Friday, April 22, 2011

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Greatest Living American: A Children’s Treasury of Trig Crap On His Birthday, courtesy of Google Cache.

Jack Steuf seems appalled that Sarah Palin's supporters are bonkers for her "retarded" kid. He posts, with undisguised disgust, things like Glen Beck's misty-eyed commentary on how moved he is by the way the Palins welcomed little Trig, and any evidence that people genuinely think he's adorable and want to see him.

He expressed disgust with the way little Piper smoothed her baby brother's hair, and embedded a snippet of video which he introduced with "Here’s Piper licking her hand and rubbing it all over Trig’s head for some reason:" How about, "Because she loves her little brother and she's taking care of him in a way that makes sense to a little girl?"

He was also disgusted with footage of little Trig and another baby with Down Syndrome meeting at a book signing, introducing the clip with, "Here’s Trig returning the favor, meeting another Down syndrome baby and immediately trying to lick it:"

First of all, neither of those babies is an "it." And those of us who don't hate babies saw this as a beautiful moment -- the Palin family delighted to see the woman's baby, and the delight of both moms seeing their babies together. And hint to Mr. Steuf: Babies with Down Syndrome often have protruding tongues. Nice move, making fun of him for that.

He also shares a disgusting commentary by some hatermongering clown called Louis C.K. (Warning -- extreme profanity, ignorance, and pure hatred):

For those of you who don't have the stomach to listen, I'll hit the salient "humorous" points:

1. "Her baby is under one year old. It doesn't matter yet that it's retarded."

First of all, Trig is HE, not IT. And, like Jack Steuf, old CK reveals his ignorance: Babies with DS have low muscle tone and a quiet disposition that makes it necessary to give them extra stimulation. Parents also have to be alert to symptoms of some of the negative characteristics of DS, such as heart problems. The extra work of being a good parent to a kid with DS starts early. Who is it that's really "retarded," CK? A sweet little baby who is too young to have language skills, or a supposedly functional adult too lazy and ignorant to learn a little about Down Syndrome before he shoots his mouth off?

2. "What matters is when it acts the way it does now when it's fifteen years old."

Again with referring to a child as "it." And again with the ignorance. A 15-year-old with DS can do pretty much what any other 15-year-old can do with the exception of some intellectual skills. A teenager with DS will go to school, do homework, help with household chores, and socialize with friends just like any other teenager. Again, old CK displays who is really "retarded."

Then it gets really disgusting, but I'll share it because it's important to recognize just how hateful and ignorant Palin-bashers are:

3. "But when she was standing on the stage at the f-ing convention holding a baby that just came out of her f-ing disgusting c***, her f-ing retard-making c***,and she holds it up, I hate her more than anybody."

So any woman who has a baby with DS is just a "retard maker", by CK's standards. Those "retards" aren't real babies. They're just disgusting creatures. Feel the LOVE!

4. "It's not gonna start failing IQ tests yet."

Again, Trig is a "he," not an "it." And nobody "fails" an IQ test. An IQ test just shows where the person is on the bell curve in a measure of a certain kind of intelligence. Everybody is somewhere on that bell curve. I dare say Trig may not excel in the kind of "intelligence" CK has, but he'll trump CK in love and interpersonal skills.

5. "When the kid turns f-ing 12 and it's still not tying its shoes, she's gonna be, 'Enough with this! This is now a challenge and not a joy, frankly.'"

More dehumanization, still referring to Trig as "it." And more ignorance -- kids with DS learn to tie their shoes just fine. And they remain just as much a joy as ever to their families, who love them. Not everybody is like you, Mr. Steuf, insisting that people meet your personal standards before they're worthy of love.

Steuf posted a half-assed apology:

I regret this post and using the word “retarded” in a reference to Sarah Palin’s child. It’s not nice, and is not necessary, but I take responsibility for writing it. For those who came and are offended by this post: I’m sorry, of course. But I stand by my criticism of Sarah Palin using her child as a political prop.

All he does here is show that he really doesn't get it. He doesn't see anything wrong with referring to two children as "it". He doesn't see anything wrong with dehumanizing children and making fun of their families for actually loving them. He clearly still finds "retards" so disgusting that he can't understand why the Palin family loves Trig, and why so many open-hearted people think he's beautiful and are glad to see him fully embraced as a member of the Palin family. What does Steuf want the Palins to do? Lobotomize Trig and hide him in an institution the way the Kennedys did with Rosemary? Evidently so, since he's so offended that they take their baby out in public as if he's a "normal" kid.

Thus spake Jack Steuf and Louis C.K., whose idea of humor is displaying their utter ignorance, intolerance, and irrational hatred of anybody who is different from them or who loves those different people.

Some people say that the idea that there's a Hell is cruel. But could Heaven really be Heaven with those two there, kicking kids like Trig Palin for all eternity? God will ultimately protect Trig Palin and other vulnerable people from the hatemongers forever. And that's going to be a good thing.


Katie said...

It's interesting to me how liberals, who claim to be so into "political correctness" and "fighting for the underdogs" are the first ones to throw around words like faggot, cunt, retard, nigger, etc, when conservatives or their families are involved. So much tolerance, intelligence, and respect, right?

It's also disturbing when you read comments on "articles" like these and see all the people who dehumanize and hate anyone who isn't "perfect." So much disgust for disabled people, yet they're supposedly intellectual superior and still horrible shits of human beings. Some of the most intelligent people in history were also some of the most sadistic and cruel. It's disturbing how proud of their own inhumanity some of these leftists are.

Cecilia said...

Louis CK is a Nazi minded pig. The Nazis hated the handicapped, just like CK does. IT is so sick with hate and perversion that it must degrade the handicapped, and those who love them. People like Louis CK make me sick. I can't help but hope it gets early onset Alzheimers. That would show it what it feels like to be different. Maybe then it would rethink its ideas and attitudes about those who are different.
(Notice I went out of my way to refer to CK as "it," just as it did to Trig. I wonder how it feels having its own tactics turned back on it.

Christina Dunigan said...

Cecilia, let's not wish a specific hurt upon the guy, but pray that God will awaken repentance in his heart. "All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory" and "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

CK proudly displays his sin in public, while most of us wallow in it privately. And often -- I don't know about you, but it's true for me -- often it takes the form of pride that I'm not a slimy individual like CK.

We need to pray that God will take care of this dude in HIS time.

L. said...

Sounds like he's sounding off and being purposely provocative just to GET ATTENTION -- and the left has no monopoly on being obnoxious.

(And for the record, I called ALL of my babies "it" for the first few years of their lives. In fact, I call my teenagers "it" sometimes now!)

Christina Dunigan said...

L, it's one thing to tease and refer to your kids as "it" in a jovial way. But this was mean, ignorant, and hateful. But then, much of what passes for humor nowadays is mean, ignorant, and hateful. And the rest tends to be just plain tasteless.