Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Born Alive Trap

Everybody is armchair quarterbacking the election, and I'm no exception. And I think one piece of the puzzle has fallen together.

Why would a man like Barack Obama, so careful not to leave a trail, so careful to vote "present" so as not to take a stand, fight so hard against an inoffensive, common-sense measure like the Born Alive Infants Protection Act?

Because he knew we'd take the bait.

Voting against providing care for born babies, voting for infanticide, is something so hideous, so egregious, something so far beyond the pale, that Barack Obama knew full well that when his opponents pointed out that he'd done it, nobody would believe us.

And wasn't that his answer to the questions? That to support infanticide was so hideous, so horrible, so heinous, that it was insulting to even imply that he'd do such a thing?

Never mind that we could prove that he'd done it. He had over thirty years of accumulated evidence that a majority of Americans refuse to believe that abortion is even legal after 12 weeks -- in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. How could this same populace be made to believe, in a short span of time, that not only are post-viability abortions legal, but that babies that survive them are being left to die? And that their chosen hero endorsed the practice? They couldn't believe it, any more than Ted Bundy's friends could believe that the handsome, personable young man who worked a suicide hotline and rescued a toddler from drowning could possibly be the "Ted" that kidnapped two young women from Lake Sammamish State Park and bashed in their skulls, much less that he killed at least a score of other women. One woman had so hard a time believing it that she married him during one of his trials to prove to the world that their hideous accusations were false. She believed in his innocence up to the moment he confessed, just as many Obama supporters will believe in his innocence until he himself confesses.

Obama knew we'd never be believed. That once we spoke the truth, we'd be branded as liars -- and then nothing else we said about him would be believed either.

Paying ACORN $800,000 to register the dead to vote? Well, look who's making the accusation! The same people who make the outrageous and insulting claim that I support infanticide!

Close association with an unrepentant terrorist? Well, look who's making the accusation! The same people who make the outrageous and insulting claim that I support infanticide!

Embracing a theology of racism and hatred? Well, look who's making the accusation! The same people who make the outrageous and insulting claim that I support infanticide!

Taking illegal campaign contributions? Well, look who's making the accusation! The same people who make the outrageous and insulting claim that I support infanticide!

We fell for it. His vote in favor of infanticide was like a picnic basket set out to trap Yogi Bear. Even if we'd have been able to see the steel jaws, we'd still have stepped up and picked up the bait. We just can't help it. We have a history of trying to make people believe unpalatable and horrifying truths. That we'd take the bait was a no-brainer.

Setting the trap was a stroke of genius.

Were we wrong to try to expose him? I don't think so. Scripture says in Ephesians 5:11, "Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;"

We are called to expose the works of darkness. Wrapping a gasping baby in a towel and sticking him in a closet to die is a cold-hearted, hideous deed and I think that it would have been a spiritual mistake to have made a tactical decision to give Obama a pass on it. We have to trust in God that ultimately, exposing the works of darkness is the right thing, that He will call accountable those who do the works -- or, in the case of Barack Obama, countenance them.

Obama's puppet masters think that having won the battle, we'll concede the war. That's where we need to prove them wrong. I have convinced more Obama supporters of the truth of Obama's votes, of late-term abortion, of infanticide, in the two days since the election than I did in the months beforehand.

As Chizumatic said, Obama supporters bought a pig in a poke on November 4. We have four years to show them what they bought and paid for. And, God willing, we will see the most massive case of buyers' remorse in the history of this country.

Don't stop exposing the works of darkness. For God has promised us that what is done in the darkness will be brought into the light.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that is a piece of the puzzle. That Obama would support infanticide was hard for people to believe. But, I suggest that even if his followers did believe the infanticide claim, they would still simply overlook it. By the time it became an issue, he already had some kind of spell cast on them. They were fainting at his rallies, and following him like the pied piper. A mass hysteria, like what the Beatles generated was at work here. When people's minds are hi-jacked in such a manner, there is little use in confronting them with the truth. How did he do it? That part of the puzzle I don't understand. (How did Hitler and other despots do it?) One thing is certain, though. The mainstream media played an important role in presenting this new idol to the voters.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog in the last two days and am loving it! I believe your closing statement is so right. I think Obama is an answer to our fervent prayers before the election. The ugliness of the liberal pro-abortion agenda is now in the public national spotlight. It is our job to make sure we take advantage of that.

No more can the deceit of the abortion industry be allowed to multiply in the dark, but let the light of Truth expose everything the abortion industry has tried to hide as they exult in the street over their victory.

I'm not disheartened by this defeat. I'm jazzed. I think this man is exactly what we need to expose their agenda and to convert the hearts of the people to protect the innocent unborn.

Anonymous said...

It was unbelievable because it is a lie. Barack Obama never supported infanticide and never voted for infanticide. Infanticide was already illegal in Illinois, and turning down the flawed born-alive bill did not change that. Infanticide remained illegal.

It was unbelievable because all the Fact Check websites and mainstream news media were busy pointing out that it was a lie. And when you kept repeating it anyway, it only made you look like hysterical liars.

Barack Obama never supported infanticide. You lied. Everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

People who post anonymously and wish us to believe their statements over the truth are living in a fantasy world of denial...

Senator Obama even admitted it himself after being forced to the point that he did vote present on the Illinois BAIPA and then again obfuscated and covered it up afterwards. Even if you don't believe us, you can hardly refute him saying it on the audio tapes that Christina has posted on this website and elsewhere around the internet.

Enjoy living in your fantasy world while you can b/c I don't think you're going to like reality when you're finally forced to wake up...

Amy said...

Barack Obama never supported infanticide. You lied. Everyone knows it.

Um, no. The bill Obama opposed was one he helped draft, giving it the same language as the federal bill.

Obama's own words prove our statements to be true.

It would be a "burden" to have someone in the room to help an infant born alive after an abortion. Instead, Obama chose to trust the ABORTIONIST (you know, the man being paid to kill the baby) to suddenly grow a pair and a conscience and save a baby born gasping for air.

What fantasy world do you live in?

BAIPA was put in place in IL and elsewhere because current measures weren't successful.

But go ahead, support that evil. The day will come when you will answer for it and saying "Pro-lifers lied!" won't cut the mustard, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Above for those who are curious about the debunking of "the lie" in the liberal media and with fact check. True, our president elect did not vote "for" infanticide, but he voted "AGAINST" protecting infants who were born alive and fibbed about it.

It seems to me, when carefully read, that the bill went above and beyond current law here in Illinois. It deemed the fetus, after birth and if born alive, a human being. That means no closets, no toilets, no cold hard hospital carts. That means that if there's a chance that the baby could survive, the baby has to be assisted. That means if there is no chance of survival, the baby is a human and should die with care. But I'm not a pro-choice politician with powerful backing from same....

Anonymous said...

By the way, thank you for this site. I somehow don't feel so lonely anymore.

Christina Dunigan said...

Anon, thanks for proving my point. You make your assertions based on what? Based on Obama's word.

The law in Illinois held that the doctor decided, prior to the abortion, if the fetus was "viable" or not. If the woman's medical records indicated that the fetus was "non-viable", then LEGALLY it was non-viable, even if it turned out to be perfectly capable of surviving.

Again, thanks for proving my point -- that Obama knew he could vote to support infanticide knowing that just pointing out that he'd done it would get you branded a liar.

Christina Dunigan said...

Thanx, libby's mom.

JosephineMO7 said...

"We fell for it."

Who is this we you keep talking about. My sister fell for it, Obama is going to pay for her college and for her children(since her pothead husband who taught his children to light a bong can't be bothered). Some people around me fell for it, including a former crack whore who already get 1900 a month for disability from the state because she contracted hepatitis.. Oh and they paid to get her a partial cause she rotted all her teeth out. MY mother the welfare leach who already gets 600 a month from disability even though she isn't disabled she is just 350lbs, well she thinks she is going to get something too.

I never for a moment fell for it because I had to grow up with the leaches I knew the result of their sloth and greed.

Christina Dunigan said...

What we as prolifers fell for was the trap of jumping on him about the BAIPA. We did exactly what he wanted us to do -- try to expose him, and in doing so allow him to coat himself in teflon.