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Another Seedy NAF Member: Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge

Operation Rescue is covering the latest brouhaha over Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

CP For Life gives us a chronology of Delta's doings. I'll tweak it a bit below. Note everything that transpired before Delta appears as a member on the web site of the National Abortion Federation -- supposedly the providers of the highest-quality, safest abortions anywhere in the world.

Numerous lawsuits and injuries to women at the clinic including two deaths linked to abortions at the clinic.

A chronic asthma patient, 27-year-old Sheila Hebert, complained of chest pains and difficulty breathing. She lost consciousness, and staff injected her with adrenaline, but were unable to revive her. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she died..... The suit charged Glidden and Delta staff with failure to monitor the patient in recovery, failing to react properly when her condition was discovered, failing to call 911 promptly, and failing to have adequate emergency equipment available. (East Baton Rouge Parish District Court Case No. 289518)

Ingar Weber died January 26, 1990, in a Louisiana hospital. She had been treated for acute kidney failure after an abortion performed at Delta Women's Clinic in Baton Rouge on January 20, 1990.

Lawsuit by the federal government with Writ of Levy and Writ of Execution for dispensing narcotics illegally.

M.F. suffers incomplete abortion that resulted in hemorrhaging, infection, and a hysterectomy.

K.R. suffered hemorrhaging. It was found out that the remaining portions of the fetus were still inside her, which resulted in infection, surgery, and possible infertility.

Affidavits of Delta employees revealed unbelievable negligence and injury to women who had abortions at the Delta Clinic. Even more startling is the fact that Delta made up the number of abortions performed and never reported any of the injuries that occurred at the clinic. They even admitted that the forms to be submitted to the DHH (Report of Induced Termination of Pregnancy) were pre-printed, with pre-printed question responses checked off and completed prior to seeing any patients.

D.D. suffered perforated uterus, resulting in hemorrhaging, which sent her to the emergency room. She ultimately went into septic shock and an emergency hysterectomy was performed which resulted in her needing a colostomy and long term health care.

Allison Tunnard Witness Affidavit:

"During the term of my employment I was often ordered to help hold down 'second timer' patients in the surgery rooms. .... Recently, there was a rather disturbing event that took place with one of these patients.... I was in the room helping to hold her down when Dr. Whitmore said, `The big mama always does it.' He ... apparently punctured her uterus. .... Whitmore refused to let anyone call 911 because he was afraid the media might find out about it. It was not until four hours later that he allowed one of the workers to call Acadian Ambulance....

The `A B' forms that are required by the Department of Health and Hospitals are never correctly done. Filling them out was my job - and neither Dr. Whitmore or Dr. O'Neill ever fill them out themselves. In fact, the doctors just pre-signed a large stack of the forms at a time, and left them blank for me to fill out on my own time. I filled out each form exactly the same, and never reported complications or difficulties."

L.D. hemorrhaged profusely from a uterine perforation, by 5:45 pm her blood pressure dropped pressure dropped to dangerously low levels. She was noted under ultrasound to having a severe uterine perforation and was bleeding profusely, yet Dr. James Whitmore III did not want to call an ambulance.... A worker finally called the ambulance as her blood pressure was bottoming out. She was transported to the hospital and underwent a total abdominal hysterectomy with transfusion of eight units of packed red blood cells and two units of fresh frozen plasma.

L.P underwent emergency salpingectomy for removal of the left fallopian tube from a large ectopic pregnancy that was not diagnosed when she had a D&C at the Delta Women's Clinic.

L.M.: After repeated attempts and suffering excruciating pain she was sent home. She went to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital for pain medication. While at the hospital she passed a foot and a leg through her cervical canal. The ultrasound by the ER physician revealed a macerated fetus in her uterus. She had to undergo another D&C to remove the dismembered baby.

Delta first appears on the NAF web site as a member. This screen capture from the Internet Archive shows Delta's membership listed on October 23.

C.K. obtained an abortion at the Delta Clinic. Due to the improper administration of Phenergan, she was forced to undergo the complete amputation of the first two digits of her right hand.

DHH findings: Proceedings against Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, Inc., State ID: BO0004642; Complaint No. 9AB28180. 128-page report. (I'll briefly summarize the summary.)

Failure to report statutory rape. Failure to provide pre-abortion counseling. Failure to maintain confidentiality of patient records. Completion of patient care records prior to providing the actual care. Failure to properly sterilize and decontaminate equipment. Use of single-dose IVs on multiple patients. Failure to label, measure, and monitor narcotics. Failure to document administration of narcotics to patients.Failure to screen patients for risk factors. Falsification of legal documents.

Note that while all this was going on, Delta was still a member of the National Abortion Federation. This screen capture from the Internet Archive shows Delta listed on June 13:

NAF suspends Delta's membership and stops referring patients there.

One has to wonder why, considering all the disgusting stuff going on before Delta even joined.

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