Sunday, December 12, 2010

More proof that "Roe" impacts you even if you don't choose to participate

Abortion advocates treat their pet cause like it's a private party on a remote island, something that only has an impact on you if you, personally, choose to participate. (Oh, we all reap the "benefits", mind you, but there's no negative fallout to innocent bystanders!)

Here's more evidence that they're either lying or ignoring reality.

In the name of "reproductive rights", abortion fans in Colorado and 14 other stats think they have the right to tell women that they have no right to justice when their loved and wanted unborn children are murdered.

Colo. law means driver who killed unborn baby won't be charged.

Yes, the rights of the minority of women who actually want their babies to die trump the rights of the majority of women who love and want to protect their babies. This is called "trusting women". This is called "letting women make decisions about their lives, families, and reproductive health". This is called "human rights". This is called anything but what it is -- a loud minority imposing their values on the rest of us.

Let's review the ways in which the abortion lobby has trampled the rights of pregnant women:

  • Abortions are pushed on women who don't want them by doctors with their own agendas. (See how this impacted Allegra Roseberry.

  • Abortions are pushed on women (and teenage girls) who don't want them by school counselors and social workers.

  • Even women who manage to resist the pressure to abort are subjected to needless stress, including abandonment by their doctors.

    And let's not forget the families whose loved ones chose abortions secretly. Abortions they found out about only when it was too late to say goodbye:

  • Michelle Madden's family found out about her fatal abortion when they went to pick her up at college for Thanksgiving.

  • Haley Mason's family found out about her abortion after she'd killed herself over it.

  • Dorothy Muzorewa's husband came home from class and found his wife dead and his home "wall to wall blood".

  • Holly Patterson's family learned of the abortion when their daughter was already dying in the hospital.

  • Dawn Ravenelle's mother sent her 13-year-old daughter off to school, only to get a call later that day that her daughter was dying at St. Luke's Hospital.

  • Angela Sanchez's family found out about her abortion when they caught clinic workers stuffing Angela's stiffening body into the trunk of her own car.

  • Laura Smith's parents found out about their daughter's abortion when they got an hysterical phone call from their now-dead daughter's best friend.

    You don't have to like abortion, approve of abortion, or seek out an abortion to have Roe vs. Wade profoundly impact your life.
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