Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another baby survives ectopic pregnancy

Fox News in Phoenix has this story of a woman who was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy (one outside the uterus) at 20 weeks. She rejected surgery at that point because her baby couldn't have survived. He was born, healthy but premature, at 32 weeks.

At this time the doctors and Fox News are reporting the case as unique. For the specific site of implantation, perhaps so. But little Azelan Cruz Perfecto isn't the only baby to survive an ectopic pregnancy.

  • Live abdominal pregnancy presenting as massive rectal bleeding: "A case of massive rectal bleeding resulting from the placental attachment of an abdominal pregnancy to the sigmoid colon is reported. Both mother and infant survived this rare complication which should be considered when abdominal colic and major gastrointestinal haemorrhage occur in a pregnant patient."

  • Abdominal pregnancies, Primary Surgery: Volume One: Non-trauma, Chapter 8. The surgery of pregnancy: Covers a case of survival, with recommendations for management.

  • Massive hemorrhage in a previously undiagnosed abdominal pregnancy presenting for elective Cesarean delivery: Not sure if this is a new case or not.

  • Abdominal pregnancies in Sweden resulting in live infants 1970-81: The site is just a cite for an article in Swedish, leaving me to wonder how many infants were born alive after abdominal gestation just in Sweden in those 11 years.

  • Full-term viable abdominal pregnancy: a case report and review: A full-term abdominal pregnancy culminating in the birth of a live healthy baby by laparotomy is described.

  • Add this little fellow to the list. Valdir Gabriel was born in Brazil three months after his mother was diagnosed with an abdominal pregnancy, the type of ectopic pregnancy most likely to result in a live birth.

  • Rare baby survives outside womb: Montreal doctor, CBC News Tuesday, August 12, 2003: Dionne Grant, a Jamaican tourist, was in Montreal when she had to go to Sacré-Coeur Hospital for an emergency c-section, performed by Dr. Robert Sabbah, head of obstetrics and gynecology. He said, "When I opened the cavity I quickly discovered that the uterus was not like it was supposed to be. As soon as I explored the abdominal cavity I noticed there were feet in the cavity just floating around. So as fast as I could I took out the baby." The placenta had attached to the top of Dionne's uterus, this providing a good blood supply to the baby.

  • Here is an old medical journal article, ADVANCED EXTRAUTERINE PREGNANCY, Bulletin of the Hong Kong Medical Association, vol. 22, 1970. Case 1 was a 32-year-old mother of one, in 1956. "The extrauterine pregnancy was not diagnosed until 38th week when foetal movements could clearly be seen transmitted through the thin abdominal wall." She had no other symptoms that anything was amiss with her pregnancy. An X-ray showed that the baby was oddly situated, with an abnormally curved spine. She was immediately admitted to the hospital, where a 3,430 gram baby girl was delivered. The omentum (apron of fat covering the intestines) was covering the pregnancy, which seemed to have arisen in the right fallopian tube. There were only minor adhesions within the mother's abdomen. The mother recovered well, and had a successful normal pregnancy the following year. The baby was perfectly healthy.

    Case 2 was a 41-year-old mother of two, who had slight bleeding at 16 weeks, and intermittent pain for four months. She was admitted to the hospital at 27 weeks. Her pain subsided after a week of hospitalization. The fetus could be easily felt through the woman's abdominal wall, as could the empty uterus. The patient refused immediate surgery, hoping to perserve her child's life. She remained hospitalized. At 32 weeks she experienced sudden, acute abdominal pain. She was delivered of a 2,010 gram infant. The placenta had attached to the back wall of her pelvic cavity and the right broad ligament. The sac, placenta, and right fallopian tube and ovary were removed, with minimal blood loss. the mother recovered well. The baby had some facial asymmetry due to the unusual pressures placed on her from being gestated outside the womb.

    Case 3
    was a 33-year-old mother of four, admitted to the hospital at 36 1/2 weeks because of recurring abdominal pain. The fetus was in breach presentation, but attempts to turn the baby by maniuplating it through the abdominal wall were unsuccessful. An X-ray revealed that the baby was lying transversely. The doctors decided to perform a c-section, whereupon they learned that the baby was actually behind the mother's uterus.The baby weighed 2,920 grams. The placenta had attached to the back of the mother's reproductive organs, which were removed. The mother recovered well and the baby was healthy.

    Case 4 wasa 43-year-old mother of 8 who had been having abdominal pain since 12 weeks, and was admitted to the hospital at 26 weeks. Her uterus was displaced by the fetus, which was in her abdomen. Two days after she was admitted, she experienced sudden acute abdominal pain, so doctors performed surgery to remove the baby, a girl weighing 1,040 grams. Blood loss was minimal. The mother recovered well, and the baby had no problems other than prematurity. Sadly, she developed a respiratory infection and died at age 34 days.

  • And finally, in Australia, Durga Thangarajah was born at term after she had implanted in her mother's ovary -- a situation that doctors say is unheard-of. Or was until now.


    Katie said...

    Wow! That's amazing. I'm so glad the baby made it. I remember watching a TV show that had a woman who was pregnant with triplets, and one of them was ectopic, but she carried them all nearly to term (I seem to remember his placenta had attached to her bladder, or something?!) Sadly my ectopic baby didn't make it (classic tube implantation; the tube ruptured), but it's nice to hear it's not always a death sentence for the baby.

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Yeah, myself, I'd risk it. I'm also wondering if women pushed harder for it, would doctors try to come up with ways to save babies that had implanted in the tubes? Perhaps you could carefully slit the tube under controlled circumstances so that it wouldn't rupture, then carefully move it to where it drapes across the top of the uterus to allow better access to blood for the fetus without risking placental adherence to her viscera.

    If enough women started looking for other options, doctors would be forced to respond.

    Armored Saint said...

    Great ideas, Christina. I wonder if we could get to the point where the baby could be moved into the uterus eventually. Amazing stories. Life is stronger than death.

    kristen said...

    Just like most things in life, it's easy to comment when you have not experienced it. Many of the above stories were about abdominal pregnancies not ectopic. I had an ectopic pregnancy back in 1998. The baby had implanted so far in my tube, my body didn't know it was even pregnant. The baby would not have survived. It's nice to speculate but please be sensitive to others. If you are going to offer solutions be prepared to put legs on the solution. Don't just offer words!

    Christina Dunigan said...

    kristen, ectopic is outside the womb. It can be in the tube, in or on the ovary, on top of the uterus instead of in it, on the omentum or the intestines, etc.

    And I realize that AS THINGS STAND NOW, we don't have the capability of intervening in a way that can save a baby in most ectopics. But there once was no way to save "blue babies", until Vivien Thomas and Alfred Blalock developed a surgery that was thought to be impossible.

    flamingo said...

    a med school friend told me about a team of doctors that are looking into transplanting ectopic babies into the uterus. Obviously, this is in the very early stages of development but perhaps it might be a viable treatment method in years to come.

    anonymous said...

    These cases are true miracles. Ectopic pregnancy is the most common cause of death in the first trimester of pregnancy. Rates of maternal mortality have dropped by over 50% since the 1980's secondary to earlier diagnosis. Even still, approximately 40-50 women die in the United States yearly from this problem. So while we have at best maybe 10 children and their mothers in all of history who have survived, please remember there are millions of mothers AND their unborn children who have died from this exact same condition. With the advent of minimally invasive surgery and methotrexate as therapies, there have not only been many maternal lives saved and their fertility spared. My point with the above: I guess when you make the statement that "if women pushed harder that doctors would come up with a way to save babies" and we would be "forced to respond" indicates that we don't value the sanctity of life and seems to minimalize how far we have come in saving lives! (Granted, it's not just us doctors who do the life saving...I believe that God is present in all we do.) I'm sure that was not your intent, however....I'm sure I'm not the only person reading this who had these same feelings and thoughts.

    Christina Dunigan said...

    anon, if the women who WOULD choose to try to save their babies knew that it was -- however remotely -- possible, they would be the ones pushing for it until it became available at lower risk for other women, who would then push for even greater safety, etc., until saving these babies became doable, even if not common.

    I'm not advocating that all women take an astronomical risk, only that doctors be willing to serve those who are willing, and that those women band together. I'd be one of them.

    Summer said...

    95-98% of all ectopic pregnancies are tubal pregnancies. There is NOT one tubal pregnancy that can be carried to full term! You cannot lump all ectopic pregnancies together. An abdominal ectopic pregnancy is VERY different from a tubal ectopic pregnancy. There is not sufficient room for a baby to develop to full term in the fallopian tube. If left untreated, the tube will rupture and the mother will die from hemmorhaging if not rushed to the hospital immediately. I'm just curious, Christina Dunigan, how many tubal pregnancies you have had?

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Summer, I never said that any of these surviving babies were tubal pregnancies, and I never claimed that I'd had an ectopic pregnancy myself. I only asserted -- and only in the comments -- that were I to face any sort of ectopic pregnancy, I would try to carry to viability, and if the baby were in the tube I would try to find a doctor who would try to open and repostion the tube to prevent a spontaneous rupture an to try to encourage the placenta to attach to the outside of the uterus.

    Other women -- few in number I will grant you -- have said that they would do likewise.

    You will notice that none of us are asking other women to make that choice. But we are hoping that if there are enough of us, doctors will come up with a way to save these babies if their mothers ask for that high-risk option.

    Summer said...

    "How many ectopics have you had" was a facetious question. You obviously hadn't had any. You would really risk a tubal pregnancy?

    Summer said...
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    Summer said...

    Christina, your comments are very offensive and sophomoric and in no way helpful...I am a woman that has had 2 tubal pregnancies. As you are entitled to your thoughts, opinions, comments, etc, so am I.

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Summer, yes I WOULD really risk a tubal pregnancy. I realize that this is a very rare stand, that it totally flies in the face of conventional medical wisdom, and that it would be an extremely risky thing.

    Do I think EVERY woman would or should make that choice? Of course not. It would be a high-risk experimental procedure, and people aren't lab rats that you just do experiments on.

    Summer said...

    No you wouldn't. Do you know why it's a rare stand...because you are speaking hypothetically and therefore ignorantly. No one should ever remark on what they would do in an assumed situation because the truth is no one knows what they would truly do until they have walked in those shoes. You would never find your "dr to carefully slit your tube and drape it across your uterus" because this dr does not exist. But in your efforts to find this phantom dr, you would die in the meantime.....and now what a selfish decision you have made.
    I am very curious to know how much research you have done on tubal pregnancies? Are you an OB/GYN? Surely you are making all these comments from a very informed stand, right? Please don't tell me everything you know is that which exists on Wikipedia or WebMD?

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Of course it's hypothetical, Summer. Everything that becomes real starts out as hypothetical. Every medical treatment that is routine now started out as an experiment at some time.

    You seem to be feeling like you're being judged for not having demanded medical experiments when you were diagnosed with tubal pregnancies. I don't know of anybody who is doing that. There are just a few people taking the information that sometimes, very rarely, but sometimes, babies survive when they implant outside the uterus, and putting firmly in their own minds that in the unlikely event that this happens to them, they will push for a medical experiment.

    Would we actually follow through if push came to shove? As you've said, we can't really know. However, people ARE more likely to follow through on a plan they've thought through in advance -- especially a plan for doing something in a time of high stress.

    Nobody, starting cold with no advance planning, is going to respond to a doctor saying, "We have to do X right away or you will die" with, "Well, let me spend a few years researching this, and maybe I'll decide that I want to be a guinea pig for a medical experiment!" The patient in that situation doesn't HAVE a few years.

    That's why it's important for people to have the idea in the back of their minds, so that they start thinking of it. The first dozen women who ask a doctor will be told that they're insane, that it can't work, that there's no way any doctor will do it.

    Then the doctor will start wondering. He'll start doing research in medical journals. Maybe he'll start something with lab rats or pigs.

    Over the course of a few generations maybe they'll come up with something. That's what we're hoping for.

    Why does it piss you off so much?

    Summer said...

    Ignorance is bliss, my dear Christina. You don't think there are dr's trying to come up with a way to save tubal pregnancies? You don't think there are hundreds of thousands of women asking and pushing dr's to find an alternative plan? "The first DOZEN women"...lmao!
    And who said I was pissed?? Good grief!

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Summer, you seem to be contradicting what you said earlier.

    My perception is that you indicted that to even TRY to save a tubal pregnancy is utterly insane, no doctor would ever try, and no woman would be crazy enough to ask.

    Now you seem to be saying that there ARE doctors trying, and that hundreds of thousands of women are pushing for it.

    And obvsiouly you ARE pissed. I can amost feel you trying to reach through your monior and bitch-slap me every time you post.

    Summer said...

    Bless your heart.

    Kathy said...

    If hundreds of thousands of women are asking doctors to save their ectopic pregnancies, and if doctors are trying to come up with ways to save these pregnancies, I'm wondering where the studies are that discuss it. I went to Google Scholar [scholar.google.com] and searched "ectopic pregnancy" and looked at the first 200 returns (20 pages); almost all of the studies were about diagnosing and treating ectopic pregnancies (via one method of abortion or another), incidence or trends of ectopic pregnancy in America and elsewhere, or risk factors for ectopic pregnancy, with *none* about how to save them. Some of the articles discussed how best to preserve the mother's fertility while aborting the baby, and there were some dealing with "expectant management" of ectopic pregnancy (taking a "wait and see" approach that you seem to denigrate as being lethal for the mom, even though about half did not require treatment, in every study), but none were about attempting to save the baby. There were case studies of women with ectopic pregnancies in a C-section scar, but no case studies of an attempt to save the baby of an ectopic pregnancy.

    A recent (2006) study, (updated 2009) looking at "interventions for tubal ectopic pregnancy" failed to mention any attempt at removing and re-implanting the embryo/placenta, but discusses only expectant management and various methods of abortion.

    If you know of any case of an attempt to save the baby in humans, or of any studies on ectopic pregnancy in animals with a view to attempts at saving the fetus either in the animal or as a test for humans, please let me know. Everything is impossible... until it's tried. Open-heart surgery used to be impossible, even unthinkable, until finally someone did it. Now it's fairly common. Remaining in the thought patterns of decades and centuries gone by is not the way to advance; imagining possibilities is.

    Summer said...

    Wow, if you you can't find anything on google, that must be the end all, say all. Lol.

    Kathy said...

    Google Scholar is a bit different. It searches peer-reviewed journals and articles, and is a valuable resource for finding scholarly studies. But if it's as widespread and easy as you are implying it should be to find information on alternatives to outright abortion for ectopic pregnancy, you should be able to point to at least one of the hundreds of thousands of women who are demanding of their doctors alternative treatment, or at least one doctor that is undertaking the task.

    [The Captcha phrase is sylly. Appropriate, I think.]

    Pozzo said...


    This is a link to successful TUBAL pregnancy. Odds were one in 60 Million but that still ends summers argument.

    Summer said...

    "95-98% of all ectopic pregnancies are tubal pregnancies. There is NOT one tubal pregnancy that can be carried to full term!"

    Kathy said...

    Thanks, Pozzo!

    I had seen this story a couple of times, but never read that the boy started as a tubal pregnancy before moving to and implanting in the outside of the uterus.

    If that was the case (only slightly skeptical, knowing the average reporter's carelessness or ignorance regarding medical things), then that definitely shows that it is a possibility to medically/surgically move the baby from the tube to the uterus to grow, and abortion is not necessarily the only answer.

    Topic Adviser said...

    Topic Adviser

    Another Story to consider:
    Durga Thangarajah is the only child in Australia — and possibly the world — to survive a full-term ovarian pregnancy. [She] was delivered by Caesarean section after spending almost nine months inside her mother’s right ovary, stretching the organ’s tissue so taut that her hair and facial features were visible through the membrane. Involvement of the ovary is rarer, meaning the likelihood of delivering a healthy baby is just one in a million.

    Obstetrician Andrew Miller, of Darwin Private Hospital in Australia’s Northern Territory, who operated on Durga’s mother, Meera, said: “It’s an extraordinarily unusual outcome and I am not aware of anyone who has seen a [full] term ovarian pregnancy as we have here.”

    James Liang said...
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    mimireed said...

    I'm late to the party, but to counter Summer's ignorant assertion that tubal pregnancies are different from abdominal pregnancies--some doctors believe that ALL non-ovarian abdominal pregnancies began as tubal but migrated after the tube bursts, and ALL doctors know that many abdominal pregnancies began as tubal.

    If a baby can occasionally survive such trauma AND implanting on an entirely unsuitable surface, then it certainly should be very feasible to dislodge the pregnancy from the tube and pull it down into the uterus. If it reimplanted only as often as a baby survives a tubal rupture--2%--then that would be astronomically higher than the survival rate of abdominal pregnancies. And it would preserve the woman's health and fertility. It seems much more likely that the odds would be much better--perhaps as high as 10%--just because the surface would be more suitable.

    Nothing will be done about it until we agree that babies are human beings, worth saving, from the moment of conception. Doctors don't care about babies lost to ectopic pregnancies because they do not consider them to be human. Doctors as a group scarcely consider ANY first-trimester miscarriages to be anything but unfortunate in the context of a patient not getting the desired outcome. THERE IS NO RESEARCH BEING DONE TO SAVE ECTOPIC PREGNANCIES.

    As for me--I'd take the risk in a heartbeat. I've lost seven pregnancies that I know of--my doctor suspects at least eight. I have two living children. If I have a .1% chance of death (which is a realistic death rate from a tubal rupture) and my baby had a .0001% chance of reimplantation and my baby's survival, I'd take my chances. But if someone would do the necessary research, I wouldn't have to, and a 2% chance is far, far better than none.

    Krista said...

    I am with Summer here. I have owned (and still own ectopicpregnancy.com) since 1999. It has been shut down since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. I am willing to bet that NONE of the "take the chance" comments come from anyone who has actually researched ectopic pregnancies NOR had one themselves.

    I have had two ectopic pregnancies, each of which resulted in the loss of a tube. There IS a very big difference between a tubal pregnancy and those that implant on the ovary or in the abdomen. To say anything else is ridiculous. There has never been and will NEVER be a live birth from a tubal ectopic pregnancy. A short investigation into the female reproductive system would have cleared that up pretty quickly.

    Looking into how a pregnancy forms and grows would have also cleared up the "move the baby" issue. There is NO such thing as re-implantation. This is not opinion, it is fact.

    Please don't use the tragedy of an ectopic pregnancy to push an agenda. It's disrespectful to women who have gone through it, and it only makes your point of view (on other things, which I am guessing) a moot point.


    Summer said...

    @mimireed- There are 64,000 ectopic pregnancies each year (out of 6 million pregnancies). Ectopic pregnancies account for 10% of all pregnancy related deaths. There are more than 40 deaths per year. From 1991-1999, hemorrhage accounted for 221 (93%) of 237 deaths associated with ectopic pregnancies (maybe they tried to risk it too). In the state of Florida alone, from 2009-2010, there was 11 ectopic pregnancy deaths. *THESE ARE THE FACTS ABOUT ECTOPIC PREGNANCIES*
    Doctors still haven't figured out how to save women 100% of the time and you want to condemn them for not figuring out how to save the mother AND the baby? If I had my tubal pregnancies 100 years ago, I wouldn't be hear, chit- chatting it up with you, because I would be dead. So thankfully some dr cared enough to figure out how to save the women's life most of the time, so that for now, it isn't a most certain death sentence for the mom. Then it was someone else that had to care enough to try to learn how to sometimes save women's fertility. Since there is an almost certain fetal demise in ectopics, the focus shifted from how to save the mom to now how to save the mom's fertility, in hopes that she would be able conceive again thanks to the intervention of medical treatment.

    The above referrenced "successful" ectopic pregnancy cases are true miracles. *Defintion of Miracle: 1. A surprising event and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or by scientific laws and is considered to be divine 2. A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment.* You could at the very least add a disclaimer to this article stating how very rare these cases are. What frightens me is there might be a frightened, uneducated about ectopic pregnancy, desperate for a child women come across this article and say "Hey....there's a handful of cases here of successes. These women say they would try it, so maybe I too can risk it." And then she dies as a result. You are spreading false-hope.

    I'm so sorry for your 7 (maybe 8) pregnancy losses mimireed. That is a difficult road to walk. I have had 2 tubal pregnancies, 4 miscarriages, and I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter.

    Instead of making hypothetical statements about hypothetical situations, do something about it. Start a charity to raise funds for ectopic pregnancy research. Donate to an already existing ectopic pregnancy research group. Help raise awareness about ectopic pregnancy. That would be helpful.

    Summer said...

    Also, there has been 24 primary abdominal pregnancies (non-ovarian) reported since 2007. So, I would find it safe to assume that there is no validity in stating that "some doctors believe that ALL non-ovarian abdominal pregnancies began as tubal but migrated after the tube burst". Well, because it's simply hard to deny something as happening when it has been reported as happening (24 times in 5 years) by trained, medical professionals.

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Nobody is proposing that any mother be pushed to unwillingly risk her life with an ectopic pregnancy. We are only advocating for doctors to be more responsive to, and less dismissive of, the women who want to give the baby every chance, however miniscule, of surviving. We're not even asking that doctors *initiate* the conversation. Just that if the mother begs to know if anything can be done, the doctor will say, "Well, there are these 27 documented cases out of all the ectopic pregnancies worldwide in the past 100 years...."

    Yes, right now the idea of making a conscious attempt to save the life of an ectopic baby (except for cases diagnosed late in pregnancy) seems impossible.

    It was once thought that heart surgery was impossible, but a desperate desire to save "blue babies" pushed Vivien Thomas and Alfred Blalock to find a way to operate on the heart. "Impossible" medical advances have been made time and time again. There is no reason to believe that, given time and incentive, doctors can't eventually achieve the impossible here as well.

    Nobody is asking anybody else to take the risks. A small number of women are merely asking for the opportunity to shoulder the risks themselves, KNOWING that the chances of a payoff are lower than the odds of winning the lottery, and that unlike a lottery, they're gambling with their own lives.

    Some day -- perhaps when our grandchildren are old -- there will be an Eileen Saxon of ectopic pregnancy: that first baby to be saved by "impossible" surgery.

    Summer said...

    Your comment of "Nobody is proposing that any mother be pushed to unwillingly risk her life with an ectopic pregnancy" is wrong. Have you heard of Bill Fortenberry? The Personhood Initiative? He is advocating to criminalize all treatments for ectopic pregnancies, all in the name of pro-life. And there's a whole bunch of crazies out there that believe the same as Bill.

    Leah said...

    I've had 2 ectopic pregnancies. The first in my left tube, treated w methotrexate @ 10.5 wks. Treatment worked. That was in 2004. Then in 2008 I had another ectopic, on the right side, partially in the tube opening and ovary, it ruptured. I had to have an emergency laparotomy as well my peritoneal cavity drained because it was full of blood because 2 days prior they misdiagnosed as a miscarriage. That being said, I feel the same way as Christina does! I wish that Dr's could transfer and save tubals! After having one child, who is now 17yrs old, 5 miscarriages and 2 ectopics! Yes, if I were able to conceive again and it were tubal I would definitely choose to save it if possible!

    Kim said...

    I have a question for Flamingo or anyone else that can help. I am currently having a tubal pregnancy and I was wondering who the people were that were working on trying to move the fetus to the uterus. I really need some help on this if anyone has any answers. My e-mail is yaksich017@hotmail.com and my name is Kim. Thanks!

    Waiting4Hope said...

    I know people have strong feelings about this and there is anger from the people who have experienced it but all of this is really difficult to read when you are lying in bed at one in the morning wishing there was something you could do and there is no one to help. I love how much my doctor cares and how supportive my family and friends are of all of this, but its the end of the day and I still can't sleep because I have searched and searched and cried and begged and prayed and I will still lose my baby tomorrow. I can feel it moving even though people on various websites have ignorantly and hatefully stated that this is impossible. And right now, while I am just looking for comfort or ideas or hope or solace all I find is people fighting. This is not a kind discussion wanting to share ideas and comfort. Summer is clearly in pain and other people find it more important to argue with her than help her with that. At the same time, the determined anger from summer doesn't help either. It is painful to lay here knowing I have to go to sleep because I can barely keep my eyes open and this is the last thing I will see tonight. God help our broken, angry, selfish, spiteful world. I hate this place.

    EctopicBabyHope said...

    There are those of us who are choosing to take the risk. I did 7 years ago and I am again. Tubal pregnancy is not the only type of dangerous ectopic pregnancy. They are all dangerous. Hemorrhage is always a risk. Yet I trust in the Lord and place my hope in him.

    It is not true that all tubal pregnancies are doomed. The case of the triplet Ronan is only one survival story. There are several others. I discuss this on my blog: www.ectopicbabyhope.wordpress.com

    EctopicBabyHope said...


    Barbara White said...

    I would risk it..in the end even if my baby didn't make it or even if I didn't make it..for the simple fact that I believe the babys life is just as important as mine and has a right to live...my baby deserbes a mother who is willing to die trying...to me it is like no other instance where a mother would risk her life to protect her child

    Della Clever said...

    If I were ever in those shoes there is no doubt in my mind I would risk it.

    I would most likely die trying, but I would rather have tried & died then to have killed my child & have to live with that knowledge.

    Kristy Cole said...


    Chamelean said...

    I am obviously late to this thread, but I am one who has had a tubal ectopic pregnancy. I was pregnant with twins. I found out at 2 weeks gestation. I had one child prior to that. I am one who not only had a tubal ectopic pregnancy and was willing to take the risk. I did not even know that there was a chance that the baby could be replanted at the time, but my words to the doctor was "Can't you disconnect the baby and replace it in my uterus?". He said no and did not offer any other suggestion like outside of my uterus or anything. I was not given that option. I do not know if he did not know about it being done before, if it had not been tried by that time, or chose to not take that risk. So to the young lady who argues that if one has had a tubal would not take that risk, I say that there is always someone out there who will and I am one of them. I do believe that if more women pushed for saving the baby instead of aborting it, the doctors would look into it more if they have not done so already. As others have said, there is much information out there about aborting the baby, but not about saving it. I do not know if efforts have been made towards saving these babies, but it sure would be useful research, especially if they were successful. I am one who believes that all things are possible through Christ. I only wish that the doctor would have at least tried to do what I asked, because it was my choice to take that risk. I still wonder about those two babies that were aborted. I lost my left tube to that pregnancy. However, I was blessed to have 3 more children in spite of the ectopic pregnancy. I still consider myself blessed. Maybe replanting the baby would not be the choice that many women would take, but it would be nice if the option was available. I only pray that the doctors who take on this challenge are successful. I only wish the efforts were made ages ago, so my twins could have been saved.

    Lisa Stanton said...

    Summer, i am sorry for your loss. Let go of that pain and yiur anger will disappear. Your anger destroys your argument and clouds your responses.

    This is the most important overlooked fact in this conversation...40% of ectopic pregnancies are later found to be normal intrauterine pregnancies. A woman sued over her childs birth defects caused by the aborting drug she was given, in 2012-2013. So GET A SECOND OPINION BEFORE YOU ABORT!!!

    Al Grayson said...

    If one goes to the top and reads "Case 1" one will see that the ectopic pregnancy started in the right fallopian tube. Of course as the tube's passage is not much larger than a hair the embryo had to have left (burst; perforated) the tube and then implanted in the intestinal sac.
    Nevertheless it did start as a tubal.

    Al Grayson said...

    Frozen embryos are being rescued and implanted into the wombs of true surrogate mothers who are not the genetic mothers of the babies.
    This is quite distinct from a woman providing her own ovum to be fertilized either by AI or IVF by a man not her own husband as a surrogate for his own wife. The resulting baby is hers and the other woman's husband's. This appears to me to be no moral difference from the man having natural sexual relations with her as a stand-in for his wife.
    To volunteer to save these unfortunate abandoned children is, I believe, moral and honorable. Just as moral as a woman breast-feeding the child of another couple.
    The couple who generated the child, however, are morally reprehensible no matter how "desperately" they want their own child carrying their own genes.
    In every case I have heard of several embryos are generated when only one is wanted. The rest are to be discarded - abandoned to die. The reason for generating more than one is that it is known that IVF embryos often fail to implant or to survive and die as a result of this risky (for the child) procedure.
    People who claim to be Christians should leave these kinds of activities to the heathen. By doing such things not only is the sin of murder committed but it gives great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme.
    Unfortunately many professed Christians want to do their own will, being concerned only with "What can I get away with and not go to hell/being punished by God," instead of "How may I conduct my life to please my God and Savior?"

    womantowomancbe said...

    Al, just to clarify a point [don't want you to get lambasted by an "enemy" if you post something similar elsewhere] -- generally, many eggs are harvested at one time because the egg harvesting procedure is invasive, and the drugs given to women to make them ovulate generally makes them produce many eggs at once. So, it is much easier for all involved to harvest all the eggs at one time, than to try to harvest one egg every individual month.

    I think it would be morally better if the eggs were frozen (as are the eggs from egg donors) and fertilized only as they were going to be transferred to the mother's womb. So, if a woman's ovaries produce 8 eggs, but they don't want to try to put in more than two embryos, they should fertilize only two of the eggs.

    [However, I think there may be some benefit in freezing embryos rather than the separate gametes, but I'm not sure. I follow a woman's blog in which infertility plays a big role (including multiple failed embryo transfers); it seems that there may be a higher success rate if they select for the "best" or healthiest looking embryos, so if they fertilize only two eggs and both resulting embryos are poor-quality, they're unlikely to result in a successful pregnancy, so that would likely be a completely wasted cycle. I'm not speaking of morality and ethics here, but just from a detached, completely medical view of things. I'm not saying it's right, but just saying that for people who don't consider embryos to have human rights, they would have no such concern.]

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    Sarah Pedersen said...

    Summer you're an idiot. I'm experiencing an ectopic pregnancy right now and doing research to find doctors who would be willing to help me save my baby. Its people like these other woman standing up for precious lives that make a great difference in this world. And it's people like you summer who need to keep your "wise words" to yourself. Props to the woman who haven't been through this but are taking a stand. And summer...shame on you and your ignorance.

    Sarah Pedersen said...

    Dr. C.J. Wallace shared Dr. Carson’s sentiment and focused his hope directly at the idea of re-implanting an ectopic pregnancy into the uterus,

    “In this day of advanced surgery, with the art of transplanting different parts, and, in fact organs of the body, I wonder at the escape of so important a procedure, entailing so little danger, as the transplanting of an ectopic pregnancy from the fallopian tube into the uterus, thus permitting the child to develop and be born as was its intention before its progress was obstructed…”

    “… I think we should make a supreme attempt to save the life of the growing child by opening the tube carefully and dissecting out the pregnancy intact and transplanting it into the uterus where nature intended it should go. It can be very quickly done. It does not endanger the life of the mother and may be her only chance to bear a child.”

    Dr. Wallace penned those words in Volume XXIV of the medical journal, “Surgery, Gynecology, and Obstetrics” found in the Harvard Medical Library. That “day of advanced surgery” was January 1917, almost 100 years ago! What could he possibly know right? He had no access to MRI or ultrasound, X-ray technology was rudimentary at best, and he couldn’t possibly know the true improbability of the surgery he proposes. So what gives Dr. Wallace credibility on this topic? The fact that in September of 1915 he successfully pulled it off.

    “I found an ectopic gestation in the left tube,” which was “enlarged to the size of a walnut… Knowing their anxiety for raising a child, I decided to try, at least, the only thing at hand – to transplant the ectopic pregnancy. … I carefully opened the tube and dissected the pregnancy out intact, being careful not to injure the sac in any way by keeping wide away and including part of the tub wall. It came out very easily and was in size about equal to a large olive. It was at once placed within the cavity of the open uterus… The tube was closed in like manner and left in place. The patient was watched carefully… for two weeks with no symptoms whatever. … The pregnancy went on normally to full term and resulted in the natural birth of a fine boy, fully developed and without a scar, May 2, 1916.”

    Sarah Pedersen said...

    Women need to demand a doctor try it. If it could be done in 1916 then it should be easily done now. The problem is that people don't consider an embryo to be life. If enough women came together and demanded it...it would get done. It's happened before almost 100 years ago. I'm going to find a doctor who will try.

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    As for Summer, speak for yourself and not for others! How inconsiderate of you to think your opinion is shared by others having ectopic pregnancies. Have a little faith in science (and God). We've come a long way in the past 100 years and there's no telling someone of the impossible anymore.

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