Thursday, November 24, 2022

New to Me: The Death of Kawaida Espenrace at A - Z Women's Center

Kawaida Espenrace was a 27-year-old resident of Las Vegas. She was a widow and the mother of three young children. 

On November 3, 2007, she went to A-Z Women's Center in Las Vegas for an abortion after being referred by Planned Parenthood. Her last period had been on August 25, which would have made her 10 weeks pregnant. The notes at the clinic note her as 14 weeks by ultrasound.

Dr. Adam Vincent Levy began the abortion at 1:03 pm and completed it at 1:32 pm. He noted administration of methergine, which is used to prevent and control postpartum hemorrhage at 1:24.

On Kawaida's chart, Levy circled "yes" for "Extensive Blood Loss?" but "no" for "Any Complications?" After her abortion her level of consciousness was noted as "Confused." An illegible note says includes the word "floppy" in quotation marks and "ie atony" double underlined.

Kawaida's recovery room chart noted checks at 20-minute intervals. Her blood pressure and pulse appeared to be stable in the 120/75 range. Her bleeding was noted as "sm" at 1:40, 2:00, and 2:20. However, "sm" is circled then crossed out and "hvy" circled at 2:40.

At 2:52 pm staff gave Kawaida another dose of methergine.

Adam Levy
At 2:55, per Levy's orders, Kawaida was given 100 mg of cytotec orally. 

At 2:55 pm, A-Z staff finally summoned EMS to transport Kawaida to a hospital for appropriate care. By then it was too late to save her. Kawaida bled to death that evening.

Autopsy revealed that Levy had improperly inserted the suction cannula, punching a hole in Kawaida's uterus and causing a two-inch laceration to tissues, vein, and artery outside the uterus. 

Kawaida's family sued on behalf of her three orphaned children but the case was dismissed due to errors made by the family's attorneys.

Source: Court documents and attachments

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