Monday, January 30, 2012

Other January Deaths

I've been unable to pinpoint the date on which these women lost their lives to abortion, but I still want their lives and deaths to be remembered, so on this last day of January, here are the unspecified January deaths.

At the very beginning of 1880, Mary McCarty, wife of C.H. McCarty of New Haven, was the "unsuspecting and unfortunate victim of the criminal or culpably stupid operation" that ended her life. She was approximately 30 years old. Dr. Banks was arrested on Pine Island.

Priests for Life posts a list of women who have died from legal abortions, including Rosael Rodriguez, who died in January of 1986 at the age of 27, according to Social Security. She had been born on April 2, 1958. Priests for Life cite a March 5, 1992 article in the Virgin Islands Daily News. They cite one other death, that of Diane Adams, from that article.

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