Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Folk Song Army

The more things Change, the more they stay the same:

"And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day,I said fifty people a day walking in singin a bar of Alice's Restaurant and walking out. And friends they may thinks it's a movement. And that's what it is , the Alice's Restaurant Anti-Massacre Movement, and
all you got to do to join is sing it the next time it come's around on the guitar. .... If you want to end war and stuff you got to sing loud."

Sing for Obama!

It'll be just like in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"! The planets will align, there will be cosmic harmony, communication between all species from the most intelligent extraterrestrials to common house pets, and excellent water slides.

If we just sing for Obama!

Reminds me of this in the simplicity of the people involved:

And the intent of the people behind it?

More like this:

“Look, if fascism ever comes to America, it`s not going to be in jackboots and uniforms. It`s going to be happy fascism, smiley fascism.”
— George Carlin

Another reason to love Eduardo

As if Bella and his empassioned plea to Hispanic voters weren't reasons enough to love Eduardo Verastegui, here's more:

He showed up at a "40 Days for Life" vigil in Los Angeles to pray and speak to the women. The result? Five saved babies and eight nurses who came out to talk to him and walked away with copies of his video.

Separating the chaff from the grain


Some people get it, others don't as evidenced by this collection of commentaries in the Washington Post

  • Randall Balmer, an Episcopal priest (which gives me no high hopes for what he has to say), entitles his piece, "Time to Untangle Moral from Legal" (which again gives me no high hopes for what he has to say). Fairly early on he says, "I have no interest in making abortion illegal; I would like to make it unthinkable." But he totally ignores the fact that giving it legal sanction and protection doesn't do much to discourage the practice. He then goes into what they much teach in Sunday School at Episcopalian churches, because it seems if you stick a nickle in an Episcopalian, he'll say it: "I am decidedly pro-choice. I believe that the government should have no jurisdiction whatsoever over gestation."

    Well, no. Gestation is a biological process, like puberty or old age. The government can't have jurisdiction over it. What it can have jurisdiction over is whether or not going through a particular biological process means that suddenly it's okay for you to kill people.

    I won't even dignify the rest of what he says by responding to it. It's just Planned Parenthood talking points.

  • Susan K. Smith (How fitting that somebody defending abortion has the same name, Susan Smith, as a woman whose claim to fame is killing her own children!) entitles her piece, "The Government Should Leave Women Alone." The title itself sets my teeth on edge. Translation: "We should abandon women to the crushing despair that puts them on the abortion table." Nothing new here.

  • Chuck Colson, not surprisingly, responds succinctly with "A Clear Moral Choice."

  • William Tully chimes in with "Nuanced and Morally Serious", which is Leftspeak for "Throw Out A Bunch Of Vague Foggy Philosophical-Sounding Stuff To Obfuscate the Inherent Evil of the Topic in Question." He starts out by citing the falling abortion rate, then follows up his data with the almost laughable absurd statement, "Most of my co-religionists see the freedom both to choose and to discuss the stark realities of abortion as a real contribution to this decline." Well, Mr. Tully, if by "my co-religionists" you mean "people who worship abortion" them maybe you have a point. And he follows with, "Most thoughtful people would not want a society where the civil right of women to choose--which my own church holds sacred--builds a society with wanton disregard for the value of human life." Thus he's admitting that yes, by "my co-religionists" he does mean people who hold abortion sacred. But if you mean "people who adhere to a faith in a God", then it's absurd to claim that we agree with you that the license to kill somehow reduced the incidence of killing.

    This paragraph boggles the mind: "The Episcopal Church, within whose traditions I minister, has a nuanced position that I gratefully see as morally serious. We believe in a woman's--and a couple's--right to choose. We also believe that when abortion is chosen, it should come only after thought, prayer and specific counseling. And, in a first where Episcopalian sacramental practice is customarily diverse and individual, confession and absolution, with appropriate penance, is counseled after an abortion. Over the years, that recommendation has had powerful and redeeming effect. I count my own involvement in such a process to be among the most powerful of my ministry."

    First of all, anybody who starts to speak of "a nuanced position" on abortion means "We're in favor of it but only after we dress it up in a lot of highfalutin words." And what kind of morally and theologically screwball ideology does it take to endorse something that people are going to have to do penance afterward? It's this sort of bad theology that had Luther nailing things to the door.

  • Matt Maher starts with a title that could swing either way: "Basic Human Rights Not A Political Issue". You have to read it to find out if the right to have a life or the right to destroy a life is the "basic human right". He's speaking for the former, but adds nothing really clear on the matter.

  • R. Albert Mohler, Jr., posts "The Horrible Legacy of 'Roe v. Wade'". He cuts to the chase and doesn't bring in any tangential issues.

  • Susan Brooks Thistelwaite uses an abortion-lobby slogan for her title, "A Woman's Life is Human Life". I just want to bitch-slap every abortion fanatic who spouts that one. Why aren't these women's lives human lives? Come back when you learn to give a shit about real women suffering and dying right now, Ms. Thistelwait, and we'll talk.

  • Willis E. Elliott says, "Abortion: Single-Issue Voting is Immoral". To which I'd say, "Okay, so Hitler wants to kill the disabled, the Jews, and the Gypsies. He has a great plan for a transportation infrastructure!" This guy ads nothing new, but spouts some hoary old NARAL talking points.

  • John Shelby Spong calls his piece, "Religious Ideology or Rule of Law?" You know where he's going with this. He paints abortion as a beloved right that women are loath to part with. Evidently he's never met any of the women at Silent No More, Feminists for Life, Operation Outcry, or Concerned Women for America. There are plenty of women who see abortion as a "Sophie's Choice" scenario in which we're treated like second-class citizens and told that if we want to fully participate, we have to sacrifice our children. Women who love their babies don't embrace killing them as a right. Mr. Spong might do well to remember that before he slanders us.

  • Gardner Calvin Taylor goes right where you'd expect him to go with "Guarantee Fetus Right to a Good Life" -- He pretty much asserts that until we make life perfect we should just abort everybody. Except, perhaps, the children of the Beautiful People. Considering that he's a pastor of a church in Brooklyn, doesn't see to think his own parishioners' lives are worth living, since they're not basking in all the things that we should have totally guaranteed for us before we're allowed to draw breath. Be consistent, Rev. Taylor. Go preach in The Hamptons.

  • Susan Jacoby likewise goes into predictable rhetoric with "The Republicans And The Christian Right: They Want To Decide For Us All". It's NARAL talking points. Don't bother reading it unless you're on a debate team and you want to know what the person arguing in favor of abortion is going to say so you can rebut it. She pretty much hits 'em all.

  • John Mark Reynolds brings fresh life to old ideas in "Advance Liberty, Overturn Roe". He starts, "Every aborted baby looks alike, but every child allowed to live becomes absolutely unique. Abortion crushes liberty for the sake of a single choice--it ends possibility with the cruel actuality of murder." Reynolds takes the basic moral truths we all know and says them in a new way.

    Overall the essay isn't as tight as I'd like it to be, but it's still full of good stuff. I'll give you just a few snippets:

    "In a just society there can be no right to do evil. Not every evil should be illegal, but no evil action should be hallowed as a constitutional right."

    "Liberty always loses when the weak lose rights for the benefit of the stronger."

    "Some assert that killing a baby is no worse than refusing to give a family a government welfare check. Being born into poverty is not good because it limits possibilities, but being killed is a good deal more limiting."

  • Pamela K. Taylor weighs in with "Abortion Rights Pose a Multitude of Moral Dilemmas". Which I guess before I read it means, "If we talk sad about abortion, then we can sanction it and not feel so guilty." (You'll notice that anybody who starts to talk about abortion being "complex" or "nuanced" or "a moral dilemma" will come out in favor of cart-blanc government sanction.)

    On the one hand, Ms. Taylor doesn't disappoint: She does come down in favor of a total green light on abortion from a legal standpoint. I saw that coming. But she does surprise me in that she has done her homework. She does recognize the ramifications and costs to women and families -- and the unborn. In the end, she's a queasy prochoicer who wants to push for "prevention". She'd probably do a world of good if she stopped taking abortion-advocacy organization's word for what actually works when you're trying to prevent abortion. And she's bright enough, and enough of an independent thinker, that I have high hopes that she and others like her might form the hub of a third arm of the abortion struggle.

    It's a good read. All Ms. Taylor and others like her need is a strategy that isn't handed down from the abortion lobby, which has no more of an interest in reducing abortion than a tobacco company has in getting people to stop smoking.

  • Starhawk, with "Abortion and the Goddess", is a must-read, because if I told you what she had to say you'd never believe me. In a nutshell -- she worships abortion. Literally. "We honor the act of choosing as a sacred and moral act." Everything she says just validates the accuracy of the Scriptures:

    2 Timothy 3For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

    Even if you're not a Christian, odds are you'll be able to see the fundamental creepiness of embracing abortion as sacred.

  • Thomas J. Reese posts "Abortion: Rhetoric or Results". He's a Jesuit, which doesn't give me high hopes, especially not with a title that promises to snark about prolifers not embracing contraception -- as if the way to reduce unintended pregnancy is to increase the frequency with which people engage in sex in untenable situations. And he doesn't disappoint. He ignores data and instead cites false, debunked statistics. Don't even bother.

  • Brad Hirschfiled starts with a startling title -- "It's My Body And I'll Cut If I Want To" -- which brings to mind the pieces I've written on abortion and self-harm, and abortion and elective amputations. But that's not where he goes with it. He favors abortion, but says "Roe may have gotten us to a better place in many ways, but it enshrined a notion of privacy that is as morally empty as the alternative is coercive. By focusing on the notion that "it's my body and I'll cut if I want to", Roe turned this complex issue into a battleground about personal autonomy, and complex psychological issues that would be summarized by my kids as 'you're not the boss of me'."

    He goes on to amaze me by raising this pithy point:

    "Years ago I participated in a public forum on this issue, which included a national leader from Planned Parenthood. She gave a powerful presentation about the right to choose. The problem for me was that I when I asked her if she had ever counseled a young women to keep the pregnancy/baby, she could not recall having ever given that advice! It wasn't about choice for her at all. It was about power - the need to demonstrate that each of us can do whatever we want. And that understanding of choice is as dangerous as the choicelessness which the pro-life community celebrates."

    But he ends with NARAL talking points, which is a shame. He really could have taken this somewhere. It'd be nice to see him getting together with Ms. Taylor and doing something constructive instead of just writing some insightful things then trusting the abortion lobby to do the right thing because they say they're for "choice".

  • Deepak Chopra shows promise with is title: "When Gray Is the Only Color". How often is unfettered abortion promoted as a recognition that after all, life isn't black-and-white? Maybe he's going to critique this.

    Nope. He's not going to critique it. It's his argument. For every argument against abortion, he says, there's just as good a one in favor. For every argument for abortion, there's just as good a one against it. So, just to be safe, let's just ignore the arguments against it, keep doing it, but admit that the people saying we ought not to do it have a point.

    Which is as morally lame as it gets.

  • Arun Gandhi writes "The Morality of Abortion" - Predictable but short.
  • Next stop: Selling flowers in airports

    HT: Gazizza -- Children taught to sing hymns of praise to Barack Obama:

    Rev. Moon, move over! Chairman Mao, you've met your match!

    UPDATE: Confederate Yankee has a partial list of people who put together this little neighborhood sing-along:

  • Jeff Zucker — American television executive, and President & CEO of NBC Universal.
  • Post-producer (former choreographer?) Holly Shiffer.
  • Motion picture camera operator/steadicam specialist Peter Rosenfeld (appropriately enough, worked in "Yes Man," a movie about " a guy challenges himself to say 'yes' to everything for an entire year."
  • Darin Moran, another motion picture industry professional, who just finished filming — how appropriate — Land of the Lost.
  • Andy Blumenthal, Hollywood film editor.

    Can you say "astroturfing"? I knew that you could!

  • 1985: Abortion embolism leaves mom dead

    Dr. Joe Bills Reynolds was a jack of all trades, doing a variety of elective surgeries, including safe and legal abortions, in his filthy Oklahoma clinic. Reynolds' anesthetist, age 60, had originally been hired as a janitor, and an untrained orderly was acting as his nurse. The operating room was littered with dirty cups and papers.

    It was into this operating room that 21-year-old Gaylene Golden stepped on September 30, 1985. During the abortion, Reynolds lacerated Gaylene's cervix. This allowed both air and amniotic fluid to get into her bloodstream, causing a fatal embolism. Gaylene left a little boy without a mother.

    Gaylene's tragic death is usually overlooked, however, when people remember Dr. Reynolds. For what is Joe Bills Reynolds most known?
    A baby was born with her right arm missing after Reynolds had tried to abort her at 32 weeks.
    He beat his wife to death on Valentine's Day.
    He let his wife bleed to death during a liposuction he was performing on her.
    The Humane Society had to confiscate 4 of his 11 horses because they were half-starved and living in filth.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    Monday, September 29, 2008

    Paging Captain Obvious

    Pro-Abortion Forces Air TV Ad That is Deliberately Misleading

    I've yet to see them put out an ad -- or even a simple statement or press release or bumper sticker or t-shirt -- that wasn't deliberately misleading. Bringing out women or families whose situations wouldn't be impacted by a law is old hat. When the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act was being debated, abortion advocates went so far as to have a woman speak to the legislature about her personal tragedy, when her baby died in-utero during the third trimester. They had her claiming that the law would have prohibited her doctor from inducing labor to deliver the already-dead fetus. Since laws against abortion only ban the deliberate killing of live babies in the womb, the Act was no more relevant to that woman's situation than a homicide law is to the selection of funeral caskets.

    Go read the article, since it's clear and straightforward and serves as yet another example of the old adage, "How do you know an abortion advocate is lying? His lips are moving."

    For more on why the ad is deliberately misleading, see this.

    For more about abortion-advocacy dishonesty, see Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

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    Not sure what they're getting at...

    I'm not sure what they're getting at, but it's still funny:

    Obama Runs Constructive Criticism Ad Against McCain

    Then I couldn't resist looking at more:

    Disney Lab Unveils Its Latest Line Of Genetically Engineered Child Stars

    Searches: Self-induced, deaths, Delhi Thweatt, and videos

    Self-induced abortions remain a popular search. Here are summaries of some interesting sites about self-induced abortions. Here is my page of self-induced abortion deaths. You can also look at 19th Century Abortion Cases and Other Self-Injury, Self-induced abortions: 'Self-help' vs. self-harm, Coathanger abortions. They did happen. And they still happen, and Coathanger Abortion: Powerful image, but how true to life?

    Here's eveything you need to know about 13-week fetuses and how they're aborted. And here are 18-week fetuses and 20-week fetuses.

    If you want to know about death by abortion, I specialize in cataloging the maternal deaths. You can visit the Cemetery of Choice to see all of the deaths I've learned about. I have broken them down into women who died from infection, from mishaps with abortion anesthesia, from embolisms, and hemorrhage. There's also a search box at the top of the Cemetery of Choice if you're interested in something more specific.

    Delhi Thweatt is the abortionist who performed the fatal abortion on Kelly Morse.

    A great collection of abortion videos is here.

    1923: Mysterious Chicago abortion death

    On September 29, 1923, 18-year-old Mollie Monilson of Chicago died from complications of a criminal abortion. The person or persons responsible for her death were never identified or brought to justice.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    1923: Was Annie Allison the only victim of "Dr. Green"?

    On September 29, 1923, 44-year-old Annie Allison of Brooklyn died at the office of chiropractor Henry Lee Mottard, who practiced under the name of Dr. Henry L. Green.

    Mottard alleged that Annie had died after an accidental fall down an elevator shaft at the premises. However, Annie's death certificate, signed by another physician, attributed her death to chronic cardiac nephritis. In the wake of the autopsy's preliminary findings, Mottard was arrested on suspicion of homicide. The autopsy had shown no broken bones or other injuries consistent with a fatal fall, and therefore showed that Mottard had lied about the circumstances of Annie's death.

    Police, who were investigating Mottard for his suspected involvement in a kidnap/adoption scheme, were suspicious and had Annie exhumed. It was revealed that she had died from an abortion. A Grand Jury questioned Dr. Norris, who had performed the autopsy; one of Annie's friends; the undertaker who buried Annie; Annie's brother; and the owner of the building where Annie had supposedly fallen to her death.

    During the investigation, police searched Mottard's ten-acre farm outside the city for evidence of more bodies after allegations arose that Mottard had also performed an abortion there on a young woman the previous January. Mottard admitted to having performed three abortions in the farmhouse, which was outside Long Island, but denied having performed the fatal one on Annie. The police were also searching for the remains of the sick baby the nurse had returned to Mottard's care. When questioned about the infant, Mottard was unable to give the police a satisfactory answer.

    An operating room and a machine gun were found in the 14-room farmhouse. A second homicide case was filed against Mottard by officials of Suffolk County, where the farm was located. They had evidence that one of Mottard's rural abortion patients had suffered the same fate as Annie Allison.

    For more on pre-Roe abortion, see The Bad Old Days of Abortion

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    Sunday, September 28, 2008

    Searches: Teens, Chicago, and more

    Somebody was looking for teenage abortion death stories. Here are the ones I have. For some non-fatal stories about teens and abortion, see Parental Involvement Won't Fix This, Cutting to the Chase: Underage Pregnancy, Finally Taking It Seriously, Parents: Choose Your Risk, Audio of woman's testimony about coerced illegal abortion, Abortion Survivor Lauren Pulliam (pictured, born of a teen mother), No Hope for Raped Teen at Hope Clinic, and Not Surprising.

    Somebody wanted "abortions in Chicago". I'll give you the first ten stories that come up in my internal search engine at RealChoice: Chicago, 1928: Abortionist Sentenced to Die, Abortionist Arnold Bickham, Diane Smith, Sharon Floyd, Kate Radochouski, Lauretta Schranz, Bridget Masterson, Lottie Lowy, Mary Morehead, and Elizabeth Welter. If you want more, hop over and do a search. There are a lot more.

    Somebody searched for "nurse Chicago baby born alive". They're probably looking for Jill Stanek.

    I have a top-notch collection of abortion videos here.

    I don't know why somebody wanted to find "August 20, 1880". What I have on that date is the death of M. Faulkner from a Chicago abortion.

    For more about 13-week fetuses, see here.

    About "third trimester abortions" -- I found, to my surprise, this mysterious snippet that says, "Reporting Errors Inflate Third-Trimester Abortion Rate in Georgia; True Rate is Four per 100,000". Not all third-trimester abortions are intentional. On the other hand, William Waddill (pictured) knew Mary W. was at least 28 weeks pregnant when he started the abortion that led to the birth (and subsequent strangling) of Baby W. Ana Rosa Rodriguez was well into the third-trimester when Abu Hayat ripped her arm off in an abortion attempt. Abortionist Douglas Karpan initiated a third-trimester abortion on a teen who changed her mind. Teen Denise Montoya died from complications of a third-trimester abortion. Other mothers who died from botched third-trimester abortions include Lou Anne Herron, and Magdalena Rodriguez. Second and third trimester abortion images are available here. A chiropractor in Florida got caught doing a third-trimester abortion on a teenager. Seedy abortionist Steve Brigham did at least one third-trimester abortion in his New York office. Here are my reflections on how Tiller's staff determine if a third-trimester fetus is viable or not. You can read about Midtown Hospital's third-trimester abortion scandal. And you can look here at claims that such abortions are only done for health reasons. This is not a comprehensive set of information, just a sampling. If you want more, let me know.

    Search: Miami abortion clinics

    Well, there was Nabil Ghali's clinic, Blue Coral Medical Center, which was shut down under an emergency order describing "deplorable conditions," including a suction device with green mold growing in it, improperly discarded bloodstained sponges, generally poor infection control, about 70 different kinds of medication with expired dates, unsafely administered general anesthesia, stirrups covered with blood, and untrained workers monitoring women in recovery. One of the inspectors told the Miami Herald, "When we got there, there wasn't any soap in the place, so our inspectors had to go next door to wash their hands." But despite the conditions at Blue Coral, it was re-opened under stipulations.

    Women's Care Center is where Ruth Montero, Myrta Baptiste, Maura Morales, and Shirley Payne died. It was owned by Hipolito Barreiro, trained in Argentina and West Africa, but not licensed in U.S. Barreiro was accused of practicing without a license and tampering with witness.

    Former criminal abortionist Luis Barquet opened a Miami abortion clinic, where Marina DeChapell met her death.

    Carolina Gutierrez (pictured) suffered sepsis, gangrene, and multiple amputations before finally dying of complications of an abortion performed at a Miami clinic.

    Dadeland was perhaps the most infamous of the Miami abortion mills, run by Betty Eason and her felonious children. It's the deplorable, seedy place where Ellen Williams was treated with tea, sympathy, and a bottle of oral antibiotics to treat the raging peritonitis that took her life.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    Eduardo Verastegui's video, with subtitles

    According to Breitbart TV, YouTube yanked the original video in which Bella star Eduardo Verastegui pleaded with American Hispanics to stand up against abortion. This version, with the graphic images edited out and English subtitles added, is still up as of this posting:

    Let me address the content, lest the Obama Truth Squad seek to arrest every Missouri resident who dares to view this video. I'm going to add comments as I pull links together, so I welcome any substantiating links you might have found.

    "Did you know that minority children are being aborted at more than double the rate of white children?"

    Way more than double. According to the latest Alan Guttmacher Institute study, reported in the Washington Post, the abortion rate for Hispanic women is triple that of white women.

    "We Hispanics are the ones most affected by the abortion industry and I want to know why."

    Actually, according to the latest data, it's the Black women who are most affected. Their abortion rate is five times that of white women. But Hispanic women are still suffering disproportionately.

    "Most abortion centers are found in Hispanic neighborhoods. Why is that?"

    Does anybody know of any studies? I know anecdotal evidence places a lot of abortion facilities, particularly the seedy and dangerous abortion mills, in Hispanic neighborhoods.

    "Spanish newspapers, magazines, radio and television are saturated with ads and commercials promoting abortion. How come?"

    Rosa Rodriguez was lured into Abu Hayat's seedy abortion facility by an ad in a Spanish-language newspaper. Hayat ripped the arm off Rosa's baby then sent her home; Rosa gave birth to a maimed child (pictured) early the next morning.

    Operation Rescue pointed out that Laurence Reich's chain of seedy abortion mills targeted Hispanic women, many of whom were in the country illegally and thus not likely to step forward to report malpractice or abuse for fear of deportation. Operation Rescue reports that "Reich only spent one day in jail for sexually assaulting two women at the Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy abortion mill in Panorama City.

    Though Suresh Gandotra spoke no Spanish, he preyed predominately on Hispanic women. He performed a fatal, illegal third-trimester abortion on Magdalena Rodriguez.

    Other abortionists who typically targeted Hispanic women have included Nicholas Braemer, Alicia Hannah (Who was targeting her own people.), La Clinica Femenina, and Clinica Eva.

    Hispanics for Life has more about this.

    "Abortion is not only a lucrative industry; it is also used by people who are racists as a means to eliminate our people, since they consider us to be a threat to democracy in this country."

    Abortionist Edward "Fast Eddie" Allred, who owns the largest for-profit chain of abortion mills in the world, told the San Diego Union, "Population control is too important to be stopped by some right-wing, pro-life types. Take the new influx of Hispanic immigrants. Their lack of respect for democracy and social order is frightening. I hope I can do something to stem that tide. I'd set up a clinic in Mexico for free if I could. Maybe one in Calexico would help. The survival of our society could be at stake."

    "Unfortunately, most people do not know the truth about abortion and its terrible consequences."

    "We all instinctively know that abortion is something evil, and if it is something so terrible that we can't even see it, shouldn't we perhaps not tolerate it either?"

    (Images edited out of video. Most of them are the of sound, whole unborn children, showing prenatal development, though some of the babies have clearly been removed from the womb. The video then cuts to the video showing an abortion being performed, complete with blood and the recognizable head of the now-dead baby. Other abortion images follow, showing heads, a face, hands, some intact babies from induction abortions and saline abortions (easily recognizably by discolored, mottled skin), a few early first-trimesters toward the end, and other extremely graphic pictures and bits of video. The aborted babies in question range, in my best estimate, from late first-trimester to early third-trimester. You can see the images in the Spanish language version, at Dura Realidad.)

    "After seeing this video some people ask how it is possible that abortion could be legal."

    "Did you know that Barack Obama supports abortions performed during the last trimester of pregnancy?"

    Yes. Although when speaking to evangelicals he parses it in terms of being okay with restricting third-trimester abortions for "mental distress" or "feeling blue". But as one hardcore supporter of the abortion lobby says, if Obama really was okay with prohibiting third-trimester abortions for "mental distress" or "feeling blue":

    ... Obama ... is ... backing away from a proposed federal law (of which he is a co-sponsor) that envisions a much broader definition of mental health than the one he laid out this week.

    That proposed federal legislation, the Freedom of Choice Act, refers to the key Supreme Court case on the issue, which was decided the same day as Roe v. Wade in 1973. In that case, Doe v Bolton, the Court said a doctor could decide to perform an abortion based on "all factors--physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman's age--relevant to the well-being of the patient. All these factors may relate to health."

    Subsequent cases in the Supreme Court and lower courts have said states cannot ban abortions where the doctor deems them necessary to protect a woman's physical and mental health. Lower courts have taken that to mean a state cannot prohibit an abortion--even one post-viability--if the woman would suffer severe emotional harm without it.

    Nowhere do those cases impose criteria of "serious clinical mental health diseases."

    So, in supporting FOCA, Obama supports abortion, even in the third trimester, under the Doe vs. Bolton definition of "health", which includes maternal age, and financial and family concerns.

    Either Obama supports third-trimester abortions, but only in those cases in which a woman has at least some mental or physical diagnosis (Tiller's patients typically have "adjustment disorder", meaning that they're not well-adjusted to being pregnant), or he supports third-trimester abortions as long as the woman can give a reason, and she doesn't need any kind of diagnosis from a doctor to justify it. Either way, he supports third-trimester abortions.

    "That Obama supports the inhuman partial birth abortion?"

    Obama not only supports D&X, he lent is wife and his name to fund-raising efforts to protect the practice.

    "That Obama wants to finance abortions with the tax dollars you and I pay?"

    Obama opposes the Hyde Amendment that banned Federal funding for elective abortions. He believes the Federal government should fund any abortion the woman signs for, because to do otherwise would constitute the Federal government using funds to intrude on abortion choices! Yes -- in Obama's view, refusing to pay for your abortion is intruding into your choice!

    "As a lawmaker, Obama voted on several occasions against a law to protect babies who survived an abortion and were born alive."

    Four times, to be exact.

    "Obama is committed to removing all the pro-life laws that in many states currently offer protection to unborn babies and their mothers."

    Yes. He is a co-sponsor of the Freedom of Choice Act. Supporters of FOCA characterize it as merely "codifying Roe", but it goes beyond that and would strike down parental consent, restrictions on tax funding of abortions, informed consent laws, and waiting periods.

    "Mr. Obama does not agree that the parents of a 13-year-old girl who is pregnant should be notified before she has an abortion."

    Yes. See the above on FOCA.

    "Absurd laws like this one that ignore the opinion of parents are precisely the ones that make it possible for pederasts (sic) and the sexually depraved to force young girls to have abortions in secret in order to cover up their sexual crimes."

    The word the translator was looking for is "pedophile", not "pederast", since a pederast has sex with underage boys, not girls. But Verastegui's point is right on the money.

    Verastegui then refers viewers to the following web sites: HispanicsForLife, VidaHumana, and Prolife.com.

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    Totally amazing catch

    I don't usually care one way or the other about football, but this is amazing -- Edwin Baptiste's stunning catch:

    Missouri bans free speech about election

    Turns out that law enforcement will be targeting anybody who says anything that doesn't get the Obama Seal of Approval. No ads or "statements" that are "false" or "misleading" about The Anointed One will be tolerated. A "Barack Obama Truth Squad" of law enforcement officials -- sheriffs and prosecutors -- are out to tell the public (I am NOT making this up) "that Barack Obama is a Christian who wants to cut taxes for anyone making less than $250,000 a year." And woe betide anybody who disagrees with anything they assert.

    Don't just take my word for it:

    Read The Gulag Archipelago if you wonder where this is heading.

    Anybody in this country who thinks he or she has been the subject of slander or libel -- including the President, Supreme Court Justices, cabinet members, or even Oprah Winfrey -- has to go through the civil courts to seek redress. But not The Annointed One, at least not in Missouri. He can just send his goons to toss you in the hoosegow. And do you think having achieved this in one state he'll stop there?

    This from the man whose supporters say that Sarah Palin is trying to impose a police state. Obama literally has Thought Police working for him in Missouri. If this is what he's like, and the kind of power he wields, as a mere candidate, what will he do if he becomes President? God help us if he makes it to the White House.

    UPDATE: Missouri Governor Matt Blunt fires back:

    St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer, and Obama and the leader of his Missouri campaign Senator Claire McCaskill have attached the stench of police state tactics to the Obama-Biden campaign.

    What Senator Obama and his helpers are doing is scandalous beyond words, the party that claims to be the party of Thomas Jefferson is abusing the justice system and offices of public trust to silence political criticism with threats of prosecution and criminal punishment.

    This abuse of the law for intimidation insults the most sacred principles and ideals of Jefferson. I can think of nothing more offensive to Jefferson’s thinking than using the power of the state to deprive Americans of their civil rights. The only conceivable purpose of Messrs. McCulloch, Obama and the others is to frighten people away from expressing themselves, to chill free and open debate, to suppress support and donations to conservative organizations targeted by this anti-civil rights, to strangle criticism of Mr. Obama, to suppress ads about his support of higher taxes, and to choke out criticism on television, radio, the Internet, blogs, e-mail and daily conversation about the election.

    Barack Obama needs to grow up. Leftist blogs and others in the press constantly say false things about me and my family. Usually, we ignore false and scurrilous accusations because the purveyors have no credibility. When necessary, we refute them. Enlisting Missouri law enforcement to intimidate people and kill free debate is reminiscent of the Sedition Acts - not a free society.”

    Thank God somebody is standing up to this egomaniacal man. Whenever he feels like somebody is picking on him, he runs to Daddy -- Daddy in this case being the friends in high places he has thanks to his links to the Chicago political machine.

    Power and immaturity are a very dangerous mix. Obama doesn't need public office. He needs therapy. He is a danger to himself and others.

    ADDITIONAL UPDATE: For all his whining that everybody's telling lies about him, Obama ought to get his own facts straight once in a while. He said in the debate that Henry Kissinger said that the President of the United States should meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without preconditions. Well, Kissinger says otherwise:

    Are Obama's Thought Police going to hold him accountable for saying things that are false and misleading?

    1982: Safe, legal abortion leads to septic death

    Rhonda Hess was 20 years old when she underwent a safe and legal abortion. After the procedure, she developed an infection. The infection led to problems with clotting of the blood. Rhonda was taken to Moss Regional Hospital in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where she died on September 28, 1982.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    1929: Chicago woman dead from abortion, perp never caught

    On September 28, 1929, 29-year-old Barbara Auer died in Chicago from complications of an illegal abortion performed at an unknown place. The person or persons responsible were never identified or prosecuted.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    Saturday, September 27, 2008

    What I told the Utne Reader

    Utne Reader has a new article up, New Group Enters “Born-Alive” Fray with Anti-Obama Video. Being a good leftie, the author, Jake Mohan, launches into the usual "political nuances" turf, going so far as to object to using "freighted terms" like "born alive". As if a neglected baby, gasping for breath in a utility closet, is in any way nuanced. As if describing that baby as "alive" is a cheap, sleazy political trick.

    Here's the comment I made. I'm guessing they'll post it when pigs fly.

    Obama's main concern seems to be protecting abortion rights. If anybody wants to see how this plays out in practice, they need only look at the case of Ximena Renearts, who was born alive in a Canadian hospital after her mother had undergone an abortion earlier in an American facility.

    Hospital staff treated Ximena like an expelled fetus, not like a live-born infant. They put her in a bedpan in a utility room and waited for her to die. After she'd been left for over an hour to suffer from hypothermia and lack of oxygen, a nurse finally sent her to a children's hospital for care. But the damage had already been done. Ximena was left quadriplegic, with the mental capacity of a three-year-old.

    BC police made two abortive investigations of the case, with spokesman Sergeant Bob Cooper calling the case "bullshit", dismissing what was done to Ximena as beneath his notice.

    Part of the reason for the callous attitude of the police may be that the spokesman for the BC Minister of Health's Office, Michelle Stewart, is dismissive of the issue of infants born live during abortions, commenting, "As you know, this Ministry is very much in favor of giving women choices about their reproductive health." And, presumably, providing care to babies like Ximena would, as Obama so clearly put it, "burden" the choice of abortion for those women whose babies had the audacity to survive.

    British Columbia's Chief Coroner Larry Campbell included a letter in a report on such live births, and dismissed them as to be expected in abortion and therefore outside the purview of BC coroners, who only get involved if a death is "unexpected". Since Ximena was expected to die, had she been left in that closet until she died, the death would have been expected, and no big deal, not worth getting all in a tizzy about.

    The hospital never conducted an internal review of how a live-born infant was treated like a pathology specimen on their premises, in violation of the law forbidding anyone to abandon or expose a child under the age of ten "so that its life is or is likely to be endangered or its health is or is likely to be permanently injured." Under Canadian law, having been born alive, Ximena was a living human being entitled to full protection under the law. Prolife activists hold that charges of attempted murder might be more appropriate, since nurse Wood's intent in putting the child in the bedpan aside in a room for dead fetuses was to allow the baby to die and be sent to the pathology lab with the other results of recent abortions.

    The law, it seems, doesn't matter if it "burdens" the "reproductive choice" of a woman who elects abortion, even if it means leaving a baby, cold and alone, to suffer in a closet.

    Parse it with all the nuances you want. The kind of dedication to "choice" at any cost displayed by Obama is the same kind of dedication to "choice" at any cost displayed by Canadian authorities in Ximena's case. And if you're at ease with putting a live, shivering, whimpering, gasping baby in a closet and leaving her to die lest you hamper her mother's choice, by all means parse Obama's stand with great nuance. Just please stay away from babies like Ximena.

    (If you want to post the video on your web site, there's a button at the top of the video screen that gives you the embed code.)

    Searches: A wide assortment

  • Paul Harvey stem cells: He totally got it wrong.

  • Abortion videos: In spite of my best efforts, my abortion videos post won't stay in the Top 10, where it belongs. I have quite a collection.

  • Planned Parenthood of Mid-Michigan: I'd certainly not recommend them.

  • Back-alley abortion stories: I have a collection here.

  • Infection after abortion: I have a selection here, selected from this page. A sample: Dorothy Brown, age 37, underwent an abortion at Friendship Medical Clinic in Chicago on August 16, 1974. Within hours, she was dead at a nearby hospital. Carolina Gutierrez (pictured) suffered multiple amputations before finally dying of sepsis from her safe and legal abortion. Sophie McCoy died after abortion at the hands of National Abortion Federation member Abu Hayat. Vivian Tran, like Holly Patterson, got her abortion drugs at a Planned Parenthood. Ellen Williams had raging peritonitis after her abortion at Miami's Dadeland. The administrator gave her tea, the abortionist gave her a bottle of oral antibiotics.

  • And that essentially adding an additional doctor, who then has to be called in an emergency situation: Quote by Barack Obama:

    (If you want to post the video on your web site, there's a button at the top of the video screen that gives you the embed code.)

    See also: Obama and the Born Alive Babies

  • Douching with Lysol: Actually recommended at one time. Those ads go a long way to explain the frequent apocryphal "Lysol abortion" tales.

  • Dr. Thomas Tucker live birth: As I mentioned just today, Tucker's former employee, Joy Davis, said that she'd seen him use forceps to crush the skull of a baby born alive in his clinic.
  • More Born Alive Babies

    This time I searched my files for "infant" rather than "baby", as I did last time. And remember that these are just the babies whose births were caused by an attempt to abort them, and doesn't include babies that survived early abortions and continued to gestate to a more viable age. (Codes after entries are references to my source documents, which are somewhere in the attic. If you know of links to such documents, please let me know.)

    A deposition of a former employee of Dr. Ronachai Banchaonmonie states an infant aborted alive was placed on a tray, covered, and allowed to die. (418 - summary)

    Dr. Jesse Floyd was indicted on charges of illegal abortion and murder in the death of a 2 lb 5 oz infant boy of approximately 27-28 weeks gestation who survived 20 days following a third-trimester abortion performed in Richland Memorial Hospital, South Carolina in September of 1974. The state dropped the charges due to reluctance of the infant's mother to testify and Floyd challenging the constitutionality of the abortion law. Floyd said that he had no reason to believe that the fetus was over 20 weeks gestation, but also said he selected prostaglandin to induce the abortion in an effort not to harm the fetus -- an odd assertion, since he'd been paid to kill the baby in question. (The Columbia State 8-29-75, 8-30-75; Indictment for Murder 43590; Omaha World-Herald 10-19-79; Philadelphia Inquirer 8-2-81; New York Times 3-6-79)

    Ruth Ann S. was sent to Detroit Memorial for an abortion performed October 3, 1984 by Dr. Enrique Gerbi. There, saline was injected to kill the fetus. At 12:30 AM on October 4, Ruth Ann delivered a live infant girl, that she named Vanessa. The hospital did not have a NICU, and did not transfer Vanessa to another hospital for NICU care. Little Vanessa was "left to languish without the care of an obstetrician and/or a pediatrician." Vanessa suffered brain damage, required heart surgery due to saline damage, and required surgery "to relieve hydrocephalic conditions produced by the result of the salt injection." The baby suffered blindness, mental retardation, severe scarring and burning of her feet, growth retardation, and "Lack of coordination, ambulation and other dysfunctions not yet manifest." The suit also charged Jack Ryan, President/Chief Medical Officer, with failing to "require the checking of the eleven malpractice suits in claims filed against [Gerbi]I," and with failing to require Gerbi "to present evidence of knowledge and skill" for performing abortions. The suit also faulted the hospital with failing "to require that physical evaluations would be made on patients to determine the gestational age of the fetus before an effort was made to kill the same by abortion techniques," failing to have arrangements for care of live-born infants after abortion, and failure to have Gerbi placed under adequate supervision. (Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 85-529757)

    Dr. Martin Haskell is a National Abortion Federation member who provided training on D&X abortions (aka Partial Birth Abortion), performed 20 weeks and beyond, in which live fetus is extracted feet first but the brain is suctioned out just before the head emerges. (Nurse Brenda Pratt Shaffer describes the procedure here.) An Associated Press article dated December 11, 1989, says that a witness who allegedly observed 17 other procedures told police one infant girl of 21 or 22 weeks gestation had emerged alive before the procedure had been completed, and survived approximately 20 minutes, on September 21, 1989. The police did not prosecute because it was the student observer's word against Haskell's. Haskell claimed that her complaint was a personal attack because he does abortions, but the student said, "I don't want this to sound like I'm a freak antiabortionist. I don't want to sound like a radical," and noted that she had gotten permission to observe abortions because she would like to be nurse or doctor specializing in abortions. Another of Haskell's patients went to a hospital between phases of one of his D&X procedures, where she gave birth to a premature infant who later died.

    Nicolette C., sixteen years old, was subjected to the first two days of an illegal third-trimester abortion, without parental consent, by Dr. Douglas Karpan at Women's Pavillion in Houston. Nicolette repeatedly stated that she did not wish to go through with the abortion, and requested a referral to a doctor to help her to complete the pregnancy. Both Karpan and his associate, Richard Cunningham, refused to remove the laminaria that were endangering Nicolette's baby. When she refused to undergo the final phase of the abortion, she was told "to look in the yellow pages for an anti-abortion group," made to sign a release form, and ejected from the facility. Nicolette sought emergency care, but hospital doctors were unable to stop labor. She gave birth to an infant girl, Ashley, who survived only six months due to extreme prematurity.

    Dr. C. J. LaBenz was charged with unlawful abortion and criminal neglegence in 1979. Allegations are that he estimated a gestational age of 19 to 20 weeks prior to initiating an abortion on September 6, 1979. The woman expelled an infant boy who weighed approximately 2.5 pounds, indicating a gestational age closer to 27 weeks. A nurse involved with the abortion testified that the infant was placed on a sink drain board in what she described as a "dirty utility room." The baby moved his arms and legs, and cried intermittently. The nurse said that the baby's breathing appeared to be normal. LaBenz reportedly took no action to kill the baby, but he also took no action to allow the child's life to be saved. The neglected infant died after 2 1/5 hours. (Omaha World-Herald 10-9-79, 10-12-79, 10-13-79, 10-19-79, 11-12-79, 11-25-79, 10-10-80, Associated Press 10-10-79, 11-15-79, 12-14-79, 12-15-79, 12-28-79, Lincoln Star 10-12-79, 10-31-79.) According to coverage by the Omaha World Herald, February 8, 1980, and Associated Press coverage, February 7 and 15, 1980, Planned Parenthood Federation of America provided "financial and moral support" for LaBenz during his trial for allowing the baby to die.

    An article in the August 2, 1981 Philadelphia Inquirer states that in July of 1974, Dr. Leonard E. Laufe initiated an abortion at West Penn Hospital. The woman had been turned down at another hospital after gestation had been estimated at 26-31 weeks. Laufe estimated gestation at 20-22 weeks and injected the woman with prostaglandin. Laufe was filming the procedure for educational purposes. The film showed a 3-pound live-born infant, which moved and gasped. The infant subsequently died, but no charges were filed. Laufe contended the infant had sustained fatal injuries during the procedure.

    Carol P. filed suit after her ordeal. She was examined by employees at Portland Feminist Women's Health Center on June 24, 1985. Staff estimated Carol's pregnancy at 13-15 weeks. Carol returned for an ultrasound on June 26 by John Wayne Loomis, and she was instructed to return on June 28. She returned on June 29, and was informed pregnancy was 16 weeks. After two unsuccessful attempts by Dr. Gilda Lorensen to abort the pregnancy by suction, Carol was transferred to a hospital where physicians discovered that the fetus was actually of 29-30 weeks gestation. They transferred Carol to Bess Kaiser Hospital, where an infant girl, Brandi Nycole, was delivered by C-section the following day. Brandi suffered bruises and lacerations, and was abraded "from her left shoulder blade to her anus and leg." She also had "extensive abrasions, lacerations, wounds and pain to her right shoulder, side, back, buttocks, rectum and legs." Brandi was hospitalized 5.5 weeks, during which time she suffered "respiratory distress syndrome, infections, apnea and jaundice." ( Multnomah County Circuit Court Case No. A8605 03177)

    Dr. Fred H. Pulver voluntarily surrendered his medical license at the age of 79 in the wake of allegations regarding his January 18, 1990 attempt to perform an abortion on a woman who gave birth to a three-pound, 27-week baby boy five days later. Pulver said that the woman was obese and had deliberately misstated her last menstrual period in order to get the abortion. Pulver had estimated the pregnancy as 11 weeks. Planned Parenthood Health Services of Northeastern New York, where the abortion was attempted, did not have an ultrasound to verify estimated gestational age. (Schenectady Daily Gazette 11-1-91, 11-5-91, Sunday Times-Union 11-24-91, 12-8-91)

    An August 2, 1981 article in the Philadelphia Inquirer said that in April of 1973, Dr. Xavier Hall Ramirez initiated a saline abortion at Greater Bakersfield Hospital. The patient expelled a live 4.5 pound infant. Nurses called Ramirez, who ordered them to discontinue the oxygen they were giving the baby. Another doctor countermanded that order, and the infant survived to be adopted. Ramirez was indicted for solicitation to commit murder.

    Dr. Joseph Rucker (scroll down) reportedly examined 14-year-old Cecelia G. Rucker, estimated her pregnancy as 14 weeks, and tried to perform a suction abortion on her on January 26, 1977. Cecelia began to hemorrhage, and was transported to a hospital by car. There, a doctor examined her, and discovered she was 7 months pregnant. She was released, but returned days later. Her infant girl was born February 1, with a 2-inch piece of her scalp missing. ( Detroit Free Press 11-14-82; The Abortion Profiteers)

    Dr. Herbert Schreiber reportedly committed suicude on July 18, 1976, one month after being charged with first degree murder and illegal abortion after reportedly strangling to death an infant girl who had survived abortion. (1828)

    "Taranda," age 17, went to Family Planning Clinic for Reproductive Health for an abortion on December 22, 1989. Dr. Karen J. Smiley estimated the pregnancy at 6 weeks and performed an abortion. Four days later, Taranda gave birth to a one pound, critically ill infant girl in a hospital corridor. Taranda's lawyer said, "She's devastated, obviously. She would never have dreamed of having an abortion had she known it was 26 weeks old." Taranda needed psychiatric care after her ordeal. (The Tennessean 3-15-90; Today's Tennessean 2-2-90; Associated Press 1-11-90, 1-26-90, 1-29-90)

    Tommy Tucker's former employee, Joy Davis, alleged that he crushed a live infant's skull with forceps after it survived an abortion. (New York Times 4-23-94)

    An August 2, 1981 article in the Philadelphia Inquirer noted that in February of 1979, a 1 lb. 11 oz. baby girl was born at Inglewood Hospital following a saline abortion. Staff there supposedly summoned a rescue team from Harbor General Hospital, but the team didn't respond. The baby died.

    According to The Abortion Profiteers, an illegal abortion was attempted at Michigan Avenue Medical Center in 1978. The teenage patient was 26-29 weeks pregnant. The hospital where the girl was taken for emergency treatment reported the incident to the health department. The baby was born prematurely on October 2, 1978.

    According to an August 2, 1981 article in The Philadelphia Inquirer, a woman went to Mt. Sinai Hospital in Cleveland for an abortion. The infant was born live. A source told the newspaper, "The doctors had a very hard time making her realize she had a child. She kept saying, 'But I had an abortion.'" The infant was discharged in the care of its mother.

    A suit by patient L.H. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Dr. Alan Beer at Planned Parenthood of Mid-Michigan on July 16, 1985. No ultrasound was performed to determine gestational age. Beer ruptured the amniotic sac, then referred Harat to University of Michigan Medical Center, where five days later she gave birth to a 2 lb. 3 1/2 oz premature infant boy of approximately 25-29 weeks gestation. The infant, named Bryan, suffered developmental delay, intracranial bleeding, hydrocephalus, and disfigurement.. (Washtenaw County Circuit Court Case No. 85-30344 NM)

    The August 2, 1981 Philadelphia Inquirer said that in the spring of 1979, two infants were born live at Wilmington Medical Center after saline abortions. Both survived to be adopted. The first infant was placed in a plastic specimen jar and rescued by a nurse who noted that baby was struggling for breath and had a heartbeat. The second infant was immediately determined to be alive and given help.

    (If you want to post the video on your web site, there's a button at the top of the video screen that gives you the embed code.)

    For more information, see:

  • More Born Alive Babies and Their Fates
  • Obama, Babies, and the Benefit of the Doubt
  • Obama and the Born Alive Babies

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  • Jill Stanek and FactCheck's Faulty "Facts"

    I encourage you to read Jill's Fact-checking Factcheck.org on Gianna and Obama ads. I'm going to just pull a few points Jill makes and add some information.

    It is easy for somebody who doesn't know about the legal, judicial, and medical wrangling and double-speak that go on in abortion practice to think that Jill is being either nit-picky or deliberately painting everything in a worst hypothetical light. I've been doing abortion malpractice research for a quarter of a century now, and I can add my experience to Jill's.

    To restate, there was no enforceable definition of "born alive" in IL law when Obama opposed IL's Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

    To the layman, "born alive" seems obvious. The baby emerges from the mother. He or she is breathing, crying, wriggling, or showing other signs of life. But in practice, things like "alive" and "dead" aren't as clear when you are dealing with abortion.

    The degree to which things that ought to be painfully obvious become distorted and turned upside-down in abortion is best illustrated in the Waddill case. Waddill strangled a live-born baby girl in front of multiple witnesses, including a pediatrician and NICU nurses. He made repeated statements such as "I can't find the goddam trachea!" "This baby won't stop breathing," and "This baby can't live or it will be a big mess." The autopsy performed on the baby found that neither the abortion injuries, nor the baby's prematurity, had caused her death. She had died of manual strangulation. But two trials produced hung juries. Waddill was never brought to justice for murdering a child in front of witnesses. Why not? Because there is a definition of "death" on the books in California that allowed Waddill's attorneys to claim that Waddill didn't cause the baby to be dead under that particular definition of death. After that, all Waddill would need is one adamantly pro-abortion juror to stand on that obscure legal definition of "death" to prevent a conviction. How much more would a vague definition of "birth" allow an abortionist to get off the hook?

    The IL Abortion Act applies only to viable infants, while Born Alive applies to all live-born infants, regardless of viability. In other words, the former dealt with viability, the latter with live birth. Thus, in the case of the live birth of a child who was determined not to be viable at the time the abortion was committed, the 1975 law did not apply.

    "So?" you might say. "If the baby isn't viable, what's the point of providing any care?"

    Jill goes on to explain that:

    The one determining a baby's viability according to the IL Abortion Act is the abortionist, and s/he is allowed to determine viability pre-birth. Rational people understand the potential for the very person trying to kill the baby pre-birth to subjectively assess the baby's likelihood of survival post-birth.

    In other words, all that was necessary to prove that the baby wasn't "viable", and therefore not in need of care, is for the abortionist to point out that he did an abortion. Circular logic gets him off the hook.

    Take some time to look at how these legal loopholes play out in practice.

    Start with the Cooper case in Philadelphia. A baby boy was born alive when Cooper performed an abortion at 23 weeks. The baby gasped and tried to breathe. No efforts were made to revive the infant due to the parents' wishes and the infant's size. The baby was placed in a utility room used as an infant morgue. Cooper instructed nurse, "Leave the baby there -- it will die." The nurse testified that the baby was still gasping in the closet when she returned to work 12 hours later. Cooper then finally agreed to allow the baby to be transferred to intensive care, where he died 4 days later. But in spite of all this, the baby's death was ruled "accidental" rather than homicide. Leaving the baby, cold and alone, without any medical care or even a warming pad, in a closet for 12 hours was not accidental. It was done deliberately in order to achieve the baby's death. But these facts were ignored.

    Dr. Gordon Sean Goei was arrested on suspicion of murdering what he had thought was a 26-week baby born live during an abortion. The baby, whose gestational age was revised to 30-32 weeks after examination, died due to blunt force trauma. At 30-32 weeks, the baby had as much a chance of survival as a term infant; he or she would just have needed NICU care.The death was ruled a homicide. But the charge against Goei was reduced to practicing medicine without a license and illegally performing an abortion.

    Of course, the BAIPA is only any good if it's being enforced. And clearly the federal law isn't:

    Back in 2006, prolifers had high hopes that staff at a Miami-area abortion facility would be charged with murder for killing a baby. A search warrant reported that there was “probable cause” to pursue a second degree murder investigation. The mother, 18-year old Sycloria W., told police that she had arrived at the facility to complete a late-term abortion. She says she gave birth to a live baby girl in the facility’s recovery room. Sycloria said that she had watched her daughter moving and gasping for air for about five minutes. Staff “began screaming that the baby was alive.” Then “Ms. Belkis Gonzalez [an owner of the facility] cut the umbilical cord, threw it into a red bag with black printing. Ms. Gonzalez then swept the baby, with her hands, into the same red bag along with the gauze used during the procedure.” She then threw the bag onto the roof of the building so police wouldn't find it. Eight days later, police searched again and found the body of the baby, which had been treated with a caustic chemical and left in the sun to accelerate decomposition and muddle the autopsy findings. The police were horrified and outraged and wanted to see the guilty parties prosecuted, but the coroner ruled that the baby had died of "extreme prematurity", leaving prosecutors in the lurch.

    The fact that they stuck the baby in a bag and tossed her on the roof instead of sending her to the NICU to be assessed should have been enough to prosecute under BAIPA. But nobody picked up the ball.

    What do we, as citizens, need to take away from this? The fact that babies that could possibly survive are being aborted. And that Barack Obama has no beef with this. His only beef is with people who think these babies are entitled to an assessment by somebody who doesn't have a personal, professional, and financial interest in making sure that they die.

    And that clearly the people who want these babies dead have enough clout that they're rarely held accountable.

    That ought to be scary.

    (If you want to post the video on your web site, there's a button at the top of the video screen that gives you the embed code.)

    For more information, see:

  • More Born Alive Babies and Their Fates
  • Obama, Babies, and the Benefit of the Doubt
  • Obama and the Born Alive Babies

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  • 1975: Undiagnosed ectopic kills California woman after abortion

    Early on the morning of September 27, 1975, 22-year-old Lynette Wallace went to the emergency room reporting abdominal pain. Staff reported that she became agitated and "difficult to handle." They put her in restraints, and
    she was pronounced dead of cardiopulmonary arrest at 10:53 AM.

    She had undergone a safe and legal abortion at Inglewood Women's Hospital in Los Angeles County on September 13, and had been sent home.

    The autopsy revealed what the abortionist should have detected -- the pregnancy had not been in Lynette's uterus but in her fallopian tube. The tube had ruptured, spilling blood and a 10-week fetus into Lynette's abdomen.

    Women who seek abortion should be less likely to die of ruptured ectopic pregnancies than women who do not seek abortion. After all, the abortionist is supposed to perform an examination verifying the size of the uterus, and is supposed to visually examine the abortion tissue to be sure that the entire fetus and placenta are present. Also, a pathology examination is supposed to be done on the uterine contents to verify the presence of the entire fetal/placental unit.

    In practice, does this hold true?
    Yes. Women who choose abortion have lower rates of death from undiagnosed ectopic pregnancies.
    No. Women who choose abortions are more likely to die from undiagnosed ectopic pregnancies.

    Lynette is one of many deaths currently attributed to Inglewood Women's Hospital (aka Inglewood Women's Clinic) in Los Angeles County. The others are Yvonne Tanner, Kathy Murphy, Belinda Byrd, Cora Lewis, and Elizabeth Tsuji.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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