Sunday, September 03, 2017

Put it in a gift bag

This undercover video of an abortion clinic owner lamenting the problem of disposing of all those dead fetuses is very educational.

For all the callousness of her "put it in a gift bag" comment, I would be totally behind making disposition of fetal remains the mother's problem. If she takes abortion drugs and expels the fetus at home, it's her problem. What do they do with the remains? Flush them? Bury them in the back yard? Bring them back to the clinic? Is there a disposal fee if they bring the fetus back to the clinic for disposal?

Here's an article regarding a study done in the UK regarding women's thoughts and experiences relating to what happens to the aborted baby's body: Q&A: Disposal of fetal tissue after abortion.


L. said...

I'm glad you're back! I though you would be one of those bloggers who disappeared forever.

(And as you know, I flushed my long-ago miscarried baby down the toilet.)

Christina Dunigan said...

Howdy, L! Long time, no see!

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