Monday, November 14, 2022

Warning Page

Just another warning

If you've come here from YouTube, don't complain that you were not warned that what you are about to see is graphic. It is presented for the purpose of exploring the question of what constitutes adequate informed consent when a woman is told that she might have "retained tissue" after an abortion and that she might "pass some tissue." 

This is presented not for shock value but to address the legitimate question of what constitutes adequate informed consent for an abortion, specifically the possibility of an incomplete abortion.

I believe that a mention that the woman might "pass some tissue" is not adequate. I think that showing the woman photos of living, unharmed fetuses of the same gestational age as her fetus and telling her that she might retain -- and pass -- recognizable parts of her fetus would be the bare minimum of informed consent. This picture is provided so that the viewer can decide if this is necessary, or if "You might pass some tissue" is adequate.

So, WARNING! I do not believe that this photo is adequately described as "tissue." I do not believe that it can be adequately described a "part or all of the pregnancy." I believe that it can only be adequately be described as "the mangled face of an aborted 10-week fetus."

Again, it is GRAPHIC. It is very likely to be very DISTURBING. I am giving you, who will merely view the photo, far more warning than the abortion clinic is legally required to provide the woman who might actually pass this "tissue" and end up seeing something like this on her maxi pad. 

Click to see the graphic picture of the face of an aborted 10 week fetus.

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