Friday, April 22, 2011

Hodari on four patient deaths: Corrective action? Meh.

Michigan abortionist tied to four client deaths resists safety regulations

Notorious Michigan abortionist Alberto Hodari, who has been linked to four patient deaths, has a strategy for preventing future trouble. Not future trouble for endangered patients, mind you: Future trouble for Alberto Hodari. You see, the widened clinic exit that would allow emergency rescuers to get a gurney in and out of the building is just too expensive, so Hodari plans to just do more things that aren't abortions (rather than do fewer abortions). This will change his status from "abortion clinic" to "doctor's office" and free him from the annoying burden of regulations to protect the lives of patients.

Four women are known to have died at Hodari-run abortion mills. Fifteen-year-old Tamia Russell died less than 24 hours after a late-term abortion at Hodari’s Lathrup Villiage in 2004, the same clinic that is subject to closure. In 2007, a 17-year-old Hodari patient died from abortion complications. Chivon Williams died less than six hours after having been released from one of Hodari’s abortion clinics following a suction abortion.

In 2009, Hodari was fined $10,000 for his part in the death of 32-year-old Regina Johnson in 2003. An investigation by Voices for Women revealed that the facility where Johnson died, having never awakened from anesthesia, was not equipped with resuscitation equipment.

The idea that he needs to upgrade his facility is dismissed by Hodari and his lawyer:

Hodari’s attorney, Victor Norris, responded, “The department can’t be that concerned about irreparable harm if they gave the license in the first place.”

In other words, not only is Hodari refusing to take corrective action, he doesn't want the state to take any corrective measure either. He'd prefer that they take the Pennsylvania Approach that allowed Kermit Gosnell to run a filthy, dangerous abortion mill without any real oversight.

And Hodari was permitted to practice at several National Abortion Federation member clinics -- as was Kermit Gosnell. NAF continues to claim that they actually give a rat's ass about patient safety.

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