Thursday, November 06, 2008

Can we really? Tell me the truth.

Imagine that you are creating a fabric of human destiny with the object of making men happy in the end, giving them peace and rest at last, but that it was essential and inevitable to torture to death only one tiny creature - that baby beating its breast with its fist, for instance - and to found that edifice on its unavenged tears, would you consent to be the architect on those conditions? Tell me, and tell me the truth. - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

This is Rowan.

Rowan is my friend's son. He is a baby who died because he was denied medical care after surviving an abortion, despite his mother's pleas for an ambulance. A denial of medical care that our President-elect has gone on record as finding right and just.

Oh, he has such great plans for our country, President-elect Obama. He has promised us a fabric of human destiny with the object of making us happy in the end, of giving us rest and peace at last.

An edifice to be built on Rowan's weak gasps as he died in an abortion clinic toilet. An edifice to be built on his mother's unavenged tears.

On November 4, this proposal was bought before the voters of this nation. Can we, Barack Obama asked, build our destiny on those unavenged tears?

The answer was, "Yes we can!"

Even if we could, would it be worth it?

Is it palatable, is it acceptable, only because you, personally, didn't have to stand outside that locked bathroom door, waiting for the mother's pleas of desperation to change to cries of anguish and grief?

If you had to stand outside that door and hear those cries, would the answer still have been yes?

Tell me. And tell me the truth.


Christina Dunigan said...

Any Utopia that has what happened to Angele and Rowan, what happened to Ashli and Tenny, what happened to Marla Cardamone and Laura Smith and Edrica Goode as an integral part of it is no Utopia that I want any part of.

Anonymous said...

Christina, this is a great post.

Our nation needs to understand what infanticide really is...thank you for asking such thought provoking questions to your readers, to the hotel manager and anyone else in order to educate them and hopefully bring about a different form of cultural awareness.

Children REALLY are born alive in abortion clinics and denied medical assistance or worse. You know this and so do I but the public must be made aware of it too.

I hope that they will care. These babies are BORN human beings, they deserve medical attention and love even when their parents do not want them.

All abortion is a tragedy but there is NO excuse for allowing a born child to die or be murdered off to finish the job that the physician started. It is heinous and barbaric.

Our society is not barbaric as a whole. It may seem that way at times, but I truly believe that most people would not condone this, even if they sincerely believe in a woman's right to chose.

I know many an abortion supporter and they do NOT support infanticide. They see that as outright murder. We will continue to speak the truth, and many will mock us, but in the end, we will cause others to pause and look into their hearts and determine who they are.

This is how people change their perspectives on anything controversial.

Thank you for all that you do to help save other babies from having to suffer Rowan's fate.

Thank you for all that you do to spare other Mom's from experiencing such horrors.

It is a wake up call that no one ever wants to have to me.

When we think about the old CDC statistics, of 500 borna alive (after induced abortion)infants per year...that's more than one per day.

Every day we wake up, make our coffee and head on about our day, somewhere, in this country, a child like Rowan has survived an abortion and been left alone to die or worse. Much worse.

Every day.

How can we condone this?

Thanks again,

Christina Dunigan said...

Angele, one of my FaceBook friends BELIEVES me when I tell him about you and Rowan, but says it's "a needle in the haystack moment" and to "get over it".

I gotta remove him from my "friends" list.

When leaving a baby to die is beneath one's notice, it's time to check your pulse and see if you still have a heart.

Anonymous said...

I hear that all the time Christina. People believe me when I tell them this horrible thing happened to me.

When I tell them that it happens...they don't believe, then I say "yes it does, it happened to my son and me" Here is a link...or whatever, right?

Then they are oh so sorry but usually add in that this RARELY ever happens....sigh..

Perhaps when/if FOCA passes and infanticide is in the news rather regularly, we will have a bit of a cultural awakening.

God, I pray that it doesn't play out like that.

Many people dismiss infanticide as somewhat of a needle in a haystack moment.

Even my own brother.

Please don't let his comment bother you...remember what you said yesterday when you called?

"They know not what they do."

It is the truth, my friend.


Kathy said...

My 4-y/o son is up here watching Sesame Street videos on YouTube while I'm checking my blogs, and this was one that popped up. He instantly said -- "Oh, look! A baby!" I lied and said, "Yes, he's asleep," because I don't want to get into the fact that the baby was really dead and why. If my four-year-old son can look at Baby Rowan and figure out that he is, in fact, a baby, why cannot abortionists who all made it through med school (or at least pretended to) figure it out?

I am also reminded of a few Bible verses -- the ones that speak of being willfully ignorant, and calling good evil and evil good, among others.

Christina Dunigan said...

Yeah, I changed my FaceBook status to "Matthew 25:40 applied to ROWAN, too!"

The gloves are off. May God forgive me for having been afraid of offending the very people who looked the other way and allowed this to happen.

JosephineMO7 said...

IS that really your son? I had an opportunity to see my son before we buried him and I wanted to take a photo. My hubby was dead set against it. He wouldn't give me his phone to take the picture. That baby is a little bigger than Sean was. He looked different after they had him in a jar of liquid to preserve him but I remember being able to see right through his skin. He was a blue gray though, when I delivered him at home. HE was 16 weeks gestation. I am guessing that baby is 22-24?

I hate it. I didn't want him gone and the fact that I have photos of every one of my children but Sean. IT bothers me. I wish I could have gotten a photo of him after I delivered him. But the reality is I was bleeding so badly I had to go to the hospital.

Its so sad that there are going to be an uptick of these things happening now that tax payer dollars will be sought for abortion. All I can think of is Sean's little hand spread over my pinky before his funeral. I can't imagine many woman suffering through an abortion and seeing that.

God Bless you Angele. I hope we both can heal from our experiences.

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry for your loss. I know that Sean was a beautiful baby. He is in heaven. He is happy and he sees how much his Mommy loves him. Please find comfort in this.

Yes, that is a picture of Rowan. The attorney took these photos after he had been in the morgue for over a month. That is why his little tummy is dark in color.

I was allowed to spend time with him at the funeral home and have better photos of him. They look a lot different. I keep them private.

Although you may not have a photograph of Sean, he is there in your heart and your memory.

Jose, you are in my prayers. Thank you for sharing Sean's story and God bless you.


Christina Dunigan said...

Hugs, Jose, for you and all your family.

JosephineMO7 said...

Thanks to both of you. HE would be due at the end of this month if I was still pregnant.