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What The Cop Saw at the Abortion Clinic

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The following is a letter, reproduced here in its totality, written to the Kansas House of Representatives in support of a bill requiring that abortion clinics be subject to inspections. You can view the original as it was saved at the Internet Archive to see that it is legitimate and was not created by me. The URL clearly indicates that this letter was archived from, the official website of the Kansas House of Representatives.

The letter was written by a police officer, Detective William Howard, who had been called to the Affordable Medicine Clinic by the owner, Dr.
Krishna Rajanna, on a complaint that his employees were stealing money from him. What this police officer saw when he entered the building staggered him and his partner, just as Kermit Gosnell's clinic staggered the police officers who had entered the facility for a totally non-abortion related reason.

Officer Howard's words speak for themselves. I will insert photographs taken inside the facility so that you can get a glimpse of what these two police officers saw. Click on them to enlarge and see the details. At the end of this post are images of the original letter. Click on them to enlarge.

March 15,2005

Proponent, House Bill 2503
House Committee on Health and Human Services

Dear Chairman Morrison and committee members,

Freestanding cabinet with cluttered countertop. Amid the clutter is a food processor. Nearby is an autoclave.
Food processor on counter
near autoclave
My name is Detective William Howard. I joined the Kansas City Kansas Police Department in 1982. I am here today to testify truthfully about events that I witnessed at an abortion clinic while performing my lawful duties as an officer. I am only here to relay the facts of my official investigation and do not represent either side of the issue of abortion by virtue of my role in the community.

Recovery room
On September 18 , 2003 my partner and I went to investigate a theft reported by Dr. Krishna Rajanna, at the Affordable Medicine Clinic at 1030 Central Ave, in KCK. Dr. Rajanna took us to the rear area, which could be described as a break room, to discuss employees he held responsible for money missing from his business. During this interview phase, my partner and I made these observations.

First, the doctor had an unkempt appearance. Dr. Rajanna lacked personal hygiene. His hair was messy, hands dirty, and his clothing was wrinkled and stained. He put on old, used foot booties while we were there.

A room with a table and a large refrigerator. It is extremely cluttered, with papers, books, bottles, boxes and so on every surface and stacked in corners
The "break room" in
Dr. Rajanna's clinic.
The clinic was dirty inside. As we proceeded through the facility I noted the back area was very dark and dingy looking with poor lighting and smelling musty. We entered the "break room" to interview Rajanna. There were dirty dishes in the sink and on the tabletop, trash everywhere, and roaches crawling across the countertops, with a smell of a stench in the room. Frankly, I was reluctant to sit down. I noted there weren't containers for medical waste with universally recognized hazardous waste labels on them. On the way out my partner observed that the "procedure room" was filthy. He told me that he saw dried blood on the floor and the room looked "nasty" to him.

A cluttered room with a portable dishwasher, toilet, trash bags, and unidentified objects on the vanity
Combination patient
bathroom and
sterilization room
The clinic was disorganized. Papers and other miscellaneous documents were strewn about causing there to be clutter everywhere. Dr. Rajanna apparently kept very poor records. He could not recall when these alleged thefts had occurred nor was he organized enough to locate any documents to support his allegations. I also noticed that the assistants seemed to be running everything though they were barely out of their teens. There were no credentials on the wall. One spoke only Spanish. I looked at the patient sign-in sheet as part of the investigation and it consisted merely of notebook paper.

Portable dishwasher with small trash cans and stacks of boxes next to it
Dishwasher in the
sterilization room

This general lack of a professional and sanitary environment starkly contrasted with all my experiences inside other doctor offices.

It was determined that Dr. Rajanna's theft charges could not be substantiated. Employees told us Dr. Rajanna has such loose record keeping practices concerning payroll checks that fraud could never be verified. Apparently the employees are allowed to write out their own payroll checks because Dr. Rajanna's printing is difficult to read. I was also given several checks to verify this for comparison and his signature is indeed a scribble mark.

Cluttered room with portable dishwasher and toilet within feet of each other and assorted clutter all around
Dishwasher and
toilet in proximity
I received full co-operation from the Employees accused of the theft. They were initially treated as suspects, given their Miranda rights and provided us with full statements. In a statement to me one witness/suspect related how Dr. Rajanna was a filthy man who did not properly sterilize his equipment. The medical equipment was cleaned with Clorox and water then put in a "dishwasher". 

An open orange plastic bag containing a styrofoam cup containing what appears to be a small amount of blood tissue
Styrofoam cup from
break room refrigerator
The aborted fetuses were placed inside Styrofoam cups and put in the refrigerator freezer next to TV dinners. The female witness went on to describe of how she and other girls actually witnessed Rajanna microwave one of the aborted fetuses and stir it into his lunch. I have heard that some Middle Easterners eat the placenta from birth and that they believe that this adds longevity to life. I thought "Maybe" this could be what she was referring to. This witness claimed other employees who had seen him do the very same thing.

The initial witness related that she felt that she had been terminated because she was pregnant. She was repeatedly encouraged to terminate the pregnancy and told that she would not serve as a good representative of this clinic by carrying the pregnancy to term. According to this witness, she was starting to feel compassion for the females who were being summarily ushered in and out without adequate recovery time.

Dirty toilet with stacks of empty styrofoam cups on and beside it and assorted clutter on all sides
Patient toilet
I became so disturbed by the condition of this medical clinic that I contacted District Attorney Nick Tomasic and requested a meeting to discuss these issues. Bare in mind, I am an experienced police officer who has worked in every aspect in law enforcement and had spent my last five years in the homicide unit where I worked countless community deaths. I thought I had heard and seen every vile, disgusting crime scene but was in for a new shock when I started this investigation. 

An open two-door refrigerator showing apparent food containers in juxtaposition with irrregulary shaped plastic bags
Break room fridge
Nick Tomasic permitted me an appointment so I brought the witness directly to him where she gave him a first person statement of her account. I repeatedly warned her not to lie or exaggerate. The witness was also told that she could be prosecuted for any false statements made from this moment forward, but that the prior statements would not be prosecutable. She told the exact same story to DA Tomasic as she had told us.

Break room fridge
I was informed that no laws had been violated. After this Meeting, Mr. Tomasic told me that he would have his staff research the information for any law violations. Later, Mr.Tomasic provided me a list of 3 numbers and agencies that I could contact to complain to about this clinic. I personally contacted the numbers on the list. One of the people I talked with was a female from Board of Healing Arts. I no longer have her name or any of the numbers I called regarding this investigation, but I believe I contacted Board of Healing Arts and someone from hazardous waste disposal center. 

Break room fridge
I do not recall the third agency. The person at the Board, whose name I don't know, related that numerous complaints had been made about the clinic but no laws have been violated. Finally, I gave this list of phone numbers to the witness and advised her that she could contact these numbers to describe the environment she had worked in and this was my very last contact with anyone involved with this investigation.

In March of 2004, I learned that an official investigation was underway and was requested to give a statement. My partner has testified as to these same events April 30, 2004, before a group of Senators here at the Capitol at the request of Sen. Kerr. Thank you for your time, I stand for questions. 


Anastasia and Hanelore said...

Wow, just totally struck me as how the "doctor" called cops in regards to the stealing of money. The fact that he let them in, despite the fact that his clinic was filthy shows that he saw nothing wrong. Funny, but not, that his greed was what done him in. Sad though for all the women who were victims of all this :( .

Unknown said...

Wow you totally struck me from how stupid you are. :|