Sunday, October 19, 2014

Abortion deaths by "abortion provider" and naturopath

On October 19, 1910, 32-year-old Pelagia Usurowski died after an abortion performed in Chicago by Rosalie Tamajoski, whose profession is identified in the Homicide in Chicago Interactive Database as "abortion provider.

Let's move ahead to 1850. Sylvia Redman had a license to practice naturopathy in Texas; a naturopath is a physician. Redman signed a written confession on October 20 regarding the death of Betty Ledel the previous day. Redman had been using a syringe to force air into Betty's uterus every day since October 8 trying to dislodge the fetus. During the final attempt, Redman reported, Betty said "I feel choky," then passed out on the floor bleeding from the vagina. Redman's attempts to resuscitate her were in vain. Betty had died form an air embolism.

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