Thursday, November 06, 2008

One down. How many to go?

One of the guys I used to teach with in Korea was a Friend in FaceBook. I gave my status as "crying for Angele" and he asked for more information. I told him.

He told me it was "a needle in a haystack moment" and to "get over it", how Barack Obama was going to do wonderful things "for women".

I nuked him from my friends list. Anybody who considers leaving a baby to die in an abortion clinic toilet something that should just be blown off as insignificant... Well, maybe I'll just consider you a bit insignificant, too. Your baby is alive. Even though a Korean doctor wanted to abort him. You and your wife escaped with your child's life, by God's grace. You might have a little compassion for those who weren't so blessed.


Amy said...

Your friend, quite frankly, is a moron. And an insensitive one at that.

Of course, he fits the template perfectly: care about "women's issues" until something bad happens, then sweep the woman and her pain under the rug because it's too painful to face the reality that abortion takes a life and destroys another.

GrannyGrump said...

Yeah, the only women who matter are the satisfied customers. Those who realize they were sold a bill of goods are supposed to just shut up and take their lumps.

Brian G. (get it now?) said...

F your Former Friend. You don't need people like that. I hope he tries to reach you and ask why you axed him from the list so that you can tell him "get over it."