Friday, August 16, 2013

#AbortionMatters: Because Safe-n-Legal Abortion Quackery Kills

For your Tweetfest convenience, a collection of examples of women killed by safe-n-legal abortion quackery, noting that there is indeed a need for a national dialog about, and approach to, abortion in order to improve women's health and well being. That's something we agree with the Feminist Majority Foundation about!

 BCuz U can't trust safe-n-legal doc not 2leave hemorrhaging pt. in care of receptionist.

 We need national policy BCuz even NAF sends women home 2bleed 2death.  

 BCuz  rally in favor of quacks who kill women via .  We need neutral oversight.

We need nat'nl  policy BCuz safe-n-legal NAF members let receptionists give anesthesia.

Nat'nl   discussion needed BCuz legal clinic charts dead pt. as "pink, alert, responsive."

National dialog needed: Safe-n-legal  docs still murder patients.  heads in sand.

NAF member scolded by PP Med. Director for playing "Russian roulete." Patients die. Dialog needed.

White safe-n-legal abortionists kill young black women, no consequences. We need dialog!  

Bullied into fatal unwanted . Women's health? NOT! Let's dialog.   

"Oh, Mama! It hurts so much!" Last words of legal  patient. Let's have dialog.  

Teen is 1 of 15  pts. killed at safe, legal NAF chain. Dialog needed!  

Legal  pt. stops breathing, not resuscitated properly, dies. Dialog needed!  

Legal  clinic discharges pt. 2bleed 2death by side of road. National dialog needed.

 doc makes private office look like clinic, kills pt.  outrage? NO! Dialog needed

Legal  pt. sent home bleeding, with fetus protruding from womb, dies. Safe? Dialog needed!

NAF just launched, member sends teen home with face & spine of fetus embedded in laceration. SAFE?

 hero give pt. horse business phone as "emergency number." Treatment delayed, pt dies.

Former "back alley butcher" kills 2 legal abortion pts, but remains NAF member.  HERO!

Legal  doc sends pt. home 2bleed 2death in front of her kids.  yawn. Dialog. 

 know how bad  is, refer 2him, let him kill 2 women. Dialog needed.  

Legal  doc shoves bleeding teen out door 2die. Coroner rules homicide, no prosecution.

Legal abortionist's quackery so bad he's charged with murder.  National dialog needed.

NAF member chain kills at least 15 legal abortion pts.  consider this "quality care."

Mom takes teen for legal abortion, finds her dead next morning on bathroom floor. Dialog needed!

Extreme quackery kills legal  patient.  yawn. National dialog needed!

NAF member clinic's  pt. dies after 5 years in coma. 1 of 3 dead pts. there. Safe? Hardly.

Criminal abortionist waits until after Roe 2kill patients with sloppy practice.  hero.

Legal abortionist slips pt. thru morgue w/o autopsy, quackery only caught by alert records clerk.

School helps arrange secret legal  for 13-year-old Teen dies, 1 of 3 at that NAF clinic. 

 delays care,  pt. bleeds2death. Still  icon. Dialog needed.

Teen dies when aunt takes her for secret legal . Good 4 families?

Doc scolded  meeting 4 "playing Russian roulette w/pts. lives," still member 4 dead pts. later.

Quack doctor's office looks like  clinic, pt. dies of quackery,  yawn. Dialog?

Cancer pt. lied to, tricked into fatal . No  outrage. We need national dialog. !

Teen coughs up blood, given paper bag. Stops breathing. Dies. Safe and legal? Hardly! Dialog needed.

Safe&legal  doc uses lidocaine overdose 2knock out pts. Teen dies. National dialog needed.

Abuser's sister arranges teen's fatal abortion w/"License to Lie"  hero. Dialog needed.

No training, no emergency gear,  pt. stops breathing, dies. Safe and legal! Dialog needed.

's quackery reported, ignored. Young woman injured, sent home to writhe, scream, die. 

National  Federation clinic fatally injures 2 teens simultaneously. Dialog needed.

Legal  clinic has hand-holder assist in anesthesia, no training or equipment, pt. does.

Teen legal  death discussed at NAF event attended by CDC staff. Death not noted. DIALOG!

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