Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Lime 5: Amputation

When we were writing Lime 5, we were surprised to find cases where women ended up suffering amputations -- though we only found four and we had no "secular" source for one of them. ("Secular" sources were non-prolife sources such as autopsy reports, court documents, mainstream newspaper articles, and so on. We heard from one prolife group that a woman in their city had ended up a quadruple amputee due to post-abortion sepsis, and the prolifers were bringing her groceries, but she never sued or filed with the medical board or complained to the health department, so we couldn't include her.) 

A smiling young woman of Hispanic descent, with thick dark hair and a white hat
Carolina Gutierrez

I'm not sure why Carolina Gutierrez didn't make it into the book, but it might have been a matter of timing. Her family's attorneys actually got in touch with us while we were working on the book and Carolina was fighting for her life. We were getting regular updates on her condition -- including the amputations -- and not wanting to ask the lawyers if the children were being brought to the hospital to see her and wondering where Mommy's hands and feet were. It was crushing when she died. 

With that said, here are the two cases that made it into the book:

"Naomi" underwent an abortion performed by John Roe 139 in 1981. Due to an error in administering drugs, she had to have portions of three fingers amputated. (NEED ORIGINAL SOURCE: Los Angeles County Superior Court Case No. WEC073497)

"Laura" underwent an abortion performed by John Roe 320 on April 1, 1985. Immediately afterward she developed a rash and her hand swelled, but she was discharged without this being addressed. When the swelling spread up her arm, and the arm turned purple, she went to the emergency room. Her arm developed gangrene and had to be amputated. Roe admitted that he might have injected drugs incorrectly when performing the abortion. (Houston Chronicle, July 18, 1985; Suburbia Reporter, July 24 and August 21, 1985)

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