Friday, August 16, 2013

#AbortionMatters: Let's Embrace Their Goals!

Here's the "Feminist Majority Foundation" page announcing the #AbortionMatters" "blog carnival."

Abortion. How festive.

Now -- let's look at what they say, and address the issues in a life-affirming way, not in the "What we need is for everybody to agree with us that abortion is the single most wonderful thing any woman can have at her disposal" light the FMF intends:
#AbortionMatters will showcase various personal essays and short policy pieces that stress the importance of a federal – and wholly national – approach to abortion. In an effort to destigmatize abortion, encourage wider education on the procedure, and normalize the conversation, we’re gathering stories to illustrate the complexity and unique experiences which shape the pro-choice movement and demand greater action. Pieces should stress / mention why a cohesive, national approach to abortion issues and decisions leads to better healthcare and well-being for women.
 1. I agree that there does need to be "a federal -- and wholly national -- approach to abortion." After all, the 14th Amendment specifically says that "no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process." Legal abortion creates an entire class of people who can be deprived of life without due process, and thus is clearly unconstitutional.

2. We do need to "encourage wider education" on abortion procedures. People need to be made aware of exactly who is being destroyed, and how, and why.

3. "A cohesive, national approach to abortion issues and decisions" would indeed lead to better health care and well-being for women. A pregnant woman facing challenges should be offered help and support, not turned over to people who will scrape her out then shove her out the door to bleed and vomit in the parking lot. Not to mention the adverse effects of abortion on women.

Of course, they add the "destigmatize" abortion. Gosh, it turns out that slaughtering your own children is still considered a shameful thing. Who woulda thunk it?  We don't need to make abortion acceptable; we need to make it unthinkable. And if we keep pounding away at the three points, the things that FMF claims they want to do, we can get people to start asking why anybody would want abortions to be tolerated at all.

So let's get going! Go on and read the rules. Write and submit those blog posts! Submit them to the FMF, AND to me here! The email address is Put the links to your blog posts in the comments and I'll keep updating the list of entries that were submitted to FMF.

Let's have that national dialog, shall we?

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