Friday, October 03, 2008

Wrong on three counts

The "Campaign for [Un}Healthy Families" put out this ad, featuring a couple who faced a prenatal diagnosis of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS):

Now, I have no way of knowing if the Campbells, like Bill and Karen Bell, were lied to by abortion advocates in order to gain human shields. They might be entirely innocent. They might simply have believed what abortion advocates told them and agreed to tell their story in the ad. It's entirely possible. In fact, it's likely. And I, for one, will make this assumption until it's proven otherwise.

It's also entirely possible that the Campbells are die-hard abortion advocates who know that the ad is based entirely on false premises but are hoping nobody will challenge it for fear of seeming to be attacking them.

Either way, the ad is totally misleading on THREE counts:

1. Abortion isn't an established treatment for TTTS. There are two interventions used if it becomes clear that both twins are in serious danger: either transfer amniotic fluid to balance the load, or seal off a few blood vessels to reduce the imbalance. While both these treatments carry risk to both babies, neither one of them is considered an abortion. Neither one of them would be restricted in any way under South Dakota's law.

2. None of this matters anyway because there are only ten specialty centers in the country that treat TTTS anyway, none of which are in South Dakota.

3. The risky procedure this couple ended up choosing -- deliberately causing the death of one fetus to try to save the other -- is again a specialty procedure not performed anywhere in South Dakota because nobody in South Dakota has this particular, very rare, skill. The law simply wouldn't apply.

Read what these physicians have to say.

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Brossettelewis said...

disgusted! I hope they were paid actors.

<---ttts mom