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Lime 5: Abscess

Death for which I need sources

On July 6, 1970, "Lisa" took advantage of the six-day-old liberalization of abortion-on-demand in New York. She suffered a uterine perforation during the procedure. Several days later, doctors drained and removed a dead fetus from a pelvic abscess. A surgeon also performed a hysterectomy to try to save her life, but she died 23 days later. (Obstetrics and Gynecology, March 1974)

Documented death with conflicting information

The next death, "Sharon," is most likely Sharon Floyd. She was 18 when she underwent an abortion by John Roe 224 on April 11, 1975. Two days later she became ill and was admitted to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with acute septicemia with pelvic, subphrenic, and retroperitoneal abscesses. She died on April 29. However, there's some confusion between sources, so I need to get a copy of her death certificate, Illinois No. 611030.

Non-fatal, need sources

"Adrianne" underwent an abortion in Chicago on May 12, 1977. While in the recovery room she reported severe pain to the nurse. John Roe 667, who had performed the abortion, prescribed pain pills and discharged her. Adrianne called back two days later to say she was still in pain. Roe diagnosed a tipped uterus and prescribed rest and more pain pills. Four days later, still in pain, Adrianne again called the clinic. Roe told her to meet him at the hospital. There he told her that she was hemorrhaging, prescribed antibiotics and rest, and sent her home. Finally Adrianne ended up at another hospital, where she underwent a D&C. She had suffered a perforated uterus, pelvic abscess, peritonitis, and recurring infections. (Cook County Circuit Court Case No. 97L 10033)

John Roe 747 performed an abortion on "Juana" on September 13, 1986. He perforated her uterus and bowel, so she was admitted to a local hospital later that day. On September 16, she underwent a D&C, during which doctors found that she had an incomplete septic abortion and possibly a tubo-ovarian abscess. She was transferred to the intensive care unit the next day and underwent surgery to treat intraabdominal sepsis and a pelvic abscess. She was hospitalized for a total of five weeks. (Los Angles County Superior Court Case No. SEC61659)

"Debra" underwent an abortion performed by John Roe 542 in Chicago on October 24, 1987. She had to have a colostomy and corrective surgery for a retrovaginal defect and intraabdominal abscesses. (Cook County Circuit Court Case No. 89L 15261)

"Diona" went to a Planned Parenthood facility in Philadelphia for pre-abortion counseling and a gonorrhea culture on August 30, 1990. Rather than wait for the results of the STD test, John Roe 143 performed an abortion and discharged his patient. Diona called on September 2, and again on September 3, reporting cramps and a fever, but she was unable to speak to anybody. They returned her call on September 4 and told her that since her fever was only 99.5 she should just continue taking Tylenol. They did not advise her that they had gotten the results of her gonorrhea culture back and they were positive. Diona's condition continued to worsen, so on September 11 she was admitted to a hospital and diagnosed with bilateral tubo-ovarian abscesses. She underwent a laparoscopy, pelvic laparotomy, removal of adhesions, drainage of abscesses, and a D&C. It was only after Diona was hospitalized that Planned Parenthood informed her of the positive STD test. (Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas Case No. 92-04-683)

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