Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Terri Schiavo Can Still be Rehabilitated, Nobel Prize-Nominated Doctor Says

Life News published this report:

[A] doctor nominated for the Nobel Prize says he believes medical therapies are still available that could help Terri party recover from her disabled state.

Dr. William Hammesfahr is an internationally recognized expert on cases of brain-injured patients. He has been identified in helping patients with chronic brain injuries from many causes actually leave long term disability, and return to work.

Dr. Hammesfahr has personally examined Terri. He believes believes Terri could learn to:
- eat and drink on her own
- talk
- regain use of one arm and hand
- transfer herself from wheelchair to bed

Of course, should Terri learn to do these things, it'd be hard for all the people who want her dead to claim they're speaking for her.

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