Monday, April 27, 2009

1990: Mother bleeds to death in front of children

On April 27, 1990, 23-year-old Sandra Milton underwent an abortion, performed by Dr. Carl Armstrong at Toledo Medical Services in Ohio. (Armstrong is John Roe 67 in Lime 5.)

Sandra's abortion was performed at 10 a.m., and she was discharged shortly thereafter for the 90-minute drive home.

The babysitter stayed with Sandra and her three children for three hours as the young mother slipped in and out of consciousness and suffered pain and abdominal swelling. Twice the alarmed babysitter called the clinic, but was told that the symptoms were normal. The third time the babysitter called the clinic, she got no response at all, and summoned an ambulance.

Sandra was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.


SegaMon said...

Wow. Medical professionals should know much better than this. A 90-minute ride home immediately post-op surgical abortion? Um... excuse me... that ride home WILL aggravate bleeding. Um... ignoring calls when a post-op patient is coming in and out of consciousness? Yea... the medical staff knew what they were doing, they were being negligent (or worse).

Do you know what became of this so-called doctor? Thanks for posting these stories!

GrannyGrump said...

I"m not even sure he got a slap on the wrist for it.