Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Planned Parenthood: Pre-Natal Care? Or Something Else?

Check out the Planned Parenthood page about prenatal care:

*What is prenatal care?
*What will happen during my first prenatal care visit?
*How often will I have prenatal care visits?
*What will happen during my follow-up prenatal care visits?
*What is prenatal testing?
*What is an untrasound?
*What is multiple marker screening?
*What is CVS (chorionic villus sampling)?
*What is amniocentesis?

*What changes can I expect during pregnancy?
*How will I know if something is wrong?

I bolded what caught my eye. Notice anything?

To make it more obvious, let's compare that with a web site not associated with an abortion provider:

*What is prenatal care?
*Why do I need prenatal care?
*I am thinking about getting pregnant. How can I take care of myself?
*I'm pregnant. What should I do -- or not do -- to take care of myself and my unborn baby?
*I don't want to get pregnant right now. But should I still take folic acid every day?
*How often should I see my doctor during pregnancy?
*What happens during prenatal visits?
*I am in my late 30s and I want to have a child now. Should I do anything special?
*Where can I go to get free or reduced-cost prenatal care?

On the neutral web site, none of the main points about prenatal care is aimed at finding anything wrong with the baby. On the Planned Parenthood site, five of 11 are geared toward finding something wrong with the baby. Creepy, huh?


clb03091 said...

what are you, some kind of conspiracy theorist?

Are you suggesting that good prenatal care shouldn't involve learning about the potential problems associated with pregnancy and giving birth? Because I know most doctors would disagree with you on that.

I want to learn everything I can about my baby. Even the bad stuff. Especially the bad stuff.

Also, I took a look at your neutral website and the answers to those questions they list. Their answer to the question "What should I do, or not do, to take care of myself and my unborn baby?" they talk about the doctor having to check every so often to make sure you and your baby are healthy. Do you know what kind of tests doctors do to check on the baby's health, especially in mother's over 35 years old? If you don't, and I suspect you don't after seeing this post, check on the PP list. Specifically, the parts that you highighted. Especially the "neonatal testing" part.

Your neutral website also has a section on prenatal care where they reference women to links that can help them. One of the references is the Nationa Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities. How dare they try to refer women to an organization which can help women obtain those tests you highlighted on the PP website! Jeez... why ever would women want to know if their child has a birth defect or is healthy and developing normally?

I suppose you think the only reason women would want to know these things is so they can abort? PP has no stake in women aborting more or less. They have a stake is providing quality, affordable care. And that's what they do. That includes the tests you highlighted. I don't know why you'd want to deny women those tests. Especially for someone who is so gung ho about carrying to term. Those tests help women carry to term, especially over a certain age.

Christina Dunigan said...

The point isn't that it's wrong to make prenatal testing available. The point is that it's very interesting to see how intensely focused Planned Parenthood is on finding something wrong. They -- to put it aptly -- beat the prenatal testing thing to death.