Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Spanish abortion video, with English subtitles

WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! This video shows the woman expelling the fetus and the dead baby being examined by the undercover investigator.

Every place I know of in the US has the woman go alone into the bathroom and expel the dead baby in the toilet. Other than that, the process seems pretty much the same, right down to rubber-stamping the paperwork if the state has a requirement that there be some pretext of a health reason.

HT: Bold Truth

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Alexandra said...

Forgive me for not knowing too much about this video and/or the beliefs of the people who made it. Do you know why, if a fetus is "totally formed" at 5 months, a typical pregnancy lasts nine? ie, how does the narration define 'formed'? Is that medical fact or editorializing?

Monica said...

Alexandra, a baby at that gestation (and even before then)has all her organs, all her fingers and toes. All she needs is to continue to develop. At 20 weeks they typically do a scan to see if the baby has any malformations - including parts that have failed to "form".

Just because the baby has all her parts, it doesn't mean they are ready to be used. The last months of gestation prepare the baby (and her parts) for life outside the womb.


Rachael said...

Actually, the fetus is fully formed (has all limbs, organs, etc) by 13 weeks I believe and the remainder of the pregnancy consists of the organs maturing and the baby growing.



GrannyGrump said...

The point of the commentary on the program was the condition of the particular fetuses being put to death that day at that facility, which was well past the point where everything was there.

Toward the end it's mostly waiting for the lungs and digestive to develop to where they can support the rest of the body.

Alexandra said...

Toward the end it's mostly waiting for the lungs and digestive to develop to where they can support the rest of the body.

Thank you, Christina. This is what I was looking for. I would not consider a fetus that doesn't have its lungs and digestive system working to be "fully formed," which is why I wondered what the narrator's criteria for "fully formed" was. I mean, you could say at any point in the pregnancy that all the baby needs is "to continue to develop," but that sure doesn't mean fully formed to me.

GrannyGrump said...

I think you're confusing "fully formed" with "fully mature".

Every major structure is in place at 8 weeks, and by 12 all structures are complete, down to tooth buds in the jaws.

And the fetus is perfectly functional at all stages of development. Everything he or she needs is there and working as it needs to be unless there is a problem. In many ways, the fetus is actually more sophisticated than an adult, because more of the DNA in each cell remains active. The development is a matter of "shutting down" more information in each generation of cells until they become fully specialized.

Jose said...

Unbelievable. How can anyone deny that is a baby?

GrannyGrump said...

As you can see, they simply don't look. Who are they hiding the baby from when they cover it as quickly as possible and scoop it into a trash bag? Themselves, so they don't have to think of themselves as people who kill babies for a living.

Jose said...

Yes but can you imagine them doing this with a kidney or a lung. No they have to look inside and out to see what was wrong and what else may need to be done. This isn't a medical procedure its an assassination.

GrannyGrump said...

That's the point the expose was trying to make.

Anonymous said...

Alexandra was trying to be coy, but she made it perfectly clear to me that she was trying to discredit the fact that the abortion was the killing of an unborn human being. Fully formed, fully mature, makes no difference. It is a horrid and barbaric act that kills babies, and harms women to the very core. Despicable.