage" is a sign either of ignorance or of denial. And it is a slap in the face to women who have lost children to miscarriage.

You'd not tolerate for a moment a mother who put arsenic in her kid's oatmeal saying "My child got sick and died." You'd not tolerate for a moment a mother who pulled out a gun and blew her child's brains out saying "My child died in an accident." We need to stop letting women get away with deliberately ingesting things that they know will kill their babies and trying to pass it off as some sort of miscarriage.

If you do something to make your unborn baby die, that's not a miscarriage. Lay off trying to pretend it is.

Now that I've got that off my chest....

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    Anonymous said...

    wow you are a full on idiot... grow a pair and realize youre not saving the world by your pathetic tries at outreaches through the internet.. when you get raped like I did go ahead and take your own advice and keep the baby and know that everytime you look at your child you will remember every second of the hell that happened to you.. Youre trying to run a sad attempt at a cult.. obviously not many ppl think like you do if abortion is still legal..

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Thank you for being a shining example of the bitterness and despair that drives abortion.

    Why not try hope? It's much easier on the soul.

    Lola said...

    I've actually known a woman who went into a clinic, had an abortion, and then told everyone that they had a miscarriage.

    That confused me since the individual and her 'friends' had no "problem" with abortion. I suppose because the news was out about their pregnancy, when she decided to end it, it was easier for her and her friends conscience to say 'miscarriage'.

    As you pointed out unfortuantly the misuse of the term only skews the reality and the conscience.

    This is the first site that exposed the misuse of the term.

    Thank you and keep shining a light on this topic.

    tero said...

    This is so sad knowing that there are a lot of women in the world who like to induce the abortion, actually once a friend took a generic viagra pill in order to abort her baby, I didn't know if it was to have the results she wanted so I think it was so cruel.m10m

    Unknown said...

    Your inability to feel sympathy or empathy is sad. You fail to recognize so many real-world situations. I guess if it didn't happen to you, it's not a real thing. Go away, please.