Monday, December 01, 2008

Brit abortion advocates wish everyone a slutty Christmas

Ad Showing Woman Seducing Santa Promotes Free Morning-After Pills and Condoms for Christmas

Go ahead, party hearty this Christmas, says the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS). Get totally blotto at the office party and get funky with the boss or a hot co-worker. Hell, why stop at that? Screw Santa under the tree. It's all good fun, as long as you remember to use the three free condoms in their Christmas packet for your first three cheap lays. Follow up your next drunken debauch with the free "morning after pill". And if your appetites exceed just four flings, the Christmas cheer package includes instructions for where and how to get that little unintended Bundle of Christmas Joy scraped out.

Yes, BPAS offers Christmas cheer for those of you too sexually overcharged to be satisfied with trampling Wal-Mart employees to death on your shopping forays.

Everybody has their own way of celebrating the birth of Christ. Giving in to your animal instincts evidently heads the list.


Anonymous said...

You sound really jealous in this post. It's sad, really.

Wickle said...

Wow ... this is just so wrong on so many levels.

I'll just comment on two of them ...

Just how drunk do you have to be to find Santa sexy, anyway?

Imagine poor little kids seeing this ad, and the questions their parents will have to answer.

Amy said...

You sound really jealous in this post. It's sad, really..

Jealous? Of what?

Or are you one of those conservatives-andpro-lifers-are-sexually-deprived-prudes types?

The proper term for the tone of this post is disgusted, and it is extremely digusting how far our culture has come in cheapening sex and the human body.

We sleep with people as readily as we shake their hands nowadays, with the libertine among us saying just a little more sexual license is all it will take to make us happy, complete, and fulfilled.

To top it all off, we make it extremely easy to murder and children produced in such meaningless trysts, furthering the notion that life - and human beings - are expendable.

What we end up with is a culture where abuse of women and children rises, divorce rates skyrocket, and people are still unhappy and unfulfilled.

GrannyGrump said...

Yeah, anon, I'm desperately jealous that MY life isn't an endless litany of STDs and abortions resulting from tawdry, meaningless, unsatisfying sexual encounters with men I don't even like. Instead I have these deep and abiding relationships with family and friends, memories of holidays spent together, of camping trips, of concerts and whitewater rafting, of journeys to Mongolia, China, Spain, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Wales. Ah, I'd trade them all in a heartbeat for just one bout of chlamydia! Why am I so cursed!?

Amy said...

And that comment, anon, is what we call "sarcasm."

Great retort, Granny... :)

Coffee Catholic said...

Oh yes, I must chime in! I feel soooooslutting around and humping every diseased man that comes into my path. GOLLY what an awful life I lead! I'm so unempowered and oppressed! Pity me!!