Sunday, November 02, 2008

Not that Leftists hate special-needs babies or anything

HT: NewsBusters

Hey Kids, Check Out Lil’ Trigger In His Elephant Costume

Only a true Leftie could look at a picture of a baby dressed for his first Halloween, being cuddled and smiled at by a doting sister, and be sickened:

Little baby Trig must be so glad he wasn’t aborted for this, his first Halloween, because his parents dressed him up like a political party symbol to be carried around at snarling political events. Aww. Isn’t life just grand?

And catch the comments:

OffTheRecord: Ugh. I hate that look people get on their face when they are happy to be holding a baby.

facehead: Initially they were going to have trig dress up as an aborted fetus.

larz: ow mean to dress the down syndrome kid as Dumbo.

Um, Larz, maybe they, unlike YOU, don't see him as "dumb". Maybe they see him as Trig.

Styrofoam Boots: Wait, is Trig the baby with Down syndrome? … yuck.

Strangeleybrown: I thought an unaborted mongoloid baby was the symbol of the Republican Party.

AngryBlakGuy: …oh I get it, he is suppose to be the Elephant Man!

DustBowlBlues: Wonder if that Palin kid hadn’t gotten herself knocked up they would still make her haul Trigger everywhere she goes? Is this to give teen-mama practice? Or just punish her?

Prolifers don't consider babies to be PUNISHMENT, dickweed. WE actually PREFER our babies whole and in our arms, not shredded in a pathology lab. Which is something a lot of proabortionists just don't seem to grasp.

NYNYNY: What is the difference between Sarah Palin’s ass and her mouth? Not everything that comes out of her ass is moose-scented diarrhea. And her baby’s stupid.

agitpropster: I’ll tell you what is TRULY reprehensible, JLewis: .... Bringing a retarded child into the world knowing that it will never be able to take care of itself or have a normal life just to validate your nutty God-botherer credentials to teh other nutty God-botherers.

I rest my case.


WKen said...

Utterly disgusting.

There is no question, the most-hated person in this Presidential campaign is, strangely enough, Trig Palin.

Bristol might come in second.

I don't care what people think about Gov. Palin. They can say whatever they want -- I've criticized her. But the baby?

Wow ...

Just remember, they're "not pro-abortion, just pro-choice." You know, unless you choose not to murder your child.

Therese said...

their rants show that they are anti baby, not pro choice.

Christina Dunigan said...

I have to remind both of you that people who self-identify as "pro-choice" run the gamut from prolife people who think that it's necessary to be "prochoice" to allow abortions for "life of the mother" exceptions, through proabortionists who have their own agenda -- racism, eugenics, population control, sexism -- and are hiding behind the skirts of prochoice rhetoric. Though the majority of rank-and-file really are pro-CHOICE, hate abortion, wish it would go away, but think of it as a "tragic necessity."

The proabortion among them are not the majority, but they have the power and influence and they're the loudest.

Anonymous said...

Ah, more evidence of intolerance and ignorance among the pro-choice masses.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I am just reading now, but I think if someone said something like that to me out loud right now...if that's really how they felt, I don't think I'd know how to respond. I'd probably just cry.

I didn't think people could really feel that way about babies. Who doesn't love an innocent baby? I thought people just put it out of their minds (the destruction of a child) to justify their position of choice over life.

I also read an ops article about the same time Sarah Palin came into the picture. The writer said that he not only believed in abortion rights for teenagers, but believed it should be mandatory. I wish I could remember his name. I didn't think he could be serious but now I don't know.