Wednesday, February 01, 2023

February 1, 1936: The Last of FIVE Deaths of Dr. Justin Mitchell

Dr. Justin L. Mitchell, age 57, of Palos Park, Illinois, had been identified as the abortionist responsible for the 1935 abortion death of 32-year-old Mary Nowalowski. For some reason, though, he was free in January of 1936. On a date I've yet to be able to determine, he performed the abortion that resulted in the February 1, 1936 abortion death of 20-year-old homemaker and mother-of-two Alice Haggin.

On February 12, just 11 days after Alice's death, Mitchell was convicted of manslaughter in Mary's death. 

It took until March 10 for the Grand Jury to indict him for Alice's death. 

Mary hadn't been the first abortion death attributed to Mitchell, either. As I was looking for more information about Alice's death I learned that Harold Vaughan signed a complaint against Mitchell in December of 1931 stating that Mitchell had perpetrated a fatal abortion on Harold's wife, Ethel.

I also learned Mitchell had also been arrested in 1933 after the abortion death of Florence Jordan. Mitchell was then implicated in the 1934 abortion death of Mary Schwartz. 

Thus we have Ethel, Florence, Mary Schwartz, and Mary Nowalowski all dead at his hands before the unfortunate Alice entrusted her life to Mitchell.

And stay tuned: I found other dirt on the illustrious Dr. Mitchell, including allegations that he killed live-born infants, groped a student nurse, and ran a slipshod facility. I'll write it all up for you when I get the chance.

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