Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Affair with seedy doc leads to unsought abortion

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The MSM coverage paints this as a picture of a doc just getting disciplined for an unethical sexual relationship (having sex AT THE CLINIC with a co-worker) and for some untidiness in his decision to perform her abortion himself once he knocked her up, rather than referring her to another doctor for the abortion.

The documents from the medical board tell an even more sordid story.

Dr. John E. Eiland worked at Grays Harbor Women's Clinic (an actual women's clinic, not just an abortion mill with a respectable-sounding name), as well as at its parent hospital, Providence Centralia Hospital.

"Patient A", who I'll refer to as Amy, was a patient at Grays Harbor in 2004, and began working there as a medical assistant in 2005. She and Eiland ended up having an affair -- which included sexual trysts at the clinic.

Around April of 2006, this affair produced the predictable result: pregnancy. On June 3, Amy told Eiland that she was suffering pain in her right side and some light vaginal spotting. Rather than refer Amy to her doctor at the clinic, Eiland arranged to examine her there after-hours, performing a trans-vaginal ultrasound. Eiland didn't document any of this, but during the investigation he admitted to it, and said that he'd preformed the exam himself after hours in order to keep the affair a secret.

Eiland told investigators that he saw no evidence of a uterine pregnancy, so to rule out an ectopic pregnancy he decided to admit Amy to Providence Centralia. Eiland admitted that there was no medical emergency, and no medically valid reason to rush to treat Amy himself.

Amy was five or six weeks pregnant. Eiland said that he warned Amy that the anesthesia for the exploratory laparotomy he was about to perform carried a 20% miscarriage risk. He had her sign a consent form for the laparotomy and, if "necessary", a D&C.

If Amy did have an ectopic pregnancy, a D&C wouldn't constitute treatment because it wouldn't touch the pregnancy. On the other hand, a D&C would kill any embryo gestating in Amy's uterus. In other words, Eiland was tricking Amy into signing a consent form for an abortion under the guise of treatment for an ectopic pregnancy. He ordered an hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) test prior to the surgery; the results later showed an hCG level consistent with a normal uterine pregnancy.

Once Eiland had Amy put under, he performed the laparotomy, which revealed that Amy had a uterine pregnancy, not an ectopic pregnancy. There was no evidence that there was anything wrong with Amy's pregnancy. But Eiland performed a D&C anyway, killing their child, Amy's child.

Eiland insisted that he'd just performed the abortion to prevent Amy from suffering the physical and emotional trauma of a miscarriage. Evidently this story placated Amy, since she continued to have sex with him for two more years.

How she feels now, when it's come out that he tricked her into an unsought abortion, isn't a matter of public record.

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