Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The wrong person is on trial here.

A British man is on trial for the murder of his 10-year-old terminally ill son, Jacob:

Accused father relives son's abortion horror

It's a little hard to follow the timeline in the story. Here is is:

1. For ten years, they struggle to care for Jacob, whose health was deteriorating.
2. One day in July, they get the news: Jacob has Hunter Syndrome, an untreatable degenerative disease.
3. The wife is 7 1/2 months pregnant. They've named that baby Henry. The doctors tell them to test Henry, too.
4. Within hours, still on that same day, they're told that Henry, too, has Hunter Syndrome. The doctor tells them that they must not bring another "Hunter" into the world. They're given two hours to think about it.
5. Evidently that same day, the couple are brought to a procedure room where the doctor uses a huge needle to repeatedly stab Henry in the heart to kill him, and the dead baby is delivered.
6. The parents hadn't been told what they abortion would be like. The father was horrified.
7. Within the month, the father smothers the 10-year-old, Jacob, with a pillow, calling it a "mercy killing."

These people were so unfairly distressed and abused by the medical professionals, pressured into an abortion on the grounds that children with this disorder should never be born. While still in shock, the father then kills the older child, too.

The wrong person is on trial here. That doctor should be in the dock for the deaths of both children.

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