Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Warning to those attempting home abortions

Lost clown at Angry for a Reason posts a home abortion recipe. To her credit, she doesn't plug pennyroyal, and does admonish that women with kidney problems shouldn't try this. I warned her about the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, and that I don't want her or any of her friends to end up like Kris Humphrey, who died in 1994 when she persisted in attempting to abort what turned out to be a tubal pregnancy, using a pennyroyal tea.

As disturbing as her casual attitude toward killing her offspring ("I have used this to positive results 3 times."), and as deluded as she is by abortion-advocacy rhetoric (She thinks there's a lack of access to birth control and abortion in the United States.), I don't want her to end up as dead as her embryos.

Anybody else want to go talk a little sense into her?


Anonymous said...

Hi... has anyone ever heard of using prune juice for inducing miscarriage? An older woman told me about this--said it's an old-time method passed down from mother to daughter. She said you drink a full (she said "8-oz glass", but motioned to more like a 16+ oz glass) of prune juice (said don't get the cheap stuff -- go with the best known brand--others are watered down). Take the prune juice all at once. She said you'll get nausious from it, and sweat, etc. -- but go to bed, and overnight or next day you'll begin your period. She said it has something to do with the potassium, but wasn't sure exactly.

I'd like to know if anyone else has heard of this... She said she's used it a number of times because she has enough children (and is advised against using hormonal birth control due to age, and complications.)

Christina Dunigan said...

JJ, haven't you gathered that this is hardly the appropriate forum for "How about THIS method for ensuring the death of that pesky embryo who had the unmitigated gall to lodge in your uterus without signing a lease first?"

Even if I approved of treating new human beings as if they were impacted stools, I object to encouraging women to take chances with their well-being.

How damaging is it to the soul, I wonder, to take the attitude that one is simply entitled to a dead embryo, that one's own offspring OWE it to you to just die and get out of your life?

Anonymous said...


Allie said...

there might be access to birth control in the US, but it's hardly affordable to many poeple. almost 90% of counties in the US do not have access to abortions or abortion counseling.

Kathy said...


A year of birth control pills can be purchased from a pharmacy at full price for less than a single abortion in early pregnancy (and much, much less than an abortion in mid-pregnancy). While most counties may not have an abortion mill, I daresay that every county has a health department where people who can't afford it can get birth control pills (or shots) for free or nearly free. My friend is a nurse who works in one at our county Health Department, and just last week she was telling me about all the teenagers who come in all the time (and even some pre-teens) and get Depo-Provera or birth control pills.

Believe me, it's cheaper on the state to give free or reduced birth control than it is to pay for the pregnancy care and hospital bills, as well as welfare checks and WIC benefits after the baby is born.

Christina Dunigan said...

Keeping your knees together is absolutely free, and simplifies your life tremendously. No risk of STDs, no pregnancy scares or panic, and less heartache.

For the married, NFP is virtually free -- you need only invest in a thermometer. Practiced with care it's as effective as artificial contraception without all the risks that come with pumping your body full of chemicals. And -- here's the bonus -- you can use it as you dictate, to either reduce or enhance the possibility of conception.

The idea that it's normal or healthy to just let your hormones dictate your life is one of the most destructive lies Satan ever cooked up.

If we're merely animals, to just rut like animals, then we're also animals in that we can just eat our own young if resources are lacking. If we're more than animals, then our sexuality should be more than mere animals sexuality.

Kathy said...

GG -- Yep! Used both and they work great! I was a virgin when I got married, and have never taken birth control pills or any other artificial hormones. In fact, I don't even use a thermometer -- it's completely free! (Heading into TMI territory here, but I keep track of my cycle, which is fairly regular, and I know when my most fertile days are by the cervical mucus [or lack thereof]). It's worked great for the past six years (except when I forgot to check one time... his name is Keith). :-)

But I know the argument about controlling one's sexual passions goes over like a lead balloon to most people, although you bring up great points concerning it. So, I chose to combat the idea that artificial birth control is too expensive to afford. Um, yeah, but raising a baby is so cheap!

Too bad so many folks have completely lost the idea about personal responsibility!

Unknown said...

Well the problem with our society is anyone can have a child, and some people really should not have children! They can't take care of themselves and it's not fair to the child. If this kind of person wanted to stop a pregnancy, then it's for the best. Or how about the illegals that come over here, and they don't believe in any form of birth control and abortion and end up having 6 kids. Guess who helps pay for those kids?? US. Women should have the right to choose, and you people totally against abortion, well what about those girls that get rape? You think it's okay for them to have that baby and have a constant reminder of her attacker???

Kathy said...

Ashley, your complaint about anyone having a child is not against society, but against God or Mother Nature or whoever/whatever you believe made the female body able to reproduce, ok?

Secondly, it is not your position on this planet to decide who can and cannot, or should and should not have children, so don't get so high on yourself.

Third, is it more fair to the child to be murdered than to live?

Fourth, since many people do not believe in birth control or abortion, and are having numerous children, are you suggested forced abortions or forced sterilization, such as China has, to keep them from having children?

Fifth, what about girls that get raped? There are numerous examples of girls and women who have conceived after having been raped and chose not to have abortions. Their testimony is that one act of violence cannot be remedied by another (killing their child); and that they shouldn't make an innocent child pay for the crime of his rapist father; that they can either keep the baby or give him or her up for adoption, if it is too painful to keep him; that the memory of the rape is constant and painful, with or without a pregnancy, and that at least the baby conceived is an example of something innocent and pure coming from something horribly ugly and vile.

Unknown said...


It is about choice, that is what you are missing, and you are really pushing it with all this God fearing tripe.

My God is a WOMAN. A woman who understands the pain of pregnancy, the worry and financial strain of child-rearing and she is happy to let my beautiful little embryo be expelled from my body, as she will look after it's soul until it is wanted in my life and I can give it the love and care it deserves.

You are sick to suggest that a woman who does not want a baby should have one. We are in the 21st century, we are blessed to even have a choice.

And what's all this about how raped woman should not make 'innocent children' pay.... Oh for goodness sakes! Have you been raped and found out you're pregnant? Do you know how that feels? Have you made that choice? Even if you have, you are in no position to judge another who might want the dirty cells of an abuser out of HER body!

What about the over-population crisis we are currently facing on this planet?! Or have you got your heads in the sand on those issues as well???

I am so glad I live in the UK and I am so proud that woman here are offered a free and open choice. It is still difficult and emotional. You are so wrong to judge them, and I think rather than reading a book written by MEN you need to get in touch with your long lost female solidarity.

I can't believe how backwards and uncivilised you ignorant anti-abortionists sound.

Christina Dunigan said...

1. There is neither strength nor love in killing your own innocent, defenseless child.

2. All evil is a choice. Do you embrace all evil, or only abortion?

3. Your "god" is the Father of Lies. If he's got you convinced he's a woman, it's only because you're so eager to believe this.

Why do you so worship death? What turned you away from life and love and made you embrace destruction of your own offspring? And how did you come to see a selfish, cowardly act as some sort of beautiful thing? What is there to be proud of in obliterating a 20-gram embryo? Have you so few accomplishments in life that an act more cruel than pulling the legs off hamsters makes you feel good about yourself?

Unknown said...

Kathy - "Secondly, it is not your position on this planet to decide who can and cannot, or should and should not have children, so don't get so high on yourself."

Um... You said it...

TryingBeforeYouDo said...

@ anonymous: Prune Juice doesnt work. It just gives you an unpleasant hour.


soapbox said...

But i eat eggs all the time- does that come under killing an embryo as well because if egg eating is satan's doing I will stop it instantly.

I'm Muslim and as a race we are bigger pricks about anything to do with women. Sadly, most religious fanatics (any religion) involve restrictions upon women as one the first things that must be done in order for them to go to "heaven".

Come to my country for a bit grannygrump- I was born here and I see the cruelty that is an unwanted pregnancy. Women have been ordered to be gang raped by courts as a punishment for their brother's/ father's crimes and then when they get pregnant, get stoned to death for the shame they bring to the society. If a woman gets pregnant out of wedlock she will be sentenced to death. She cannot claim rape unless there were 3 male witnesses to the rape so she is always at fault. What you say, Grannygrump, are the words of a well to do person, from a well to do family, from a country that is tolerant. You don't even know what the F is going on in other parts of the world except what you hear from other people or the news. have you ever been to china? do you know that they would have collapsed as a country if the one child per person rule was not imposed? do you know how many people would have starved to death if that had happened? How cruel is your God - please let me know. Because mine forgives and mine can be a man and a woman when need be and mine will understand the decisions that I make in my life (abortion included) and will judge me accordingly. Do not presume to know everything or the first one who finds themselves in hell might be you.

Christina Dunigan said...

How does treating the baby as badly as the woman is treated make things better? Should we not be respecting ALL people, instead of treating even more people cruelly and unjustly?