Thursday, April 07, 2011

Texas house votes to divert PP money to vulnerable citizens

Texas Right to Life removes $61M tax funds from abortion industry!

Money that Planned Parenthood and its supporters wanted to allocate underwriting people's sex lives has been diverted by Texas lawmakers into other areas of the state budget:
  1. Pregnancy centers to help women avoid abortion
  2. Services for people with autism
  3. Mental health services for children
  4. Emergency medical services and trauma care
  5. Early Childhood Intervention
  6. Services for the deaf, blind, and those with multiple disabilities
  7. STAR program for at-risk youth
So, much to PP's chagrin, the money is going to go to needy people, mostly children and those with disabilities. You know, the kind of people Planned Parenthood has sought from Day One to eliminate.

So this is a double blow to them. They lose funding -- and it's being diverted to those their founder looked down on as "human weeds."

Compassion trumps elitism! Go, Texas!

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Blackberry said...

I completely approve. This is very good news.