Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A serious change of image

Well, here's Savatage:

They clean up real nice:

Yup. The Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Looking up TSO lyrics led me to learn that the TSO songs I was looking for were actually Savatage songs, which led me to discover that TSO is a Savatage project rather than a band in its own right. So... Messes with my head, but in a nice way.

So after all these one night stands
You've ended up with heart in hand

A child alone / On your own / Retreating

Regretful for the things you're not
And all things you haven't got

Without a home / A heart of stone / Lies bleeding

And for all the roads you followed / And for all you did not find

And for all the dreams you had to leave behind

I am the way / I am the light
I am the dark inside the night

I hear your hopes / I feel your dreams
And in the dark I hear your screams

Don't turn away / Just take my hand
And when you make your final stand

I'll be right there / I'll never leave
All I ask of you is Believe

And is it just me, or does he sound like Gary Brooker:


Wickle said...

Sorry, I couldn't resist ...

So, when they "clean up," the other one disappears entirely?

Rachael C. said...

Cool! The TSO is coming to Indianapolis on their holiday tour & it looks awesome, so I`d like to try to get tickets.

GrannyGrump said...

Actually, Wickle, I think one of them died.

And they added a lot of people. There were two keyboards, a drummer, two violins, and a bunch of guitars and basses at the show, plus a borrowed string section from the local symphony orchestra.

Wickle said...

Oh, dang ...

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be crass. I figured that one of them just didn't join up on the TSO project.

I had no idea ... I'm sorry to anyone I offended.

GrannyGrump said...

I don't think anybody would be offended! I'm not even sure that's why they're short one -- I know they had a band member die, but I don't know if they replaced him before doing TSO. So it might not be the guy's death that is the reason there's four guys in the Savatage pic and only three in the TSO pic.