Sunday, April 15, 2012

Planned Parenthood's 40 Days of Prayer 11-20

Thanks to Kate Cann, who posted the link to the entire sickening thing at the RealChoice Facebook group.

Here is it -- but get some soul bleach -- the Planned Parenthood / Humbolt County Clergy for Choice "40 Days of Prayer Supporting Women Everywhere." Some of these prayers might seem innocent, unless you know the way the abortion lobby uses language. I already covered Day 1 - Day 10. Here come days 11 - 20.

Day 11: Today we pray for better access to all forms of birth control.
Yeah, even though a birth control culture drives up the abortion rate. That's a whole nother blog post.
Day 12: Today we pray that women know the power of their own stories. May they find their voices and tell their truths.
Yeah, as long as they're abortion-supporting "truths." When's the last time you've heard of a prochoicer allowing a regretful woman to tell her story?
Day 13: Today we pray for the men in our lives, that they may offer their loving kindness and support for women's difficult decisions.
"Women's difficult decisions" always equals abortion. I can't remember if it was the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights or another "faith based" "pro-choice" group, but I read a brochure that was a supposedly Christian guide for those facing a decision about a difficult pregnancy. It had the usual New Age ideas, such as lighting scented candles and asking for guiding visions, yada yada yada. It closed with a litany for having made the difficult decision to have an abortion. There was no litany for having made the difficult decision to continue a pregnancy at a difficult time. The presumption is that if the choice is difficult, it's always going to be abortion.

This is, therefore, a prayer that men always uniformly embrace abortion.
Day 14: Today we pray for Christians everywhere to embrace the loving model of Jesus in the way he refused to shame women.
Jesus told the woman caught in adultery, "Go and sin no more," not, "Make sure you use protection and have a reliable abortionist in mind in case your continued adultery is complicated by a pregnancy!"

To pretend that Jesus found no shame in sinning is blasphemous.
Day 15: Today we pray for parents whose teen daughters are pregnant. May they help their daughters through this difficult time with kindness and openness.
An innocuous, even noble, prayer until you realize that "difficult time" means "time between announcing the pregnancy and being discharged from the abortion clinic." "Openness" means "willing to facilitate the abortion." Let's face it, they hate anybody who helps these girls choose life. No way are they praying for love and support for a girl choosing to care for the child or make an adoption plan.

This is a prayer prolifers can pray, but never in concert with the people putting out this prayer list.
Day 16: Today we pray for the counselors in abortion clinics that they may listen with their hearts and offer wise guidance.
If those counselors started listening with their hearts and offering wise guidance they'd stop working in abortion clinics. They'd all be at prolife pregnancy centers.
Day 17: Today we pray for increased financial support for low income women to access contraception, abortion, and childcare.
At least they threw a bone at childcare. But notice that there is no mention of low income women's real financial needs, or a recognition that many low income women want to be stay-at-home moms who nurture their own children? Most low-income women, in fact, would far rather be at home with their kids then cleaning motel rooms, stocking shelves, waiting on tables at greasy spoons, and sweating all day in a hospital laundry.
Day 18: Today we pray for all the staff at abortion clinics around the nation. May they be daily confirmed in the sacred care that they offer women.
Get the soul bleach! Sacred? It is here that you really get to the heart of the whole thing. They consider abortion sacred. And note that there is no mention of the sacred work done by anybody who helps pregnant women who want to carry to term. Do you need to know anything else?
Day 19: Today we pray for all pregnant women. May they be surrounded by loving voices.
This is another prayer, like the prayer for women who receive a devastating diagnosis during pregnancy, that we can all pray, but that prolifers should never pray in concert with abortion supporters, since they consider it "loving" -- not just loving but "sacred" -- to facilitate the killing of the unborn child.
Day 20: Today we pray for the families of yesteryear who still mourn the loss of their mothers, sisters, and aunts due to illegal abortion.
Note that conspicuously absent are the families of today who are mourning the loss of mothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters to legal abortions. Where is there any compassion for the grieving families of Alexandra Nunez, Ying Chen, Karnamaya Mongar (pictured), and Antonesha Ross? I guess only certain women's deaths are worthy of notice. After all, you're not going to raise any money or garner any votes for abortion by waving pictures of a Nepalese refugee who died horribly in a grimy Philadelphia abortion mill. They'll say, like Shrek, "Oh no no no no no! Dead broad off the table!"

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