Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I don't get it

The MSM seem totally convinced -- as do many liberal bloggers -- that Bristol Palin's pregnancy is somehow some sort of huge scandal that will rock the foundations of the McCain/Palin ticket.

"Person sins, falls short of the Glory of God" isn't exactly headline news, even if the person in question is the teenage daughter of the GOP vice-presidential nominee. It's right up there with "Rain falls down" and "Summer is warmer than winter". It's the way things are and have always been.

Oh, but we're Bible-believing Christians! We condemn sin! And isn't fornication a sin?

Yeah. As is adultery and getting the guy you cuckolded killed off. Which King David did. As is murder. Which Moses did.

God didn't reject them, even after they sinned. He picked them up and set them back on the path.

Should we hold a teenage girl to a higher standard than even Biblical kings and patriarchs?

Nobody is perfect, not even Biblical kings and patriarchs. Not even the teenage children of politicians. That doesn't mean that you stop striving for the very best. It does mean that you accept that you and those around you will fall short. And that you pick yourselves up and get back on the path.

Yes, chastity is best. It's the ideal to strive for. Many -- perhaps even most -- will fall short at least once. In the wake of the Olympics, we should remember that not being able to attain perfection doesn't mean that you stop striving for it. And like a gymnast who botches a landing, a runner who stumbles, a fielder who drops a fly ball, you assess what caused you to fall short and you do better next time. You don't just give up.

Why can't the MSM get this?

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Anonymous said...

The scandal here is not the pregnancy itself, but the fact theat Palin is against birth control and teraches abstenence, and this is the result. If you take a step back, it's erally a joke that she is even a nominee.

GrannyGrump said...

So, if a gymnast falls, her coach was an idiot to try to teach her and he should tell her to give it up, she might as well eat bon-bons and watch TV?

If a baseball player strikes out, should his coach tell him to just hang up the batting glove and play video games?

In any other field of human endeavor, it's easy to see that perfection is not attainable, but that the striving makes you better.

But when it comes to sex, liberals take an entirely different approach. "It's too hard to control yourself, so don't even bother trying!"

How stupid is that?

Anonymous said...

You're comparing a teenage pregnancy to trivial, everyday let-downs like falling down or striking out? Really?? Wow.

Now it's come out that Sarah Palin slashed funding for a home for teenage mothers earlier this year. What kind of "feminist for life" supports her daughter in choosing life, but not the daughters of her constituents?

GrannyGrump said...

I'm comparing a person capitulating to sexual temptation when they had intended to be chaste with an athlete screwing up. You fell short. And you take corrective action.

But the Left says, "Don't even try. It's too hard."

Which group is going to be risking pregnancy more often? The ones trying to be chaste, or the ones rutting like bunnies?

GrannyGrump said...

I followed your link. She reduced funding for a an organization that provided "a mix of programs" -- she didn't target teen moms who were huddled in the snow with their babies.

I looked up Covenant House Alaska on Charity Navigator and it wasn't there, though there are many other Covenant House organizations. They typically are getting only a 1- or 2-star rating, which means that they have heavy overhead and little of the donated money goes to provide directly for the beneficiaries of the charity. Other similar charities get 3- and 4-star ratings.

If Covenant House Alaska is performing similarly, then Palin was right to slash their earmark until they got their house in order. Why should she give tax money to an organization that a savvy donor would pass by because they're not managing their funds well?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's funny -- when most kids screw up (literally) and get pregnant, the Left says, "Well, of course they're having sex! You can't stop 'em!" But when the daughter of a now-prominent conservative screws up, they say, "Oh, she's a bad mother and neglected her children!" So.... does that mean that only bad and neglectful mothers have sexually-active children? Hmmm, gotta ponder that one a bit more -- either you can stop 'em, or you can't....

Also, in reference to what "anonymous" said about this pregnancy being "the result" of Mrs. Palin teaching her daughter abstinence -- as if telling kids not to have sex causes pregnancy -- what, then, is the cause of all the kids who get pregnant or get someone else pregnant after being taught to use condoms and/or The Pill to avoid pregnancy?

Amy said...

So, anon, I take it you were there and can verify that Bristol Palin didn't use birth control, is that right?

Because we don't know if she did or didn't.

But we do know that sex - even with birth control - leads to pregnancy. The pill and condoms are not 100% effective, even with perfect use.

So it's possible Palin had access to birth control and *still* got pregnant.

Face it, the left is up in arms for two - no, three - reasons:

1. Sarah Palin has five children and didn't abort her son who has Downs.

2. Sarah Palin is pro-life. And conservative.

3. Sarah Palin's daughter is pro-life and didn't sneak off to have an abortion.

If Palin had a "D" after her name, they'd be worshiping her on bended knee.

But, by all means, I hope they keep it up. The abuse is sure off-putting to a lot of people.

GrannyGrump said...

Amy, I figure give 'em enough rope and they'll hang themselves. They don't realize that in attacking Gov. Palin and her daughter, they're attacking every family in America that has ever dealt with a teen pregnancy, and every teenager who has ever ended up pregnant out of wedlock.

Thanks to the hypersexualization of America, that's a lot of people they're alienating.

GrannyGrump said...

katsyfga, what really has them spewing spittle is that Bristol didn't abort. If there's anything the Leftists can't stand, it's any woman (or teenage girl) who braves up and has her baby.

We're all supposed to be pathetic little creatures who can't cope, who need somebody to make sure we don't worry our pretty little heads with any actual information before making the default "choice" and climbing on the abortion table.

When a woman has a backbone and a heart and says, "My baby deserves better than to get shipped in pieces to a pathology lab," it gives them a conniption fit.