Friday, December 24, 2010

Three anniversaries

On December 24, 1908, Christina Pearson, age 38, died in Chicago from compilations of an abortion. Dr. L. A. Mueller was held by the coroner, but for reasons not given in the source document he was not charged. Christina's abortion was typical in that it was evidently performed by a physician.

Today is also the anniversary of two other illegal abortion deaths, but I'll not give the details today, because to their families, they were only missing. One woman's fate was known only to her abortionist and his accomplices. The other's fate was known to her abortionist, his accomplice, and her boyfriend, who had arranged the abortion. The boyfriend was an accomplice not only in the fatal abortion, but in the attempt to cover up what had happened.

I know this is a dismal topic for Christmas Eve, but that's reality. On the eve of the celebration of Jesus's birth, we must remember that abortion was still devastating families, and will continue to devastate families until we stop believing the lie that women and their children are naturally mortal enemies.

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