Saturday, July 16, 2016

Tweets to Hit Libertarians With

Somebody on FaceBook pointed out to me that Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson had said he'd continue Federal funding of Planned Parenthood. I want to start a Twitter campaign to educate him about exactly what he's wanting to support with our tax dollars. I don't want to be accused of spamming, so I'm gonna spread them out. Please help yourselves with these and let me know when you tweet so I can re-tweet them.

You can send the tweets to:
Libertarian Party national: 
Gary Johnson: @GovGaryJohnson

Suggested tags included. Feel free to re-word!

Lies about prenatal development:

Watch video for lie. Uwant2 FUND this? #GaryJohnson #Election2016 #ProChoice

Patient deaths:

These R "Quack," not just "Oops." No tax $ 4 Planned Parenthood. #GaryJohnson #Election2016

Edrica Goode's death:

PP blows off protocols, patient dies. No tax for quacks. Defund! #Abortion #GaryJohnson

Diana Lopez's death:

Even CDC sez no excuse for letting abort pt bleed 2 death. #GaryJohnson #Abortion #Prochoice

Holly Patterson/Vivian Tran:

Protocols are there for a reason. Ask Holly & Vivian.#GaryJohnson #AbortionAccess #ProChoice

Tonya Reaves' death:

CDC sez no reason 4 abort pt 2bleed2death. What's Planned Parenthood's excuse?

Elise Kalat's death:

They should at least know CPR! #GaryJohnson #Election2016 #AbortionAccess #ProChoice

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