Thursday, May 08, 2014

Gosnell Clinic: Even Nastier Than the Grand Jury Reported

After the trial of abortionist/serial murderer Kermit Gosnell was over, the judge lifted a gag order and for the first time allowed investigators to speak of what they found there.

Gosnell Grand Jury ReportThe Grand Jury's report was gruesome enough, including:
  • a flea-infested cat roaming the facility
  • cat feces on the stairs
  • dirty recliners where patients lay covered with blood-stained blankets
  • dusty and corroded medical equipment
  • crusted blood on the procedure room table
  • fetal remains stored in bags, orange juice cartons, and even cat-food containers
  • a row of specimen jars containing the severed feet of aborted babies
But what police officer John Taggart remembers is the stench of death -- and the sinks clogged with fetal remains. Taggart said that when they plunged the break-room sink, "an arm popped up on Lancaster Avenue.

Flushing fetal remains down the plumbing is not unique to Gosnell's "house of horrors."
  • A car dealership in Houston called the Health Department about fetal remains that had backed out of the sewer onto their lot from the abortion clinic next door.
  • A Delaware plumber reportedly told investigators that he installed an "industrial gauge" garbage disposal at Brandywine Valley Women's Center. Employees told investigators that they routinely flushed 8 - 20 week fetuses down the disposal. Director Eric Harrah was reportely fined $43,000 after amitting that he allowed fetuses to be flushed down the garbage disposal at Brandywine and its affiliated Delta Women's Clinic, a National Abortion Federation member facility. (Sources: Wilmington News Journal 12-3-94, 12-4-93, 12-15-93, 8-22-93, 4-16-94, Philadelphia Inquirer 7-11-93)
  • Abortionist Lawson Akpulonu got in trouble after, among other things, the Medical Board found: "Employees were trained to dump tissue jars into the sink and run the contents through the garbage disposal." (Source: Medical Board Accusation No. D-5286 OAH. No. L-63123)
  • An employee of William Malcom Knarr reported that she found a four-inch fetus in the garbage disposal at his clinic. (Source: Affidavit of S.M. dated 10-22-92)
  • Sidney Knight got in trouble when the Department of Public Works reported that fetuses were disposed of by grinding them and flushing them into the sanitary sewer system. (Source: - DPW letter 12-29-89)
Nastiest of all, abortionist Curtis Stover filed an affidavit stating that he vomited after observing abortionist James Park's method of disposing of aborted fetuses of 15 to 22 weeks gestation: he ground them up with a standard kitchen meat grinder and flushed the tissue down the sink. Stover said the fetuses came out "like multiple tubes of pink toothpaste." In a letter to the health department, Stover stated that Parks told him he had developed this method because the fetuses would "stop up" the toilet and because he did not want fetuses retrieved from the trash by pro-lifers. (Sources: letter by Stover dated 6-15-92, affidavit by Stover dated 6-15-92; Up The Creek 9-11-92; excerpt from Parks' deposition 2-4-91 Arapahoe County District Court Case No. 90CV432)

We need to awaken this country to the reality of what is done behind closed doors in the name of "reproductive health care." A contribution to will help to make a TV movie about Gosnell's crimes -- and the complicity that allowed Gosnell to thrive while women and children suffered and died. This venue can present the story to the maximum number of people. Funding need not set you back any more than $1 -- less than the cost of a cup of coffee or a bottle of water. If you can't contribute, or have already contributed funding, keep in mind that both prayer and spreading the word about the project are also vital contributions to the efforts. Together we can wake up a sleeping nation.

For more about why it's vital that the Gosnell movie be made, read:

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