Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fetal parts, patient records in dumster

Medical Waste, Patient Records Found in Michigan Abortion Center Dumpster

Acting on a tip from a local pro-life group, Michigan officials have found parts of unborn children, medical waste and patient records in a dumpster outside an abortion center. The potentially illegal dumping occurred outside the WomanCare abortion center on Southfield Road and the contents are believed to be from the abortion business.

The abortion business in question is -- no big surprise here -- a National Abortion Federation member facility, featuring practitioner Abraham Alberto Hodari, who safely and legally sent Tamiia Russell and Chivon Williams to meet their Maker.

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Rachael C. said...

X-posted to another blog featuring this article:

Abortion foes say they have searched the clinic's garbage for a month and found improperly disposed medical waste, along with medical documents that should have been shredded.

I hope the pro-lifers used Universal Precautions and protective gear, seeing as law enforcment felt they needed to call in hazardous waste crews to remove the waste.

Human tissue should be disposed of either by incineration, cremation, cemetery burial or grinding and flushing through a sanitary sewer, according to Robert McCann, spokesman for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

*Gag*, so it's proper for abortion clinics to use garbage disposals to grind up and then flush the fetuses? I personally rather see inceration used for medical waste then for it to go into and potentially contaminate our water system. I asked my husband, who worked at a city waste-water treatment plant. He said after any waste disolves into the water, the filters should catch any solid waste, and the water is thoroughly treated by several means, which should remove any potential contaminates.

If one looked at this as an isolated case, one probably wouldn't think of this as a big issue, however this guy has troubled past.

GrannyGrump said...

This is hardly the first time one of these clowns just ditched dead fetuses and medical waste.

Funny, though. The abortion lobby outcry is only when prolifers give the dead a decent burial. That's an affront to the trauma the women suffered in deciding to abort their babies. Chucking Junior in the dumpster along with Mom's medical records? Cue crickets chirping.

Rachael C. said...

Abortionist Alberto Hodari may face a fine and possibly misdemeanor charges for improper dumping of confidential patient information and medical waste:

GrannyGrump said...

Here that is as a clickable link.