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1983: One of two dead patients for Andre Nehorayoff

Abortionist Andre Nehorayoff was disciplined over the abortion death of a patient identified by the medical board as "Patient E." Since other accounts of her death refer to her as "Ellen Roe", I will use this psuedonom as well. (Life Dynamics calls her "Jane" on their "Blackmun Wall".)

Nehorayoff performed a safe and legal abortion on November 29, 1983. She was 18 years old and in the second trimester of pregnancy. Nehorayoff did not record an adequate medical history or physical examination. In fact, the medical history section of her chart contains no entries whatsoever. He did not order an ultrasound or use laminaria, as would be indicated for a second trimester abortion.

After the abortion, Nehorayoff discharged Ellen from his facility. He had not removed or identified all fetal parts. "Respondent knew or should have known that he had perfomed an incomplete abortion. Respondent failed to have Patient E transferred to a hospital for observation and completion of the procedure."

Nehorayoff entered the following note in Ellen's chart: "Pt. is advised that she might pass some tissue, contact me at any time or if she bleeds heavily." So evidently he was aware that he'd preformed an incomplete abortion.

Two days later, Nehorayoff recieved a lab report that detected only placental tissue in the specimen from Ellen's abortion, indicating that there was still a lot of fetal tissue in Ellen's body.

Nehorayoff noted no attempt to notify Ellen of the incomplete abortion. He also made no note of the pathology report in Ellen's chart.

At 5:10 AM on December 3, Ellen was rushed to an emergency room. She was already in a coma upon admission. An hour and 10 minutes later, she was pronounced dead. At autopsy there was a portion of the fetal left leg protruding from the uterus, and the cause of death was determined to be from hemorrhaging due to the incomplete abortion.

Nehorayoff was also disciplined regarding Patient F, whom he left in a recovery room following her abortion on December 15, 1979, without any monitoring. She turned blue and no pulse could be detected. She was pronounced dead at a hospital.

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