Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Safe and Legal in the 1970s

New York's Legal Abortion Free-For-All, 1971

"Vicki" was 23 years old when she underwent an abortion in New York state, taking advantage of the liberalized abortion law. She was 20 weeks pregnant. The doctor decided to use the saline abortion method, which involved injecting a strong salt solution into the amniotic fluid. The fetus would swallow and inhale the fluid, which caused massive internal bleeding. The fetus would die, triggering labor. Saline was injected into Vicki's uterus to begin the abortion. The next day, she began to show signs of infection. She expelled her dead fetus but her condition did not improve. On August 17, 1971, she died of sepsis.

Some of the other women who died because of New York abortionists' careless enthusiasm for abortions during the pre-Roe period include:

  • Pearl Schwier, July 12, 1970, cardiac arrest during abortion
  • Carmen Rodriguez, July 19, 1970, salt solution intended to kill the fetus accidentally injected into her bloodstream
  • Barbara Riley, July 20, 1970, sickle-cell crisis triggered by abortion recommended by doctor due to her sickle cell disease
  • "Amanda" Roe, September 22, 1970, sent back to her home in Indiana with an untreated hole poked in her uterus
  • Maria Ortega, October 10, 1970, fetus shoved through her uterus into her pelvic cavity then left there
  • "Kimberly" Roe, December 23, 1970, cardiac arrest during abortion
  • "Amy" Roe, January 2, 1971, massive pulmonary embolism
  • "Andrea" Roe, January 20, 1971, overwhelming infection
  • "Sandra" Roe, April 18, 1971, committed suicide due to post-abortion remorse
  • "Anita" Roe, May 11, 1971, bled to death in her home during process of outpatient saline abortion
  • Margaret Smith, June 16 1971, hemorrhage from multiple lacerations during outpatient hysterotomy abortion
  • "Annie" Roe, June 24, 1971, cardiac arrest during anesthesia
  • "Audrey" Roe, July 1, 1971, cardiac arrest during abortion
  • "April" Roe, August 22, 1971, injected with saline for outpatient abortion, went into shock and died
  • "Barbara" Roe, September 23, 1971, cardiac arrest after saline injection for abortion
  • "Tammy" Roe, October 13, 1971, massive post-abortion infection
  • Carole Schaner, October 20, 1971, hemorrhage from multiple lacerations during outpatient hysterotomy abortion
  • "Beth" Roe, December 29, 1971, saline injection meant to kill fetus accidentally injected into her bloodstream
  • "Roseann" Roe, February 27, 1971, vomiting with seizures causing pneumonia after saline abortion
  • "Connie" Roe, March 8, 1972, cardiac arrest during abortion
  • "Julie" Roe, April 16, 1972, holes torn in her uterus and bowel
  • "Robin" Roe, May 4, 1972, lingering abortion complications
  • "Roxanne" Roe, May 13, 1972, given overdose of abortion sedatives
  • "Danielle" Roe, May 17, 1972, air in her bloodstream

Clinic Run by Erstwhile "Back Alley Butcher" in Florida, 1978

Marina Deschapell, age 34, went to the Miami abortion facility at 620 SW 1st Street for a safe and legal six to eight week abortion on August 17, 1978. Eduardo F. Elias administered Valium and Xylocaine for the abortion. Immediately after the procedure, Elias noticed that Marina was not breathing. He initiated CPR and an emergency team was summoned. The ambulance crew found Marina with no signs of life. Although the medical examiner did not attribute Marina's death directly to the abortion, police noted that the clinic, owned by former criminal abortionist Dr. Luis Barquet, was not equipped with any emergency equipment other than an air bag.

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