Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Somebody was looking for Banchongmanie

I don't know if they meant this guy, but I do have information on Dr. Ronachai Banchongmanie.

Here are a few examples of suits filed against Banchongmanie:

Amy D. sued after an abortion by Banchongmanie on January 23, 1991 at Women's Health Services. Amy reported a lack of informed consent, and noted that Banchongmanie did not secure a pathology report or inform her that the abortion was incomplete. "Plaintiff carried around in her body the parts of the rotted corpse of her dead baby's body for approximately two days." Amy's cervix remained dilated. On January 25, Amy went to the ER, suffering bleeding, cramping, and fever. The examination revealed "foul discharge" and products of conception, along with infection. Amy was hospitalized for a D&C and laparoscopy, performed May 7. "It was noted during the procedure that the cervical canal was without resistance to the dilator, thereby, causing future problems with carrying a pregnancy successfully." ( Jefferson Circuit Court Case No. 91CI07679)

Diana L. alleged that Banchongmanie performed an incomplete abortion on her at Women's Health Services on July 1990. Diana required emergency medical care required on August 2. She faulted Banchongmanie with violation of deceptive trade practices and consumer protection laws ( Jefferson County Circuit Court File No. 91CI04951)

Banchongmanie was a co-defendant in a suit by Candace I. alleging injury in a 1991 abortion by Joseph Rich at Women's Health Services.

Sandra S. alleged negligence, malpractice, and loss of affection of her unborn child (After default judgment awarded for failing to appear, Banchongmanie filed complaint against Charles Canady for negligence);.

Rachel S. alleged that she underwent treatment by Banchongmanie at Women's Health Services on July 8, 1989, suffering "serious and painful injuries to her body ... and serious and permanent pain and anguish, both mentally and physically." (Jefferson County Circuit Court Case No. 90CI05439)

Shannon M. alleged negligence in that upon her third visit to Banchangmonie's facility she was diagnosed as still pregnant, but her fetus of 6 months was destroyed without informing Shannon of her option to continue the pregnancy. (Banchongmanie filed complaint against Charles Canady, claiming Canady had performed the abortion).

Tonya H. alleged seeking treatment from Banchongmanie January 14, 1988, at Women's Health Services, for lower abdominal pain. She suffered malpractice resulting in "severe physical and mental pain and suffering, lost time from her regular employment and incurred substantial additional medical expenses." (Jefferson County District Court Case No. 90C04922)

Beverly M., on her own behalf and on behalf of Kevin M. and Deshelvin M., decedents, alleged that an abortion was performed on Beverly by Banchongmanie at Women's Health Services on November 30, 1988. Beverly had been 22 - 26 weeks pregnant. "Had the Defendant Ronachai Banchongmanie or the Defendant Relsco, Inc. or their agents ... provided the Plaintiff with the information necessary to give informed consent, the Plaintiff would never have given her consent to the abortion of her twin children.". Beverly faulted Banchongmanie with failure to inform her of her twin pregnancy. He sent Beverly home for more money during the showing of the informed consent video. After Beverly's abortion, she learned that her fetuses had been old enough to survive outside the womb. "Defendant...intentionally lacerated, crushed, dismembered, killed and aborted the twin children of Beverly M." On December 3, Beverly passed the severed head of a fetus, and contacted Banchongmanie's office, but her calls were not returned. Beverly sought hospital care, and passed additional tissues. (Jefferson Circuit Court Case No. 89CI-06286)

Cindy B. alleged negligence, medical malpractice, and injury in an abortion by Banchongmanie and/or James B. Haile 1982 at Women's Health Services.

A deposition of a former employee states that an infant aborted alive was placed on a tray, covered, and allowed to die.

Despite all this, when Banchongmanie felt put upon by the state, the ACLU leaped to his side.


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Dr Banchongmanie is a wonderful, sweet & caring Dr. He provided me great care while pregnant with my girls.

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Had he at least cleaned the pile of shit off the stairwell?

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Maybe you should have eaten it