Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"Unite Against the War on Women" (profanity alert)

Zombie has graciously shared some of the pictures set to go up on Ringo's Blog later today. I figured I'd respond to a few. I'll update when the Ringo's Blog pics go up.The overarching theme seems to be that fertility is a curse inflicted on women by Republicans.
Can anybody be stupid enough to actually believe this? (I'll also note that it's not like all women share a common uterus, which her sign specifically manages to claim.)
Frankly, honey, nobody who isn't your gynecologist or your latest lay is even remotely interested in your vagina.
I've addressed this lame slogan before. First of all, it betrays a very deep ignorance of anatomy, since the fetuses they're demanding a right to kill don't gestate in the ovary. But beyond that is the bigger issue: Who, exactly, really is obsessed with other people's ovaries? Is it really the Catholic Church? How many of you have seen any sign that the Catholic Church in any way objects to ovulation? It's the Sandra Flukes of the world, and the people who idolize them, that obsesses about ovaries. They're constantly fretting about all the unauthorized ovulation that's going on. They're probably the most anti-ovary people on the planet.
WTF? This woman doesn't need birth control. She needs therapy.
Pregnancy is indeed not a punishment for having sex. it's a natural consequence of having sex. The fact that she blames this on Republicans shows her fundamental divorce from reality.
Isn't the far Left opposed to the idea of private property? Not to mention if it is your private property, then you, and nobody else, are responsible for the costs renovations and upkeep.

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