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Rapey Abortionist Arrested for Fraud

Mug shot of a middle-aged man of Indian ethnicity
Abortion doctor
Naresh Patel
KATV Arkansas is reporting about the recent arrest of abortion doctor Naresh Patel for lying to patients by telling them they're pregnant when they're not then charging them $620 for abortion drugs. This is a triple-whammy to the patients, who lose their money, needlessly take drugs that can cause fatal infections, and go through the emotional trauma of believing that they have aborted their babies.

Patel has a long history, though, of willingness to endanger and traumatize patients. It's staggering that, like Kermit Gosnell in Pennsylvania, he was free to practice after all the deplorable things he'd done.

Patient allegations. Click to enlarge.
In 1993, three of Patel's patients came forward reporting that he had raped them. Patient #1 was groggy, recovering from her abortion, when Patel put his penis in her mouth. Patient #2 was groggy from sedation for her abortion when Patel raped her orally, vaginally, and rectally. Patient #3 reported that he had raped her vaginally when she was on the procedure table. Somehow, in spite of ample evidence, including taped phone conversations in which Patel admitted to putting his penis in Patient #1's mouth, he was acquitted.

In 1995, a patient sued him for putting a 6 cm. tear in her cervix and being unable to treat her for this injury because he had no hospital admitting privileges. Another patient sued him in 1994 after he had mangled her uterus and refused to call an ambulance until her family members demanded that he do so; she required an immediate hysterectomy to save her life. Another patient sued in 1994 when she began bleeding and expelling fetal parts after he'd discharged her from his clinic.

News clipping about fetus dumping.
Click to enlarge.
In 1992 he admitted to burning a bag of 60 aborted fetuses in an open field.

In 1990 he was reprimanded for disemboweling a 15-year-old abortion patient. His medical assistant saw him "pull out some tissue and take it in his hands." She then testified that Patel said, "That's her small intestine" before stuffing it back inside. The teen was rushed to a hospital, where surgeons found a hole in her uterus and a fetus floating in blood in her abdomen. She needed to have her fallopian tubes, ovaries, and portion of her colon removed due to injuries.

Redacted patient record recovered
from dumpster. Click to enlarge.
In 2013 Patel also disposed of confidential patient information in a dumpster, including patient consent forms,  financial information, and abortion documentation. He also dumped job applications that had personal information about the applicants. As if that's not enough, he also disposed of  biohazardous materials in the dumpster.

Patel's appalling background didn't stop the University of Oklahoma from entering in an agreement with him in 2013 to be part of a nursing training program.
Sections of agreement between
Patel and U of OK.
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If forced to acknowledge this situation at all, the abortion lobby will dismiss Patel as a fluke, just as they dismissed Kermit Gosnell and Robert Alexander and Abu Hayat and Steve Brigham and Hillview Women's Surgical Center and scores of others as flukes. It's not just abortion doctors and abortion facilities, after all, that commit quackery and endanger and kill patients. While that is true, those other doctors don't have a dedicated group of lobbying organizations that enables their quackery under the guise of ensuring access to safe medical care to women. Other doctors don't have political organizations that claim to have their patients' well-being as their number one priority but who in fact put forth lobbying and public-relations campaigns asserting that efforts to close down these quacks will  hurt patients.

I'm not asking prochoice groups and citizens to convert to a prolife stand and join us in attempting to abolish abortion. I'm asking them to put women's safety first by at least checking up on practitioners before referring women to them and to stop derailing efforts to put quacks like Patel out of business.

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