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Why the Left Must Silence Us on Gosnell: The "Outlier" Lie

Dr. Kermit Gosnell
One ploy the abortion-rights movement uses when discussing notorious Philadelphia abortionist Kermit "House of Horrors" Gosnell is to dismiss him as an "outlier."

This distancing attempt displays ignorance at best, and willful lying at worst.

We can not let the abortion-rights movement weasel away from the fact that although the National Abortion Federation did reject Gosnell's membership application, that didn't stop one of their member clinics from hiring him to work part-time at their facility.

Gosnell worked
at a NAF clinic.
A woman who believed NAF's promises of safety would make an apointment at this reputable clinic, which would collect her fee and then turn her over to Gosnell's care. Her abortion would be started at the NAF clinic, after which the woman would be given an appointment to have her abortion completed at Gosnell's own facility, where she would be drugged within inches of her life by people who didn't even finish high school, then left to moan and writhe on a blood-stained recliner amid the cat feces.

This relationship can't be described as "outlier." It was "employee."

One of the patients handed off to Gosnell was Sue, the 17-year-old mother of Baby Boy A, the baby that Gosnell joked was big enough to walk him to the bus stop as he was severing the child's spinal cord with surgical scissors. Gosnell had estimated the baby's age as nearly 30 weeks by ultrasound. A neonatologist who examined a photo one of Gosnell's employees had taken of the infant estimated the gestational age to be 32 weeks. Gosnell was convicted of first-degree murder in the child's death.

Sue suffered as well from being entrusted to Gosnell's care by the National Abortion Federation clinic. Her aunt, who had brought her for the abortion, said that when Gosnell discharged her, "She was moaning. .... She was like holding her stomach, doubled over."

He worked at one of your clinics. The word for that isn't outlier. It's employee.
For days the girl was in pain, barely able to eat. When she developed a fever, her aunt called Gosnell, who merely asked if she was taking pain medication. A few days later, Sue began vomiting, so her grandmother called another doctor who advised an immediate trip to the hospital. Sue was promptly admitted, diagnosed with a severe infection and blood clots in her lungs. It was a week and a half before she was well enough to be released. She nearly died. Even after discharge, her aunt said, Sue remained thin, and it took months before she was physically recovered.

All of this suffering, along with a newborn baby's murder, is a direct result of the actions of a National Abortion Federation member's decision to let Gosnell treat their patients. Responsibility rests with the Federation as well for not properly vetting members and requiring that they only hire trustworthy doctors.

This failure of the abortion-rights movement to detect, report, and shut down Kermit Gosnell is one of the many aspects of this debacle that needs to be brought strongly to the public's attention. This is why I'm asking my readers to contribute to This need only set you back $1 -- less than the cost of a bottle of water or a cup of coffee. But that contribution will send a powerful message that we are not going to stop until we've ended not only the silence, but the lies as well.

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