Sunday, April 28, 2013

Was Gosnell that Cheap? Redux

This is a follow-up to Jivin' J's examination of the claim that women were "forced" to go to Gosnell's discount abortuary because his prices were so much cheaper.

Women from all up and down the East Coast reportedly went to Gosnell because he was so much more affordable. So let's look at Dr. Emily in New York:

Traditional Abortion / Aspiration ( All fees include anesthesia)
Less than 12 weeks$360
12 - 13 weeks$450
14 weeks$500
15 weeks$600
16 weeks$700
17 weeks$800
18 weeks$900
19 weeks$1000
20 weeks$1200
21 weeks$1300
22 weeks$1500
23-24 weeks$1700
Abortion Pill Service$450

Dr. Emily includes all fees, including an anesthetic that would also block any memory of the procedure.. Gosnell charged extra for the initial exam and for anesthesia. (You can see his price list here.)

Gosnell had 2-tier pricing: Insurance billing price and Discount Price (Medicaid & Cash).

Gosnell's chemical abortion price was the same as Dr. Emily's -- $450.

Surgical abortions:

Up to 12 weeks:
Gosnell: $330, plus between $50 and $150 for more anesthesia, for a price of up to $480.
Emily: $360 inclusive.

13-14 weeks:
Gosnell: $440 - $590 depending on anesthesia
Emily: $450 - $500 inclusive

15-16 weeks:
Gosnell: $540 - $700 depending on anesthesia
Emily: $600 - $700 inclusive

17-18 weeks:
Gosnell: $750-$900 depending on anesthesia
Emily: $800 - $900 inclusive

19-20 weeks:
Gosnell: $955 - $1005, depending on anesthesia
Emily: $1000- $1200 inclusive

21-22 weeks:
Gosnell: $1180 - $1525 depending on anesthesia and whether or not you'd had a baby before
Emily: $1300 - $1500 inclusive

23-24 weeks:
Gosnell: $1625 - $1775 depending on anesthesia
Emily: $1700 inclusive

Gosnell also charged a "merchandising fee" if you used a credit card rather than cash.

As you can see, Gosnell wasn't significantly cheaper, and in many circumstances was more expensive. Certainly he wasn't worth a trip from New York just for his cheap abortions.

Nova Women's Health Care, Fairfax, VA:  $345 - $495 depending on anesthesia. They didn't say how far into pregnancy they do these abortions; I've emailed them to find out.

Falls Church Health Care: $350 - $415 depending on anesthesia up to 13.6 weeks

Amethyst Health Center (Manassas, VA): $300 - $490 depending on anesthesia, first trimester

Prices are comparable for first trimester abortions at A Capital Women's Health.

And as for women traveling from all over the Eastern Seaboard because Gosnell was so much cheaper, Preterm in Ohio has prices comparable to Gosnell's and does abortions up to 22 weeks.

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