Saturday, January 28, 2006

Zombie's excellent West Coast March for Life photos

HT: After Abortion

Zombie has some spectacular photos of the West Coast Walk for Life and counter-demonstration. I've tried to find an email to ask permission to post, but had no luck, so I'll give full credit and post a few of my favorites, linking each back to Zombie's page. Zombie, if you object, please let me know!

This chick seems happy with her coathanger hairdo, as if she'd gladly wield them on anybody. Remember: Every woman who ever died from an abortion died at the hands of a prochoicer. It's the prochoice who wielded the coathangers, and who wield the canulas, that do the damage.

Either there are some serious loonies on the Right as well, or the Lefties have perfected the art of pushing satire to the point where you can't tell if it's for real or not.

Again, the coathanger theme. Anybody who reams herself out with a coathanger has obvious mental health issues that legal abortion won't cure. But they're not too willing to let go of the myth. What I want to know is this: Why are the illegal deaths the only tragic ones? Why the indifference to the women who continue to die?

The freaks were out in large numbers.

And then there was this mysterious giant puppet. Bride of Godzilla?

I agree with this woman as far as the coathanger goes. What I'm not clear on is why it's okay with her to give a woman a bloody curette instead. Why is one bloody, deadly piece of metal so much preferable to another? The baby's just as dead either way, and the woman is still being given a pathetic excuse for real help.

Another unexplained mystery: Why they use "reproductive" in euphemisms about abortion. I mean, isn't it all about avoiding reproduction? George Orwell is vindicated.

Zombie then posed the question, Which side has the best-looking women? More on that in another post, since this one is already pretty graphic-heavy.


Unknown said...

You make me sick.

Your blog is full of propaganda. Feel free to attack me as much as you want, but Jesus doesn't need us to lie for him. He will expose the bullshit in His own ways.

You make Christians look bad.

P.S. I won't be reading your replies.

Christina Dunigan said...

Though Lorien has announced her closed mind and unwillingness to engage, I will respond for the benefit of the lurkers.

You make me sick.


Your blog is full of propaganda.

Can you point to some specific examples?

Feel free to attack me as much as you want, but Jesus doesn't need us to lie for him. He will expose the bullshit in His own ways.

Can you point out a single attack against you?

Can you point out just one specific thing you think is a lie?

Why do you think that it's a lie for Jesus?

What do you specifically think is bullshit?

You make Christians look bad.

In what way? Am I supposed to join the abortion advocacy movement in treating women as if they're nothing more than cannon fodder in the war on fetuses?

P.S. I won't be reading your replies.

No surprise there.

Anonymous said...

u think shes closed minded but ur the 1 who is calling the ppl in those picturs freaks. ur just as closed minded as she is. maybe more. she didn't even state an opinion on abortion, she just said u make her sick. r u not considering that if 1 life is taken, both lives could be taken? the coat hanger kills ppl. id nvr get an abortion but i def. dont want a coat hanger shoved up my vajayjay if i cant afford to have a baby. i mean, what if i really wanted to wait later in life so that i could make the baby's life worth while? yeah, adoption is always there, but every adopted kid i no is suicidal. maybe i just have bad friends.

ur so quick to judge. and btw, (just cuz iv seen that arguement b4,) she said the jesus thing about everything, not an attack on her. thats just silly. like, the far right lies all the time and uses gods name in vain - like the iraq war (which doesn't make even more sense to me, because how can the right be pro life, but be pro war and pro death penalty? that doesnt make sense at all.) and jesus wouldnt want us in iraq, dont u think? i mean, spread gods love and all that jazz but dont go killin ppl in gods name. thats like the crusades all over again.

if u wanna talk more my aim/ichat is faiienstrawberry and my email is im interested in conversations about it as long as there civil. i hate argum,ents where its all "omg ur stupid" cuz we can all be respectful of each other and our viewpoints even if we dissagree. u no?

Christina Dunigan said...

fs, could you kindly use English and not Textlish? If you really want to communicate, take the time to actually type the words.

Anonymous said...

hmm, I see no propaganda only real pictures of real people doing freakishly odd things. I attended the first ever march for life in San Fran and they seemed to abound with this "propaganda" everywhere. However if I remember it was the pro-choicers who were spitting, cussing, mauling, and attacking the pro-lifers. I found it all too amusing that they say they are peaceful. Yeah right. Tell that to the pro-lifer with the black eye. Pro-Choice= Hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Pro life also = hypocrite. Everyone is prolife, but people who are antiabortion aren't prolife, they're anti-choice. How many prolifers do you know that are also pro-death penatly, but against euthanasia? It's ridiculous.
And what about the prolifers that kill doctors? And attack people who are going to clinics?

Christina Dunigan said...

Let's take a vote, lurkers: Do you think there's even a point in responding to anon? Or is he/she just venting some spleen and not even going to read any response anyway?

Kathy said...

Probably not going to read/respond, but just in case, I'll answer the comment anyway.

Not everyone is pro-life. There are people who commit suicide, who are against their own life; everybody else is pretty much pro-their-own-life, while many others don't give a rip about anybody else's life. Suicide bombers are anti- their own lives and anti- other people's lives too. Terrorists who don't kill themselves but kill other people are not pro-life.

This is not to say that there are not some fringe people and kooks who call themselves "pro-life" who will kill doctors or attack people going to clinics. But they are few and very far between among people who stand against the "choice" to take away the life of an innocent baby.

I'm pro-death penalty because people who take the life of another person are guilty of a crime worthy of death. And these murderers are not pro-life, btw, either. A fetus is not guilty of such a crime. He or she exists as the outcome of someone else's actions and has committed no crime himself.

And just because it never makes the mainstream media, doesn't mean that pro-lifers aren't attacked by so-called "pro-choice" people. Just recently there was a possible chemical attack in Kansas City that sickened people who came to pray near an abortion mill. Do you support those people's choice to pray in a Constitutionally protected manner, or are you really anti-choice?

Roo said...
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Roo said...

I am prochoice. But that doesn't mean I'd attack anyone. I would engage in a conversation, but I would never use physical force.
I believe that every woman has the choice to have the child or not. But then again, if you're doing every person on the block, then you deserve to have that child'; BUT, no child should be born as a punishment. A woman needs to be physically, mentally, and financilly (sp?) ready to have a child.
Children who are put into the adoption system may never meet their parents, which lead to unknown medical history, despression, loneliness, and suicide, and possibly more. My mother was adopted, and she wishes that she knew her mother. She found her mother, but when she did, her mom said "I want nothing to do with you. Do not try to contact me." So now I have family that I will never know. And who knows: I might meet an uncle or a cousin that I didn't know I had, and I'd never know. I might fall in love with them, have kids, but that would be incest. I'm just rambling on, I know this, but I think I have a point.
Another point is; Why outlaw it just because YOU think it's wrong? Why make a choice that will affect some stranger's life, when it may never affect you? "Keep your business to yourself." And just because you think it's a sin, doesn't mean everyone else does. Not everyone shares your religion. I for one, am agnostic, but I'm leaning towards Humanist.

Christina Dunigan said...

Roo, I can't get how people can express support for abortion on the grounds that people don't have a right to impose their beliefs on others -- when abortion is the ultimate imposing of your beliefs on another. The woman's beliefs about her unborn child's value, or potential, etc., is imposed to the point of death. How much more of an example of imposing one's beliefs on others can there possibly be, than killing that other, based on your beliefs?